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A Poetic Compilation

Of Revelation And Prophesy

By Delores E. Burgess Copyright 2002


I dedicate this book to myself.

It is my indignation, my revenge and

my pleasure to express and expose

the lies that separate heaven and earth

...God and man...

And to the only one who cared so

utterly and completely

that I did so, but has yet to reveal himself.

And to my ever loyal 'family'.


This collection of poems was originally purposed as a lyrical endeavor. Without lengthy explanation, I view the music genre as a most appropriate vehicle for truth. It transcends barriers of race, gender, creed, social status, age and language in ways no institution can boast. However, I've transposed these lyrics into this poetic format. Using this format allows and provides a means of contemplation which is vital for spiritual influence and expansion. These basic concepts can be understood to varying degrees in accordance with individual aspirations. My purpose has been simply to describe a vision of a better world and the means to obtain it. Solutions are vital to criticisms. Breaking down those elements and traditions woven throughout our lives that limit and obscure a higher vision is my intention. Stripping away barriers of selfishness is no easy task, be it collective or individual. These poems are by no means the beginning or end of the Kingdom of God defined; but they do contain the ingredients for a delicious recipe of life. It begins with an individual revelation of God. Fear is the subtle force that stifles that revelation and love is the power that overcomes fear. Love is the motivation for this work. Silence is an easier road as I know the controversial effects of truth when it directly confronts a lie. I hope this work will be received in the spirit which it is given. I know how far away from this vision this world now exists. However, I also know how close we stand to a new beginning. Eternal principles of God are universal and timeless. Though my vision was original and personal to me, I have since come to discover these principles and concepts sprinkled throughout our modern and ancient world's archives. This has been and additional inspiration and confirmation to me of it's relevance. I hope the benefit of my compilation will be to complement the testimonies of others in bringing a more complete and comprehensive picture and goal for God's children. Amen.

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