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Our Adaptation of "When Children Learn" by Brother David L. Weatherford

This "Thought Piece" is used by David Weatherford's permission to adapt for here. Please visit his site at: http://www.davidlweatherford.com/

to see this in its original form, and peruse his other writings found there. The site also has good music and animations.

When children learn that happiness is not found in what a person has, but in who that person is,

each one, a Beloved son or daughter of our loving Father God in our Master Jesus, with unending spiritual growth potential !

When they learn that giving and forgiving are more rewarding than taking and avenging,

When they learn that suffering is not eased by self-pity, but overcome by inner resolve and spiritual strength,

When they learn that they can't fully control the world around them, but they are, in God's Spirit, and in and as their soul, potentially, the masters of their own minds,

When they learn that relationships will prosper if they value friendship equality over ego dominance, fair compromise over pride, and listening, as well as cautious, proper advising,

When they learn that there is pleasure in realizing the power, of our loving Father and Son God in His One Spirit, lifting others up, not to be found in the pseudo-power of trying selfishly to push them down,

When they learn that the value of a life is best measured not by the years spent accumulating possessions, but by the moments spent loving God and following Him, and giving of one's self -- sharing supernal wisdom, inspiring divine hope, wiping mostly needless tears, and touching souls,

When they learn that a person's beauty is seen not with the eyes, but with the one's Spirit-led soul; and that even though time and hardships may ravage one's outer shell, these may prompt one to seek spiritual help to enhance one's character and perspective,

When they learn to withhold judgement of people, knowing that everyone is blessed with potentially eternally good and some temporal bad qualities,

When they learn that each and every Person has been given the Gift of an absolutely Unique Self, with no possible duplication in time nor in Eternity; and the purpose of life is to share the very best of that gift with the world, and eventually, with all the Universe of the Infinite Family of God in Jesus in Spirit,

When children learn these Divine ideals and how to practice them in the art of good and Pure living, as our Master Jesus, they will no longer be children -- they will be blessings to those who know them, and worthy models for all the world."

-- as Beloved ascending faith-sons of our loving and merciful Father God !!

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