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NEWEST POETRY, various Authors


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poetry by Mary K. Cannon

Introductory selection by Teacher-Brother Dave
of inspiring prose, a close paraphrase adaptation

"Mind is your ship, the Spirit of God and Jesus as One within you is your pilot, the human will is captain. The master of the mortal vessel should have the wisdom to trust the divine pilot to guide the ascending soul (the real you) into the many harbors of eternal survival. Only by selfishness, slothfulness, and sinfulness can the will of man reject the guidance of such a loving pilot and eventually wreck the mortal career upon the evil shoals of rejected mercy and upon the rocks of embraced sin. With your consent, this faithful pilot will safely carry you across the barriers of time and the handicaps of space to the very source of the divine mind and on beyond, even to the Paradise Father of your eternal Spirit."

Art above: The Terrible Loss of Britannia's Warship Victoria in 1893
nearly 600 sailors perished; the captain went down in shame with them.

Is your ship carrying, the right cargo
are the weights carrying you down?
Could it be you're toting unneeded baggage
that will surely, cause one to go drown

Unload those hang-ups, toss them overboard
you don't need them to hang around
Loose yourself from all those cares
and then seek for higher ground

Can't you see the ship is wavering
being burdened with so many loads
God never intended for us, to fret and worry
but to run to his Heavenly abode

The journey's long, because we fail to see
that they are slowing the vessel up
So take hold of the anchor which is God's word
and let it overflow your cup

Release those heavy problems
let him carry them all for you
Then rest in his arms of safety
and just wait until he brings you through

Don't try to fix it, leave it alone
cast your cares upon his shoulder
and just ride it through, and know that he
will soon make them be over

Leave off hate, and those petty debates
pick up forgiveness so to lighten the ship
and tell love climb aboard, I need a little more
to make easy sailing, for this trip

The answer, yes, you can help a sinking ship!
there is hope for a joyous ride
When damaging cargo is cast behind
and with the help of our Savior by our side

Copyright 2003 by Mary K. Cannon

"THE GIFT OF LIFE", by Mary K. Cannon

[ Teacher-Brother Dave: We Practice Jesus' Spirit Advent
in You and in me each Day ! ]

'Tis the season to be jolly,
As the words of song do say.
Then why are we so downhearted,
Why are you so sad today?
At this special season,
Where is your Christmas,
What are you looking for?
Seeing the Son Of God came
To earth among men,
To give us something more.
He was that gift, that God had sent,
That did bring us joy and peace.
Now why do we take his love for granted,
After he came down and did release
All of our burdens and heavy loads?
He shed all his riches for you and I,
Giving up his place so that we could live.
And yet we still complain and cry;
Every year we put him back in the manger;
And after it's over, there's no more joy.
Then the rest of the year, no more is He mentioned;
It's as though making him to be like a toy.
We won't let him grow up in our hearts;
It's as if his sacrifice was all in vain.
What happens to your days when Christmas has gone;
Will your rejoicing remain the same?
It's nothing wrong in sharing gifts and presents,
To give to those you love,
Just don't forget what Christmas really means,
And why God sent his Son from above.
We allow this season to bring depression
When we get so caught up, in our affairs;
Letting them bind us with unneeded burdens,
And of Christ's birth we fail to really care.
He is the one who deserves the praise;
Where is the honor, that's due his name?
Is this day, about you and me;
Who's birth do we really proclaim?
God sent the best gift to all the world,
It was an advent, that came in time;
To give hope to the poor as well as the rich,
Truly he did this for all mankind.
When will our purpose have true meanings,
And put aside our wants and desires,
And shed the love of Christ all year round,
And be that servant that he can hire?
Now enjoy this Christmas season,
But let the manger become your heart;
So you can have Christmas every year that comes,
Because in your life, you let him become a part.
We should show love every day of the week;
Not just one time of a year to someone,
But let the true meaning of Christmas grow,
Presenting the gift of God's begotten Son.

Copyright 2002 Mary K. Cannon

Mary Kathryn Cannon is 57 years old. She began writing in 1988 through inspiration, and is now a published poet, writer and songwriter. She has dedicated her life to be a living testimony for God. Inspired by her daily walk with God, Mary expresses her life's experiences, blessings, tests, trials and learned wisdom through her writing gift. She has found great reward and joy in helping to also inspire, encourage and uplift others wherever she is led by God. Mary hopes to someday write her own life's story for publication.

Mary is currently the author of two books. Her poetry is published on various web sites and in numerous Anthologies world wide. She is listed in the poetry section of "Who's Who In America" and awarded 'Golden Poet', 'Silver Poet' and also one of the 'Best Poets of 2000' honors. Her biographical profile is also published in "Two Thousand Notable American Women". Mary has contributed her poetry to The Montel Williams Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, PBS Educational Television Program, Boys Town, local TV stations, newspapers, college libraries,nursing homes, women's abuse centers, church's and prisons institutions.

mail to KittyMaryC@aol.com

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