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Poem: "RAISING Of Jairus' Daughter!"

by Preacher Doc, for Oct 29, 2003

Much of history is of killings, of dreadful slaughter.
This poem reminds all, that among this was Jairus' Daughter.
She was a little girl, so shy, so caring, so lovingly sweet.
Made fierce ruler Jairus so proud, smile to all he would greet.

She fell ill, with the deadly fever that takes away one's Life.
Heartbroken, Jairus cried, Prayed to GOD and promised his Wife.
He would beg Jesus to RAISE her, beg on his knees despite his rank.
Jairus' Daughter was RAISED, and on his knees, Jesus CHRIST he did Thank.

Preacher Doc,
(Who reminds one and all to participate with Teacher-Brother Dave in his great evangelical work.)

"RAISING Of Jairus' Daughter!"

Oct 26, 2003 Sermon by Preacher Doc


Recall, that per DIVINE PROOF # 5, CHRIST RAISED a Widow's Son! Per this DIVINE PROOF, CHRIST, RAISES Jairus' Daughter! Referring to CHRIST's uniform Restoring/Cleansing, Divine Miracles. Analyzing Theologians, should be aware that CHRIST Granted Restoration, Cleansing, Salvation to ALL Believers. After Preaching such a Sermon, I asked a non-believing Female, college professor that she should consider Believing in the Divinity of Jesus CHRIST. For HER Salvation, she should become a Christian. She countered with a terse,"Old men in the Old Testament made man everything. While woman was nothing. Why does God have to be Male? If your Religion states that God is Female; then I will join." ----- (Ah-hem!?) I said, "I agree that in earlier times. Man gave no or minimum Rights to Women. ----- However, I Believe in The FATHER (Male), The SON (Male) and The HOLY SPIRIT (Male)." ----- She repeated that man made and makes God male. While she insists that, "If there is a God, that God is female." ----- Now 'how' could anyone argue with that!? ----- Well, let this Preacher try. There are no Eyewitness accounts of a Daughter, Praying to a Mother; and they Perform some 37 plus Divine Miracles! While the Bible, especially "The NEW TESTAMENT Of Our LORD And SAVIOR, Jesus CHRIST". PROVES, beyond any possible doubt: That Jesus is The CHRIST, The Divine Son of GOD that He called FATHER ! (And you can quote this Preacher: "That is the Gospel Truth.") I repeat, analyzing Theologians, should realize that Jesus The CHRIST uniformly Cleansed ALL Believers. In my Opinion, this is emphasized, that after RAISING a Widow's Son! CHRIST, RAISED a Man's Daughter! A UNIFORMLY, POWERFUL, DIVINE MIRACLE !

Preacher Doc (who HUMBLY says; "I Believe!")

(Note: In this materialistic World, there are now some critical Religious, social and legal issues. I suggest that, to those who can physically take part, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD ! PARTICIPATE WITH TEACHER-BROTHER DAVE ON IMPORTANT CHRISTIAN TOPICS.)

E-mail Brother Dave your contributions

Poem: "RAISING A Widow's Son! "

by Preacher Doc, for Oct 22, 2003

Jesus was entering Nain, a small town.
A Widow wept, tears falling on her gown.
Now she was alone, her only Son had died.
Jesus showed compassion to her, as she cried.

Jesus The CHRIST looked up to Heaven, to Pray.
From GOD, He would Perform another Miracle today.
RAISE the Widow's only Son in a burst of Glory!
For Believers, GOD Grants the same, Eternal Life Story!

Preacher Doc

"RAISING A Widow's Son" (Divine Proof #5)

Oct 19, 2003 Sermon by Preacher Doc

Many Theologians express the opinion that Jesus The CHRIST's first Miracle, "TRANSFORMING Water Into Wine", has at least three, deep Theological Messages.

1. This began Jesus' Public Ministry, establishing Jesus to be The CHRIST.
2. It was Performed at a Wedding Ceremony, because of a request by His Mother.
3. This Miracle Proved CHRIST's Divine Power over Nature --
namely, TRANSFORMING water into wine!

Similarly, this Theologian's HUMBLE Opinion, suggests "RAISING A Widow's Son" as the 5th most Powerful PROOF of GOD and CHRIST's Divinity! Here are at least three, deep Theological Messages.

(1) The first POWERFUL Miracle, RAISING of (a Son) BACK TO LIFE !
(2) The POWERFUL PROOF was Performed at the request to help a Mother.
(3) PROOF of CHRIST's Power over Human Nature!

It is approximately 1,970 years, since CHRIST's "RAISING A Widow's Son!" Yet, after all these years, that Powerful Proof of CHRIST's Divinity, remains the same. In fact, BILLIONS of People have read, heard of said Divine Miracle and BELIEVE ! And 1,970 years later, some Nations grant deferred status, from their military, for Sons of a Widow. Similarly for the only Son of a farm Family or defense Worker. Further note, the Fact that MANY of Society's Laws and Practices that we perform; are based on Jesus CHRIST's Miracles and Teachings. For example, popular Worldwide, is Honoring the "Good Samaritan". (doing good for another)

Am I presenting a Sermon? Perhaps, especially after I preach; "If you, and You, and especially YOU; are "set" in "your way" -- that your mind is made up about Beliefs and/or Theological Opinions -- REALIZE, FOR SALVATION, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN GOD'S AND CHRIST'S DIVINITY !"

Preacher Doc, for the Pure Christian Faith

Some Readers here may have interesting challenges/lists of their Theological analysis or opinions of CHRIST's Miracles.

E-mail Brother Dave your contributions

Poem: "List of Proofs of GOD's and CHRIST's Divinity"

by Preacher Doc, for Oct 15, 2003

Recalling: from the "First Draught of Fishes!"
To CHRIST "Feeding His 5,000" crowd's wishes!
Then "Restoring; Health to an 'unmanageable' Boy!"
To CHRIST "Cleansing Ten Lepers" who leaped for joy!

Further recalling that Jesus CHRIST "Walked On Water!"
To CHRIST's Divine Proof per "RAISING Jarius' Daughter!"
GOD's and CHRIST's Eternal Promise, we like He, WILL RISE!
To an Eternal Life with GOD, CHRIST and Faithful in Paradise!

Preacher Doc

List of Proofs of GOD's and CHRIST's Divinity

Oct 12, 2003 Sermon by Preacher Doc

List of Proofs of GOD's and CHRIST's Divinity

This is a Theological Challenge to you, and You, and especially YOU. To list, the Proofs of GOD's and CHRIST's Divinity.
Preacher Doc's HUMBLE Opinion:

37. Second Draught Of Fishes.
36. The Coin In The Fishes Mouth.
35. Second Casting Out Of An Unclean Spirit.
34. Feeding The 4,000+.
33. Healing Syrophoenician's Daughter.
32. Cleansing A Man At Bethesda.
31. Cleansing Of A Woman With An Infirmity.
30. Feeding Of The 5,000.
29. Healing A Woman With An Issue Of Blood.
28. First Draught Of Fishes.
27. Healing of Peter's Mother In Law.
26. Cleansing One With A Speech Impairment.
25. Healing The Nobleman's Son.
24. Healing A Boy.
23. Casting Out An Unclean Spirit.
22. Reattaching Malchus' Ear.
21. A Leper Cleansed.
20. A Paralytic Cleansed.
19. Cleansing Ten Lepers.
18. Stilling The Storm.
17. Cleansing Of The Man With Dropsy.
16. Centurion's Servant Cleansed.
15. A Deformed Man Is Cleansed.
14. Transforming Water Into Wine.
13. CHRIST Walks On Water!
12. Cleansing A Man For Hearing And Speech.
11. Granting Sight To Another!
10. Giving Sight To Bartimaeus!
9. Cleansing The Man Born Blind!
8. Granting Sight and Sound!
7. Cleansing Two Blind Men!
5. RAISING A Widow's Son!
4. RAISING Jarius' Daughter!
3. RAISING Of Lazarus!
(The Message Of Easter!)
1. The C H R I S T, R I S E S BODY And SOUL, INTO P A R A D I S E !

Preacher Doc, for the "Pure Christian Faith"

Any and all who have a desire to express your similar lists, opinions, statements, contributions, etc., please do by using this email link to Brother Dave.

E-mail Brother Dave your contributions

Poem: "CHRIST's 37 Divine Miracles"

by Preacher Doc, for Oct 08, 2003

From transforming water into wine!
To Raising the Widow's Son at Neine!
Then Raising Jarius' Daughter one night!
Instantaneous Granting Blind Men sight!

The tremendous Raising of Friend, Lazarus!
To Granting sight to the beggar Bartimaeous!
Resurrecting! Every Believer's Religious Goal!
With the ultimate Proof! Rising Body and Soul!

Preacher Doc

"Sequential Miracles Of Jesus CHRIST"

Oct 05, 2003 Sermon by Preacher Doc

The Miracles of Jesus CHRIST, in the order He Performed.

1. Transforming Water Into Wine
2. Healing The Nobleman's Son
3. Casting out an Unclean Spirit
4. Healing of Peter's Mother In Law
5. First Draught Of Fishes
6. A Leper Cleansed
7. A Paralytic Cleansed
8. Cleansing A Man At Bethesda
9. A Deformed Man Is Cleansed
10. Centurion's Servant Cleansed
11. RAISING A Widow's Son!
12. Granting Sight and Sound!
13. Stilling The Storm
14. Second Casting Out Of An Unclean Spirit
15. Healing A Woman With An Issue Of Blood
16. RAISING Jarius' Daughter!
17. Cleansing Two Blind Men!
18. Cleansing One With A Speech Impairment
19. Feeding Of 5,000
20. CHRIST Walks On Water!
21. Healing Syrophoenician's Daughter!
22. Cleansing A Man For Hearing And Speech
23. Feeding The 4,000
24. Granting Sight To Another!
25. Healing A Boy
26. The Coin In The Fishes Mouth
27. Cleansing The Man Born Blind!
28. Cleansing Of A Woman With An Infirmity
29. Cleansing Of The Man With Dropsy
30. RAISING Of Lazarus!
31. Cleansing Ten Lepers
32. Giving Sight To Bartimaeus!
33. 'Burning' A Fig Tree
34. Reattaching Malchus' Ear
35. JESUS THE C H R I S T , R I S E S ON EASTER SUNDAY MORNING ! (The Message Of Easter!)
36. Second Draught Of Fishes

To any and all Readers. My 'Sermon' this GOD's Day is to make sure, you and You and especially YOU, Realize, the quantitative PROOF of GOD's and CHRIST's Divinity! There is a common/slang expression, "What ? Are you blind!?" In working with sightless People, they prefer to be referred to as "sightless", not blind. Because "blind", today, includes "lack of comprehension". Therefore, a sightless Person, after listening or reading (by Braille) to the titles of CHRIST's 37 Divine Miracles, immediately realizes the quantitative PROOF of GOD's and CHRIST's Divinity. In my Opinion, this is SEEING/comprehending, TRUE Facts. While a Ph.D. in Biology, who begins reading of CHRIST's Divine Miracles, and who, about half way completed, says that he's not going to completely read all of CHRIST's Divine Miracles. Thus he appears to have an incomplete/fuzzy/blind mentality. His "mind was made up"; he doesn't want to be confused by the Facts. This Preacher emphasizes, "Don't be 'blind'. Because the Soul you Save, will be your own."

Next GOD's Day/Sunday, we begin to analyze, in this Preacher's Opinion, the Theological PROVING POWER of CHRIST's 37 Divine Miracles!

Preacher Doc, for the "Pure Christian Faith"

Any and all who have a desire to express your opinions. Please do by using this email link:

E-mail Brother Dave your contributions

Poem: "Second Draught of Fishes"

by Preacher Doc, for Oct 01, 2003

After CHRIST Rose from the dead, appeared a third time!
A Divine Spirit, moving 'poetically, like a fine rhyme'!
The Apostles had worked all night, yet caught no fishes.
CHRIST said, "Drop the net there; and obtain your wishes."

CHRIST was roasting a fish, and also had some bread.
He then 'opened their eyes'; IS CHRIST FROM THE DEAD!
The Lesson is clear, CHRIST Commanded, "Be Achievers.
Preach to the World, Convert Mankind to BELIEVERS !"

Preacher Doc

"Second Draught of Fishes"

Sept 28, 2003 Sermon by Preacher Doc

This GOD's Day/Sunday Sermon is "Second Draught of Fishes". This Miracle is usually listed as the 'last' (#35) Miracle by CHRIST, that is written in The NEW TESTAMENT. Per the Apostle John, Chapter 21, Verses 1- 14.

"After these things, Jesus manifested Himself again at the sea of Tiberias. Now He manifested Himself in this way: There were together Simon Peter and Thomas, called the Twin, and Nathaniel, from Cana in Galilee, and the Sons of Zebedee, and two others of His Disciples. Simon Peter, said to them, "I am going fishing." They said to Him, "We also are going with thee." And they went out and got into the boat. And that night they caught nothing. But when day was breaking, CHRIST stood on the beach; yet the Disciples did not know that it was CHRIST. Then Jesus CHRIST said to them,
"Young Men, have you any fish?"
They answered Him, "No." He said to them,
"Cast the net to the right of the boat and you will find them."
They cast therefore, and now they were unable to draw it up for the great number of fishes. The Disciple, whom Jesus had personally Instructed in the Faith, said to Peter, "It is the Lord." Simon Peter therefore, hearing that it was the Lord, girt his tunic about him, for he was stripped, and threw himself into the sea. But the other Disciples came with the boat (for they were not far from land, only about two hundred cubits off, 106 yards) dragging the net full of fishes. When, therefore, they had landed, they saw a fire ready, and a fish laid upon it, and bread. CHRIST said to them,
"Bring here some of the fishes that you caught just now."
Simon Peter went aboard and hauled the net onto the land full of large fishes, one hundred and fifty-three in number. And though there were so many, the net was not torn.
Jesus CHRIST said to them, "Come and breakfast."
And none of those reclining dared ask Him, "Who art Thou?" knowing that it was the Lord. And CHRIST came and took the bread, and gave it to them, and likewise the fish. This is now the third time that CHRIST appeared to the Disciples after He had Risen from the dead."

Here is that which is Theologically of great importance: The PROOF, at least the third time, that Jesus The CHRIST, had Resurrected ! Dramatically, Body and SOUL, Jesus CHRIST, for at least the third time, appeared before the Apostles. And CHRIST Performs for His Disciples, the Miracle of the "Second Draught of Fishes." Now, the Disciples' 'eyes are opened'! They realize, similar to the "Draught of Fishes" [Luke, Chapter 5, Verses 1- 10] That Jesus CHRIST is Preaching, Teaching, reminding, PROVING, His Divinity with another Miracle! That being, what He Commanded to His Disciples at the "Draught of Fishes";
"Do not be afraid, henceforth Thou shalt catch Men.
(We will Convert non-believers to Believers.)"

Preacher Doc

Poem: "Reattaching Servant's Ear"

by Preacher Doc, for Sept 24, 2003

"Judas, do you betray the Lord with a kiss?" One drew his sword, swung and did not miss. He hit the chief priest's servant, cutting off his ear! Jesus The CHRIST, REATTACHED; His Divinity again Clear!

CHRIST warned, "Listen Ye that disregard my Divinity. Committing acts of darkness, loses Paradise to thee." Thus, we each can reject or give CHRIST Adoration! Realize, only YOU are responsible for your Salvation!

Preacher Doc

"Reattaching Servant's Ear"

Sept 21, 2003 Sermon by Preacher Doc

"Reattaching Servant's Ear", Luke, Chapter 22, Verses 49-53; Miracle # 34.

Please note, said Miracle is preceded by Verse 48. Known World wide, through the centuries:
"Judas, dost thou betray the Son of Man with a kiss?"

SERMON: Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. He who Judas kissed, the mob would then arrest. Some, who now objected to the betrayal and arrest, began to draw swords. One of them did draw his sword and struck the servant of the high priest. Cutting off his right ear! << Please recall, the Apostle Luke is a Physician.>> Jesus, per the Principle that those who live (unnecessarily attack) by the sword, die by the sword, said, "Put away your swords." Then Jesus The CHRIST, REATTACHED the servant's ear! Saying, "Am I a robber, that you arrest me with swords and clubs? When I was daily in the temple, you did not stretch forth your hands against me." Then CHRIST warned them, "... acts of darkness (sin against GOD's Light of Salvation) causes one to lose their Soul."

Therefore, the Theological "Lesson" is clear:

1. Those sinners, that disregarded (did not Believe) that Jesus is The CHRIST, committed the crime of false accusation, false arrest. Thus, they plunged their soul into darkness. (losing the "Light of Salvation")

2. By REATTACHING the servants ear, it appears that CHRIST is telling us, upon Salvation, that He RESTORES Body and Soul to be with Him in Paradise!

Preacher Doc

Note: We have received some help in our Evangelical Message. Don't be hesitant, your words, good thoughts and deeds are needed, welcomed. DO PARTICIPATE ! It will be a big plus for You and this needy World!

E-mail Brother Dave your contributions

Poem: "Jesus Curses a Fig Tree"

by Preacher Doc, for Sept 17, 2003

Divine Miracle # 37, "Jesus Curses a Fig Tree",
Is a strong warning to Believe, for you and me.
He warned, the 12 tribes that form their nation.
You MUST Believe in CHRIST or suffer condemnation.

"Disciples, I say unto you have Faith, doubt not.
For with GOD's Power you can Heal over the Lot,
Of Humanity, as I do, per Our Father's Divine Power.
Who Grants Paradise at the Time of His Judgment Hour."

Preacher Doc

"Jesus Curses a Fig Tree"

Sept 14, 2003 Sermon by Preacher Doc

It appears to be Natural, to realize/evaluate the Divine Power that CHRIST Commands. This may RELIGIOUSLY, help someone, to comprehend, IMPROVE their BELIEF ! This Preacher, each GOD's Day, sequentially Presents, CHRIST's 37 Divine Miracles! Then on GOD's Day/Sunday, October 19, I will list, all 37 Divine Miracles, sequentially! The next GOD's Day, 26th; I will present my Theological Opinion, of the Divine Power CHRIST Commands. From Miracle # 37 to THE most Divine PROOF of Jesus CHRIST's and GOD's Divinity. ---------- Maybe your list of CHRIST's Divine PROOFS, might be similar to mine.-- In my opinion, #37, "Jesus Curses a Fig Tree" per Matthew, C.19, V.18-22. "Now in the morning, on His (Jesus') way back to the city, He felt hungry. And seeing a fig tree by the wayside, Jesus came up to it, and found nothing on the tree but leaves; and Jesus Commanded at that tree, "May no fruit ever come from this tree henceforth." And immediately the fig tree withered! And upon seeing this the Disciples marveled, saying, "How did it come to wither up immediately!?" ------- In answer, Jesus said to the Disciples, "Amen I say to You, if You have Faith and do not waver, not only will You do what I have done to the fig tree, but even if You say to a 'mountain' (mortal sin, your fears and doubts, etc.), 'Arise (Forgiven), and hurl thyself into the sea,' (your (mortal sin) is washed away), it shall be done. (You, like I, have cleansed a sinner. But mortal sinners, will be withered/burned away.) For all things, whatever You ask in Prayer, Believing, You shall Receive." (GOD's Power to Forgive, Cleanse.)

Preacher Doc,

Brother Dave adds these two revelatory quotes, to add support as to why the above miracle of Jesus, as recorded in the Bible above, ranks last at #37.

"'By their fruits you shall know them.' Personality is basically changeless; that which changes--grows--is the moral character. The major error of modern religions is negativism. The tree which bears no fruit is 'hewn down and cast into the fire.' Moral worth cannot be derived from mere repression--obeying the injunction 'Thou shalt not.' Fear and shame are unworthy motivations for religious living. Religion is valid only when it reveals the fatherhood of God and enhances the brotherhood of men."

Jesus' actual words: "There was a certain man who planted a fig tree in his yard, and when he had many times sought fruit thereon and found none, he called the vinedressers before him and said: 'Here have I come these three seasons looking for fruit on this fig tree and have found none. Cut down this barren tree; why should it encumber the ground?' But the head gardener answered his master: 'Let it alone for one more year so that I may dig around it and put on fertilizer, and then, next year, if it bears no fruit, it shall be cut down.' And when they had thus complied with the laws of fruitfulness, since the tree was living and good, they were rewarded with an abundant yield. But when you pray, you exercise so little faith. Genuine faith will remove mountains of material difficulty which may chance to lie in the path of soul expansion and spiritual progress."

Don't be hesitant, your words, good thoughts and deeds are needed, welcomed.
DO PARTICIPATE ! It will be a big plus for You and this needy World!

E-mail Brother Dave your contributions

Poem: "Honoring our Heroes"

by Preacher Doc, for Sept 11, 2003

We should, for it is Natural to mourn,
Remembering Family, since were born.
I'd gladly exchange, my life for theirs.
Heroes ALL, Life in Paradise, GOD's Heirs.

For each 'fallen' Hero; I say Rises again!
For that is CHRIST's Promise, they will Gain!
All of us, don't personally know, ALL Of Them.
We just Pray, acceptable, is this Honoring Poem.

Preacher Doc, for the Pure Christian Faith

If any of you would like to add your Poem's, Prose, Comments, music, etc. to this worldwide Mission of Truth sharing,

E-mail Brother Dave

Poem: "Healing of Blind Bartimaeus"

by Preacher Doc, for Sept 11, 2003

Blind Bartimaeus, cried. "Jesus, have Mercy on me!"
Some, rudely told him, "Jesus has no time for thee."
Jesus stopped, and ordered, "Bartimaeus come here!"
He jumped up, with Hope now replacing his previous fear.

Jesus CHRIST said, "What wilt thou that I do for thee?"
And Bartimaeus prayed, "Lord that I may able to see!."
CHRIST Commanded, "Bartimaeus, thou Believer be Healed."
PROVING the Divine Power of GOD, through CHRIST, Revealed!

Preacher Doc

"Healing of Blind Bartimeus"

Sept 07, 2003 Sermon by Preacher Doc

All or most Theologians, as they present the Religious Lesson they are explaining, present said Religious Lesson as highly important. This is as it should be. For, if the Theologian does not present a Religious Lesson as highly important, then how can his (or her) Congregation accept his presentation, as important? What appears to be a natural and/or developing 'ignoring' of Religious Lessons is the 'repetitive, monotone syndrome'. That is, a good Preacher, who is heard in the same repetitive way, may have his good Congregation, begin to 'doze off'.

In today's 'shock, gimmick commercials', to get attention/sales. Monotone speakers may have their IMPORTANT Lessons, 'slide passed' the listeners. --- What to do!? EDUCATION ! The Congregation, the listeners, etc., must be Educated, that:

1. It is THEIR Soul, their RESPONSIBILITY, to SAVE their Soul !

2. Because the Preacher could say, "In this GOD's Day/Sunday, CHRIST Miracle, "Healing of Blind Bartimeus", per Mark, Chapter 10, Verses 46-52. YOU read. Should take you about 10 minutes to read, analyze, fully comprehend and discuss among yourselves. ----- Meanwhile, I will 'doze off' for 10 minutes."

Why, the Congregation would be startled! They would consider such a presentation as unprofessional, or at least rude! However, realize, the Preacher doesn't need to reread, Mark's Eyewitness account; YOU do! To grasp for the first time, or refresh your memory, (Chapter 10, Verse 46):

"And they came to Jericho. And as He (Jesus) was leaving Jericho with His Disciples and a very great crowd. Bartimeus, a blind Man, the son of Timeus, was sitting by the wayside, begging. And hearing that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, "Jesus, Son of David, have Mercy on me!" But some there, angrily tried to silence him. Therefore, he cried out the louder, "Son of David, have Mercy on me!" Then, Jesus stopped and commanded that Bartimeus should be called. And they called the blind Man and said to him, "Take courage. Get up, Jesus is calling thee." And throwing off his cloak, he sprang to his feet and came to Jesus. And Jesus addressed him, saying, "What wouldest thou have Me do for thee?"

And the blind Man said to him, "Rabboni, that I may see."
And Jesus CHRIST said to him, "Go thy way, thy Faith has Saved thee."

And at once he received his sight, and followed Jesus along the road."

WAKE UP you nonbelievers! The Soul you Save, will be your own!

Preacher Doc for the Pure Christian Faith

Note: Former Priests, Ministers, Leaders of other Religions" Do not waste your expertise. Join our Pure (True) Evangelical Message! We need help in reaching thousands, Worldwide, who are hoping to "Connect with that True Religion, that works with PROOFS, that Jesus really performed Divine Miracles!" And thus, bring in many MILLIONS, Worldwide, that are ignorant, or 'lazy' of the IMPORTANCE of their SOUL! Pure Christians present the Clearest, Truest, therefore Purest Interpretation of Jesus' Teachings, Parables and especially Miracles! We need interested Parties with ability to advertise, contributions, interneting, Preaching, Teaching, submitting articles, any positive input is welcomed!

Thank you, Peace and Prosperity to All !

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