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Questions and Answers

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Are there any requirements to join Pure Christians ?
(updated 5-14-2003)

Excellent question, my Dear Brother or Sister in Truth !

It is very easy and simple. There are no "creeds" or "tenets of belief" to memorize or affirm. There are no churches to join. There are no Human Organized Religious Authority figures to follow. There are no initiation rituals, or other extra requirements. And, last but not least, there are NO dues, NO tithes, NO money or material property needed for you to give to us ! You made your money, and you know best how to do God's will with this money ! Our permanent financial status: Money owed: ZERO Money needed: ZERO Money given out: ZERO ----- SUMMARY: $0 $0 $0

We are not just another one of about 27,000 different, to date, "Christian" sects and denominations.

ONLY You, in continual prayer, worship and communion with God and Jesus now here in Their ONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH (John 16:7-16) will know if you are to be with us in this growing worldwide Brotherhood of Jesus ! Only Jesus Christ is our True Leader and Teacher and High Priest. All followers of Jesus are EQUAL in Spirit standing under our True GOD !

Yes, to some stuck in the dim past of "orthodox" "Churchianity" practices, this is considered "radical", "extreme", or worse, that is, IF you still are of the worldly (secular) persuasions of forcing others into the "Temple Tycoon" game. The "Temple" of Jesus is NOT just one little religious building built by Human hands in some remote "sacred" city; the Temple of Jesus is even much bigger than this little world; His Temple is the Universe; where under our Sovereign Master Jesus, we continue to learn to better know and do God's will, moment by moment, in Jesus in Spirit.

Simply put, it is YOUR responsiblity, in and under Jesus Christ, to Know in Spirit if you are a kindred-Spirit and friend to this good and growing Mission of Truth.

So, we keep no records, and have no idea how many thousands, millions, billions, or trillions are, or soon will be, a Pure Christian. Pure Christians are NOT all perfect in their thoughts, words and deeds ! But WE ARE PURE and PERFECT in desiring to Know and to follow, ever better, our Pure Spirit of God in Jesus UPON all Persons, and now also within us ! Perfection is our Certain Destiny, but not our human origins here, as we love and follow our infinitely loving Father God !

"Real Christians", "True Christians", "Pure Christians", "Uncompromized Christians", etc., all mean the same Reality. Yes, YOU have full spiritual liberty to call yourself anything, and to call your local family or fellowship group anything ! You Identify with and IN JESUS, and you make the decisions, as you go, and even NOW, just AS and just WHERE YOU ARE.

"Freely you have received your Eternal Salvation, in the Glorious love and mercy of God and Jesus in Spirit; and freely you will share with ALL PERSONS this Good and liberating News of Personal Sonship with God ! and with NO HUMAN INTERMEDIARIES ! Yes, it is still sadly correct, that few Humans now are able to dispense with ALL Human Religious "authority"; it is God's will that more Persons, eventually all Persons, will choose to Commune with God and Jesus Personally and Directly in His Spirit here now freely poured out upon all flesh.

This world needs desperately to see each "lowly human being" as more Valuable and more Divine, each Person now having Sacred Divine-Human rights ! to reduce and eventually eliminate the many evils and sins: wars, injustice, and the many negative news items we are all inundated with hourly on TV and other media, as well as serious, mostly unreported problems of godless secular humanism, and godless materialism.

We all now stand in God's loving judgment. See John 12:31-32 Jesus' "yoke" is easy, and His/our Gospel is Light ...

If you now are identifying as a "Pure Christian"; that is wonderful if you wish to come here and share. We welcome You ! and we join you, as much as you join us, in the eternal and ascending relationship we have as Brother and Sister in Personally Being a Beloved Son of God, and Knowing, sharing and serving in the Family of God.

Divine love, Paradise peace and unending progress,

Your Brother Dave, PureChristians.org editor and webmaster

What religious titles do you confer in your group? (5-14-2003)

We confer no religious titles; that is up to each Spirit of Truth led Person to decide ! Here is my view; others will have slightly different views on bad and good titles; some of us are above all names and numbers.

(What you use is between God and you, and should not be
conferred upon you by any other Human, well-meaning or not)

What are some acceptable religious titles? Brother, Sister, Son of God, Daughter of God, Son of Jesus, Daughter of Jesus, Christian, Believer in Jesus, Faithist, Realist, Purist, Truthist, Uncompromised Christian, Son of I AM, Daughter of I AM, Member in the Family of God, Member in the Family of Jesus Christ, Disciple of Jesus Christ, Ambassador of Jesus Christ, Member in our Universal Spiritual Family, Spiritual Unity Brethren in our Holy Father-Son-Spirit of Truth, Brotherhood of Jesus, Jesus' Brotherhood, and other titles and descriptions that are trans-ecclesiastical and trans-denominational, and that Ring True now in Spirit for you to use.

If you have more "religious titles" to add to the list above,
E-mail your comments and questions to Brother Dave

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