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"You Are Worth More Than Many Sparrows"

by Melissa Horrocksleigh, C2003

"Jesus" I cry out again,
"Jesus" Who Are You?
Do You really Exist?
You seem so vague like the mist.

I can't grasp hold of You,
I cry out again,
"Jesus" Who Are You?
Are you the Messiah,
Are you really True?

"You My Child, will never be alone"
"You My Child, have a reassured home"
"One Day, My Child, in Spirit, We will meet"
"One Day, My Child it is You that I will greet"

Even though I made God angry,
I did surely hurt Him so;
Wherever I walk, Jesus will go too.

Jesus, You are listening,
When I question Who You Are,
Jesus, You tell me,
To look for the Brightest Star.

"I the LORD, have spoken to you many times";
In the Bible one only has to read between the lines.

"Sometimes, you do not hear Me, and your ears might be closed"
You question where I AM at this time;
But you are not reassured that I AM always here,
Within my love there is no need to fear.

"Oh Israel, can I not do to you as this potter has done to his clay?
As the clay is in the potters hand, you are in My Hand"
"As you turn to Me and pray, I watch you closely every day."

C2003 Written by Melissa Horrocksleigh,
Title chosen by Malcolm Horrocksleigh.

"This War"

A Poem by Daniel Winn, C2003

Watch as the bombs explode on the television screen

Watch as our men risk their lives

To kill the man in charge overseas

Watch as the world's wars are cast on TV

And I wonder what we would do

If we could see
The spiritual warfare that goes on every day

Would we become upset or angry
Would we get down on our knees

And fight back with our prayers and praise
Tell me what would you do

If you could see
The spiritual warfare going on all around these

People who need to know Jesus
Are you gonna fight?

Are you ready?
For the spiritual warfare we are facing

Is much worse than the war
We see on the television screen.

Daniel Winn is 23 years old and has been writing poetry since the young age of 16 years. He attributes his gifted poetic vision, inspiration and expression to God's love.
Dee Burgess, Poetry Editor


By Patricia Pendergrass,
Copyright 2003

May God richly bless you;
May His face shine upon you.
May He show you your worth,
Not as seen by man
But as seen through His grace-filled eyes.

May you always see others as God sees them;
May His love abide in you
As He abides in you.
May His peace fill you
And the Holy Spirit overflow in your heart.
Let fountains of joy fill your soul,
For you are ever loved by Him.

In times of quietness,
May you listen to His ever still voice
As He whispers: " peace be still",
The storm must obey His voice.
The birds of the air are in His hands
As is all that lives;
But yet you are more precious than rubies,
Of more value than His own life.

For He gave His all for His treasure,
Holding back nothing from you.
He said you are my beloved,
You are of more worth than you will ever know;
Touching the hearts of God's people
And drawing them into His loving presence.

Do not be discouraged in times of quietness;
Our God is communicating with your heart,
He is calming your storms
And removing the things that life has placed there.
Rest in His arms and listen to His quiet call;
Seek Him in this quiet hour and know
That He is still there.

Patricia Pendergrass is a ministry leader in an organization called "Jesus Leads". Her passion is to encourage others with her gift of writing through the inspiration of Jesus Christ. Truly "Peace Be Still" is a blessing from above.
Dee Burgess, Poetry Editor

Special Easter Sunday Reflections,
and comments by Brother Dave, April 20,2003

Art above: Jesus Appears to Believers in Spirit Glory ! Artist unknown to date

Jesus Christ makes a second Sudden Appearance to His Apostles !
(John 20: all, and especially note 20:28,30; then John 21:25; then John 16:7-16)

Intro by Brother Dave: The proof of Jesus Resurrecting HimSelf from His terribly cruel physical death on a cross, just as He so said He would do, is not from the simple fact that "the tomb was empty". The only Real Proof is when any Human Mortal Person is given to see in Spirit our Resurrected Master and Maker of all of us in His Image: the Image of God ! If you do not yet have that Sacred and Transforming BirthDay experience, then you still may progress well in living faith - God's Gift - and be expectant of some Day seeing Him as HE IS in Spirit and One with/as God the loving Paradise and Universal Father of All.

Just as Stephen, the first Christian martyr, and then Saul who became Paul on the Damascus road, then Blaise Pascal, then Charles Finney, and many others, including myself 5-24-1977 and eternally now, have all seen Him/DO SEE HIM in His Spirit here with us, this Proves to those BornAgain Individuals that JESUS does really abide with us now and forevermore !... Amen ! Jesus says: "Where two or more are gatherd; there AM I" "I will never leave you, nor forsake you." Isaiah and John and I all say: Behold your God ... for the time is now at hand !

As a spiritually wise Woman in a Christian seminary once said, many years ago, to some alleged "Theologians" debating about what Jesus actually said: "If it sounds as if Jesus said it, He probably did !" Let us receive the following in His Spirit of Truth:

About one week after Jesus Resurrected HimSelf, just as He said He would, Jesus makes another sudden Appearance to His eleven apostles before He Spiritually Ascends to the Paradise Father ---and (deep mystery to most) without leaving us !

These apostles are still in doubt about the stories of the empty tomb, and are in the upper chamber of their friend's home, when the doubting apostle Thomas said: "I will not believe unless I see the Master with my own eyes and put my finger in the mark of the nails." As they thus sat at supper, and while the doors were securely shut and barred, the Master Jesus, in new Spirit-Soul form, suddenly appeared inside the curvature of the U-shaped (same as the Last Supper) table and, standing directly in front of Thomas, said:

"Peace be upon you. For a full week have I tarried that I might appear again when you were all present to hear once more the Commission to go into all the world and preach this Gospel of the Kingdom. Again I tell you: As the Father sent Me into the world, so send I you. As I have revealed the Father, so shall you reveal the divine love, not merely with words, but in your daily living. I send you forth, not to love the souls of men, but rather to love men. You are not merely to proclaim the joys of Heaven but also to exhibit in your daily experience these spirit realities of the divine life since you already have eternal life, as the gift of God, through faith. When you have faith, when power from on high, the Spirit of Truth, has come upon you, you will not hide your light here behind closed doors; you will make known the love and the mercy of God to all Mankind. Through fear you now flee from the facts of a disagreeable experience, but when you shall have been Baptized with the Spirit of Truth, you will bravely and joyously go forth to meet the new experiences of proclaiming the good news of eternal life in the Kingdom of God. You may tarry here and in Galilee for a short season while you recover from the shock of the transition from the false security of the authority of traditionalism to the new order of the authority of facts, truth, and faith in the supreme realities of living experience. Your mission to the world is founded on the fact that I lived a God-revealing life among you; on the Truth that you and all other men are the sons of God; and it shall consist in the life which you will live among men--the actual and living experience of loving men and serving them, even as I have loved and served you. Let faith reveal your light to the world; let the revelation of Truth open the eyes blinded by tradition; let your loving service effectually destroy the prejudice engendered by ignorance. By so drawing close to your fellow men in understanding sympathy and with unselfish devotion, you will lead them into a saving knowledge of the Father's love. The Jews have extolled goodness; the Greeks have exalted beauty; the Hindus preach devotion; the far-away ascetics teach reverence; the Romans demand loyalty; but I require of My disciples life, even a life of loving service for your brothers in the flesh."

When the Master had so spoken, He looked down into the face of Thomas and said: "And you, Thomas, who said you would not believe unless you could see Me and put your finger in the nail marks of My hands, have now beheld Me and heard My Words; and though you see no nail marks on My hands, since I am raised in the form that you also shall have when you depart from this world, what will you say to your brethren? You will acknowledge the Truth, for already in your heart you had begun to believe even when you so stoutly asserted your unbelief. Your doubts, Thomas, always most stubbornly assert themselves just as they are about to crumble. Thomas, I bid you be not faithless but believing-- and I know you will believe, even with a whole heart." (Amen !!)

When Thomas heard these words, he fell on his knees before the Master and exclaimed, "I believe! My Lord and my Master! " (Jesus is my Master/God and Very Elder Brother also !) Then said Jesus to Thomas: "You have believed, Thomas, because you have really seen and heard Me. Blessed are those in the ages to come who will believe even though they have not seen with the eye of flesh nor heard with the mortal ear."

And then, as the Master's form moved over near the head of the table, he addressed them all, saying: "And now go all of you to Galilee, where I will presently appear to you." After he said this, he vanished from their sight. (but always here in Spirit with us believers ! He the Holy Father-Son-Spirit of Truth: Jesus here ! and God here ! is now poured out upon all flesh !)

The eleven apostles were now fully convinced that Jesus had risen from the dead, and very early the next morning, before the break of day, they started out for Galilee."

Thank You, Jesus Christ for giving me, and many others this Burning Light Conviction of All Truth: God's Pure Light within our souls, and upon us all.

Your Brother in Jesus Christ,
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GOOD Friday, DARK Friday,
GREAT Friday, HOLY Friday, SORROWFUL Friday ...

April 18, 2003 A.D. = Year of our God Jesus Christ
Some Reflections by Brother Dave

Art above: An old Maltese Cross design, with red, yellow, and blue concentric circles, representing God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit; and all in and as our
Maker-Master Jesus Christ here with us still ... "It is Finished ... It is Done"
a design by Brother Dave@PureChristians.org

We are so blessed to be sons and daughters of our True loving Father God as Revealed by our Maker and Master Jesus Christ ! ... Amen !

If we ever are tempted to doubt the Infinite Love of GOD; all we have to do is to reflect and focus on this Great Revelation of Jesus that happened on a Friday in April of year 30 A.D.:

We can hardly imagine the unspeakable, terrible cruel torture and death of the Mortal body of our Savior Jesus Christ by nailing His hands and feet to a wooden cross ....

If any were to start to nail us to a cross in this ungodly manner; we would, more than likely, curse and spit at our unjust torturers ...and that would be understandable, knowing some of "human" nature. But, note well, and forever, what Jesus states as He is being so brutally having large nails driven into His body:

"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

This Infinite Love and Divine Forgiveness of both God the Father and God the Son as ONE -- for even these barbaric and stupid Human executioners -- could never have come from just an average, ordinary Human Being ! Our Divine-Human GODMAN JESUS, during His Whole Incarnate LIFE and TEACHINGS here on earth, 7 B.C. - 30 A.D., were Supernally (from God in Heaven Above) filled with unselfish LOVING SERVICE to EACH and to ALL Humans. "The ideas, motives, and longings of a lifetime are openly revealed in a crisis." Even this unimaginable physical pain of mayhem - crucifixion - could not even slightly sway our Master JESUS from His EVER CONTINUING REVELATION of GOD to Man, and Man to GOD.

After Jesus was on the cross of torture a few hours, and His last words of merciful forgiveness and admonition had been spoken, Jesus began to fail in human consciousness, and He (obviously) began reciting some of His favorite Psalms of His youth, such as the Book of Psalms 20, 21, 22. As the Human voice of Jesus weakened during approaching physical death, only some of these words were overheard by those Mortals close by. One of those was, from Psalm 22:1 "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?" Note well and belive this Truth: Jesus Knew/Knows that He lived and LIVES in perfect accord to The/Our Paradise Father's will ! Not for even one moment did Jesus ever entertain the slightest doubt that He had lived in full accord with The Father's will ! He also Knew that He was laying down His life exactly as His Father willed. He fully knew/Knows that the Father GOD of All Reality will NEVER "forsake" HIM !!!

[Note also that Jesus clearly stated before His physical death:

"I have the power to lay down My life,
and to take it up again."

Thus, Jesus had God's Power and Authority to easily Resurrect HimSelf ! And He will Resurrect YOU and me ! All in God-speed, and to our next assignment-adventure in a higher Heaven on the way to Paradise-God Knowing and Revealing.]

Then, after the rapidly physically failing Jesus said: "I thirst", and about 3:00 PM there, The/Our Eternal Divine-Human GODMAN JESUS strongly cries out:


See John 19:30 and Luke 23:46; and then, in worship and prayer, peruse also Revelation 21:3-7 all, and also note therein, Jesus Eternal and Now Words: "IT IS DONE ...."

Yes, we are each His Beloved Sons !

Thank You, Jesus for forever Revealing to us our True Father of Infinite Love, Mercy and perfect Ministry.

Peace and progress in His Love, Light and Life, and in good service to all,
Your Brother Dave, a son of Jesus, thus a son of God,
serving here as site owner, editor, and webmaster

E-mail your inspired comments, art, prose, poetry, and questions to Teacher-Brother Dave

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