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Teacher-Brother Dave's Compilation


The New Epochal Revelation of Truth, Page 364

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Teacher-Brother Dave's initial comments: I am presenting some of my Topical Studies from the fully public domain, 2097 page, Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth and with my added comments. The Revealed text is free of copyright, so you may freely share individually these supernal quotes with your friends and relatives. But my order of selections, font types for emphasis and my added comments are Copyright 2021 by Dave@PureChristians.org All Rights Reserved. Contact me first about using the whole Study or group of Studies.

[My added comments of explanation below are in these square brackets]

Topical Study number 134

"KNOW and related words !"

Part 40

Compiled June 16, 2021 by Dave@PureChristians.org

The Urantia Book



[Paper:Section.Paragraph (numbers)]

103:6.1 Theology is the study of the actions and reactions of the human spirit; it can never become a science since it must always be combined more or less with psychology in its personal expression and with philosophy in its systematic portrayal. Theology is always the study of your religion; the study of another's religion is psychology. [! Ha ha. This Melchizedek Author and Revelator has an excellent (meaning: from above) sense of humor/wisdom.]

103:6.2 When man approaches the study and examination of his universe from the outside, he brings into being the various physical sciences; when he approaches the research of himself and the universe from the inside, he gives origin to theology and metaphysics. The later art of philosophy develops in an effort to harmonize the many discrepancies which are destined at first to appear between the findings and teachings of these two diametrically opposite avenues of approaching the universe of things and beings.

103:6.3 Religion has to do with the spiritual viewpoint, the awareness of the insideness of human experience. Man's spiritual nature affords him the opportunity of turning the universe outside in. It is therefore true that, viewed exclusively from the insideness of personality experience, all creation appears to be spiritual in nature.

103:6.4 When man analytically inspects the universe through the material endowments of his physical senses and associated mind perception, the cosmos appears to be mechanical and energy-material. Such a technique of studying reality consists in turning the universe inside out.

103:6.5 A logical and consistent philosophic concept of the universe cannot be built up on the postulations of either materialism or spiritism, for both of these systems of thinking, when universally applied, are compelled to view the cosmos in distortion, the former contacting with a universe turned inside out, the latter realizing the nature of a universe turned outside in. Never, then, can either science or religion, in and of themselves, standing alone, hope to gain an adequate understanding of universal truths and relationships without the guidance of human philosophy and the illumination of divine revelation.

103:6.6 (1136.1) Always must man's inner spirit depend for its expression and self-realization upon the mechanism and technique of the mind. Likewise must man's outer experience of material reality be predicated on the mind consciousness of the experiencing personality. Therefore are the spiritual and the material, the inner and the outer, human experiences always correlated with the mind function and conditioned, as to their conscious realization, by the mind activity. Man experiences matter in his mind; he experiences spiritual reality in the soul but becomes conscious of this experience in his mind. The intellect is the harmonizer and the ever-present conditioner and qualifier of the sum total of mortal experience. Both energy-things and spirit values are colored by their interpretation through the mind media of consciousness. [To review past material here: spirit values are love, mercy, ministry, (service,) truth, beauty and goodness.]

103:6.7 Your difficulty in arriving at a more harmonious co-ordination between science and religion is due to your utter ignorance of the intervening domain of the morontia world of things and beings. [This is a vast range of soul reality bridging-blending the lower material and the higher spiritual levels of elliptic reality; more on this later in this comprehensive and supernal Revelation of Truth to us.] The local universe consists of three degrees, or stages, of reality manifestation: matter, morontia, and spirit. The morontia angle of approach erases all divergence between the findings of the physical sciences and the functioning of the spirit of religion. Reason is the understanding technique of the sciences; faith is the insight technique of religion; mota is the technique of the morontia level. Mota is a supermaterial reality sensitivity which is beginning to compensate incomplete growth, having for its substance knowledge-reason and for its essence faith-insight. Mota is a superphilosophical reconciliation of divergent reality perception which is nonattainable by material personalities; it is predicated, in part, on the experience of having survived the material life of the flesh. But many mortals have recognized the desirability of having some method of reconciling the interplay between the widely separated domains of science and religion; and metaphysics is the result of man's unavailing attempt to span this well-recognized chasm. But human metaphysics has proved more confusing than illuminating. Metaphysics stands for man's well-meant but futile effort to compensate for the absence of the mota of morontia.

103:6.8 Metaphysics has proved a failure; mota, man cannot perceive. Revelation is the only technique which can compensate for the absence of the truth sensitivity of mota in a material world. Revelation authoritatively clarifies the muddle of reason-developed metaphysics on an evolutionary sphere. [All of our apparently slow evolution here is certainly under God's Control and His Overcontrol-Upholding on both transcendental and transcendent levels, as well as our evolving Supreme levels. Yes, if GOD were now small enough for our ready comprehension, He would NOT be big enough for our needs, and our eventual perfection in and with Him ! Amen !]

103:6.9 Science is man's attempted study of his physical environment, the world of energy-matter; religion is man's experience with the cosmos of spirit values; philosophy has been developed by man's mind effort to organize and correlate the findings of these widely separated concepts into something like a reasonable and unified attitude toward the cosmos. Philosophy, clarified by revelation, functions acceptably in the absence of mota and in the presence of the breakdown and failure of man's reason substitute for mota -- metaphysics.

103:6.10 Early man did not differentiate between the energy level and the spirit level. It was the violet race [About 37,000 years ago, Adam and Eve (violet race Superhumans about eight feet tall, disease free, to live here 500-1000 years and leave many progeny-uplifters to mate with early primitive humans who were developing here for about 960,000 years prior) came down here from a higher heaven, (NOT in space-ships !) to function as biologic uplifters of the whole Human race. They partly failed because of the Lucifer rebellion of 200,000 years ago; but they gave us enough genetic improvements (still unfolding) that our scientists now recognize this date of about 37,000 years ago as the SUDDEN (mysterious) appearance of "Modern Man".] and their Andite successors who first attempted to divorce the mathematical from the volitional. Increasingly has civilized man followed in the footsteps of the earliest Greeks and the Sumerians who distinguished between the inanimate and the animate. And as civilization progresses, philosophy will have to bridge ever-widening gulfs between the spirit concept and the energy concept. But in the time of space these divergencies are at one in the Supreme.

103:6.11 (1137.1) Science must always be grounded in reason, although imagination and conjecture are helpful in the extension of its borders. Religion is forever dependent on faith, albeit reason is a stabilizing influence and a helpful handmaid. And always there have been, and ever will be, misleading interpretations of the phenomena of both the natural and the spiritual worlds, sciences and religions falsely so called.

103:6.12 Out of his incomplete grasp of science, his faint hold upon religion, and his abortive attempts at metaphysics, man has attempted to construct his formulations of philosophy. And modern man would indeed build a worthy and engaging philosophy of himself and his universe were it not for the breakdown of his all-important and indispensable metaphysical connection between the worlds of matter and spirit, the failure of metaphysics to bridge the morontia gulf between the physical and the spiritual. Mortal man lacks the concept of morontia mind and material; and revelation is the only technique for atoning for this deficiency in the conceptual data which man so urgently needs in order to construct a logical philosophy of the universe and to arrive at a satisfying understanding of his sure and settled place in that universe.

103:6.13 Revelation is evolutionary man's only hope of bridging the morontia gulf. Faith and reason, unaided by mota, cannot conceive and construct a logical universe. Without the insight of mota, mortal man cannot discern goodness, love, and truth [spiritual values] in the phenomena of the material world.

103:6.14 When the philosophy of man leans heavily toward the world of matter, it becomes rationalistic or naturalistic. When philosophy inclines particularly toward the spiritual level, it becomes idealistic or even mystical. When philosophy is so unfortunate as to lean upon metaphysics, it unfailingly becomes skeptical, confused. In past ages, most of man's knowledge and intellectual evaluations have fallen into one of these three distortions of perception. Philosophy dare not project its interpretations of reality in the linear fashion of logic; it must never fail to reckon with the elliptic symmetry of reality and with the essential curvature of all relation concepts. [Do you grasp the significance of how this applies to the Paradise Father-Son Union, the local universe Father-Son Union, and You as also a progressing-perfecting Father-Son Union in Jesus ? Three concentric, coordinated ellipses is one way of conceiving this. Seek some, and you shall find much!]

103:6.15 The highest attainable philosophy of mortal man must be logically based on the reason of science, the faith of religion, and the truth insight afforded by revelation. By this union man can compensate somewhat for his failure to develop an adequate metaphysics and for his inability to comprehend the mota of the morontia.


103:7.1 Science is sustained by reason, religion by faith. Faith, though not predicated on reason, is reasonable; though independent of logic, it is nonetheless encouraged by sound logic. Faith cannot be nourished even by an ideal philosophy; indeed, it is, with science, the very source of such a philosophy. Faith, human religious insight, can be surely instructed only by revelation, can be surely elevated only by personal mortal experience with the spiritual Adjuster presence of the God who is spirit. [Your Thought Adjuster is God's Spirit Gift within you; and to BE You in Personality when perfected.]

103:7.2 True salvation is the [very long ascension] technique of the divine evolution of the mortal mind from matter identification through the realms of morontia [soul] liaison to the high universe status of spiritual correlation. And as material intuitive instinct precedes the appearance of reasoned knowledge in terrestrial evolution, so does the manifestation of spiritual intuitive insight presage the later appearance of morontia and spirit reason and experience in the supernal [divine] program of celestial evolution, the business of transmuting the potentials of man the temporal into the actuality and divinity of man the eternal, a Paradise finaliter. [forever God-seeking, God-finding and God-revealing, and well beyond our present comprehensions.]

103:7.3 But as ascending man reaches inward and Paradiseward for the God experience, he will likewise be reaching outward and spaceward for an energy understanding of the material cosmos. The progression of science is not limited to the terrestrial life of man; his universe and superuniverse ascension experience will to no small degree be the study of energy transmutation and material metamorphosis. God is spirit, but Deity is unity, and the unity of Deity not only embraces the spiritual values of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son but is also cognizant of the energy facts of the Universal Controller [The Infinite Spirit as Divine Activator and more] and the Isle of Paradise, while these two phases of universal reality are perfectly correlated in the mind relationships of the Conjoint Actor [The Infinite Spirit as Mind and Father-Son will-union to the Universes] and unified on the finite level in the emerging Deity of the Supreme Being. [our newer dabbling with "process theology" have some validity, when restricted to a space-time frame out here. More later]

103:7.4 The union of the scientific attitude and the religious insight by the mediation of experiential philosophy is part of man's long Paradise-ascension experience. The approximations of mathematics and the certainties of insight will always require the harmonizing function of mind logic on all levels of experience short of the maximum attainment of the Supreme.

103:7.5 But logic can never succeed in harmonizing the findings of science and the insights of religion unless both the scientific and the religious aspects of a personality are truth dominated, sincerely desirous of following the truth wherever it may lead regardless of the conclusions which it may reach.

103:7.6 Logic is the technique of philosophy, its method of expression. Within the domain of true science, reason is always amenable to genuine logic; within the domain of true religion, faith is always logical from the basis of an inner viewpoint, even though such faith may appear to be quite unfounded from the inlooking viewpoint of the scientific approach. From outward, looking within, the universe may appear to be material; from within, looking out, the same universe appears to be wholly spiritual. Reason grows out of material awareness, faith out of spiritual awareness, but through the mediation of a philosophy strengthened by revelation, logic may confirm both the inward and the outward view, thereby effecting the stabilization of both science and religion. Thus, through common contact with the logic of philosophy, may both science and religion become increasingly tolerant of each other, less and less skeptical.

103:7.7 What both developing science and religion need is more searching and fearless self-criticism, a greater awareness of incompleteness in evolutionary status. The teachers of both science and religion are often altogether too self-confident and dogmatic. Science and religion can only be self-critical of their facts. The moment departure is made from the stage of facts, reason abdicates or else rapidly degenerates into a consort of false logic.

103:7.8 The truth -- an understanding of cosmic relationships, universe facts, and spiritual values -- can best be had through the ministry of the Spirit of Truth and can best be criticized by revelation. But revelation originates neither a science nor a religion; its function is to co-ordinate both science and religion with the truth of reality. Always, in the absence of revelation or in the failure to accept or grasp it, has mortal man resorted to his futile gesture of metaphysics, that being the only human substitute for the revelation of truth or for the mota [soul wisdom] of morontia personality.

103:7.9 The science of the material world enables man to control, and to some extent dominate, his physical environment. [Gen 1:26 GOD (the Trinity- Elohim - "Us") command us to (eventually) have dominion (control) over everything on this earth.] The religion of the spiritual experience is the source of the fraternity impulse which enables men to live together in the complexities of the civilization of a scientific age. Metaphysics, but more certainly revelation, affords a common meeting ground for the discoveries of both science and religion and makes possible the human attempt logically to correlate these separate but interdependent domains of thought into a well-balanced philosophy of scientific stability and religious certainty. [Knowing and believing in God, relationships and matter is a good quest of every progressing Person attempting greater Personality Unification - as JESUS NOW IS - our One Perfect Divine-Human God-Man !]

103:7.10 In the mortal state, nothing can be absolutely proved; both science and religion are predicated on assumptions. [A Human, taken up in Spirit, (reBorn) can Really Know God as our infinitely loving and merciful Father as Spirit and himself/herself as an eternal Son of God in finality ! This is also known as the peace of Jesus that passes all mortal mental understandings. But this is well above the mortal state mentioned here.] On the morontia level, the postulates of both science and religion are capable of partial proof by mota logic. On the spiritual level of maximum status, the need for finite proof gradually vanishes before the actual experience of and with reality; but even then there is much beyond the finite that remains unproved.

103:7.11 All divisions of human thought are predicated on certain assumptions which are accepted, though unproved, by the constitutive reality sensitivity of the mind endowment of man. Science starts out on its vaunted career of reasoning by assuming the reality of three things: matter, motion, and life. Religion starts out with the assumption of the validity of three things: mind, spirit, and the universe -- the Supreme Being.

103:7.12 Science becomes the thought domain of mathematics, of the energy and material of time in space. Religion assumes to deal not only with finite and temporal spirit but also with the spirit of eternity and supremacy. Only through a long experience in mota can these two extremes of universe perception be made to yield analogous interpretations of origins, functions, relations, realities, and destinies. The maximum harmonization of the energy-spirit divergence is in the encircuitment of the Seven Master Spirits; the first unification thereof, in the Deity of the Supreme; the finality unity thereof, in the infinity of the First Source and Center, the I AM. [Some of this is briefly covered in the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ; much more will be disclosed here in these inspired, revealed writings.]

103:7.13 Reason is the act of recognizing the conclusions of consciousness with regard to the experience in and with the physical world of energy and matter. Faith is the act of recognizing the validity of spiritual consciousness -- something which is incapable of other mortal proof. Logic is the synthetic truth-seeking progression of the unity of faith and reason and is founded on the constitutive mind endowments of mortal beings, the innate recognition of things, meanings, and values.

103:7.14 There is a real proof of spiritual reality in the presence of the Thought Adjuster, but the validity of this presence is not demonstrable to the external world, only to the one who thus experiences the indwelling of God. The consciousness of the Adjuster is based on the intellectual reception of truth, the supermind perception of goodness, and the personality motivation to love. [and all of that is very beautiful !]

103:7.15 Science discovers the material world, religion evaluates it, and philosophy endeavors to interpret its meanings while co-ordinating the scientific material viewpoint with the religious spiritual concept. But history is a realm in which science and religion may never fully agree. [Man's linear view of past-present-future is even now bending into, syncronizing with, a more elliptic, eternal Reality.]


103:8.1 Although both science and philosophy may assume the probability of God by their reason and logic, only the personal religious experience of a spirit-led man can affirm the certainty of such a supreme and personal Deity. By the technique of such an incarnation of living truth the philosophic hypothesis of the probability of God becomes a religious reality.

103:8.2 The confusion about the experience of the certainty of God arises out of the dissimilar interpretations and relations of that experience by separate individuals and by different races of men. The experiencing of God may be wholly valid, but the discourse about God, being intellectual and philosophical, is divergent and oftentimes confusingly fallacious.

103:8.3 A good and noble man may be consummately in love with his wife but utterly unable to pass a satisfactory written examination on the psychology of marital love. Another man, having little or no love for his spouse, might pass such an examination most acceptably. The imperfection of the lover's insight into the true nature of the beloved does not in the least invalidate either the reality or sincerity of his love. [Our Creator Father God loves you infinitely and also knows everything; you may actually love God in return and try to serve all mankind while presently knowing very little or nothing about mind, soul, cosmology, spirit, matter-energy, personality, origins, natures, destiny, and billions of higher meanings and values well beyond our comprehension. "If God were SMALL enough for our finite UNDERSTANDING, He would not be BIG enough for our real NEEDS." In Jesus, you, Dear Reader, are now much more than you know ! Rejoice ! (and continue to train your mind as well as you as soul to be a better unified, well-balanced personality.)]

103:8.4 [a caution:] If you truly believe in God -- by faith know him and love him -- do not permit the reality of such an experience to be in any way lessened or detracted from by the doubting insinuations of science, the caviling [making trivial and annoying arguments] of logic, the postulates of philosophy, or the clever suggestions of well-meaning souls who would create a religion without God. [Warning: A lasting world social system without God, and His spiritual and moral values, can no more be maintained than could our solar system without gravity ! Spirit gravity is more real than physical gravity to progressing personalities.]

103:8.5 The certainty of the God-knowing religionist should not be disturbed by the uncertainty of the doubting materialist; rather should the uncertainty of the unbeliever be mightily challenged by the profound faith and unshakable certainty of the experiential believer. [Since 1977, I directly and personally Know in the Spirit of Truth that I am a beloved son of God -- the Infinite I AM -- and fully in Jesus Christ; I am eternally Certain in Him. HE IS I AM ... Be now the beloved son of God in Jesus that You Are ! True peace and progress ! Amen !]

103:8.6 Philosophy, to be of the greatest service to both science and religion, should avoid the extremes of both materialism and pantheism. Only a philosophy which recognizes the reality of personality -- permanence in the presence of change -- can be of moral value to man, can serve as a liaison between the theories of material science and spiritual religion. Revelation is a compensation for the frailties of evolving philosophy.


103:9.1 Theology deals with the intellectual content of religion, metaphysics (revelation) with the philosophic aspects. Religious experience is the spiritual content of religion. Notwithstanding the mythologic vagaries and the psychologic illusions of the intellectual content of religion, the metaphysical assumptions of error and the techniques of self-deception, the political distortions and the socioeconomic perversions of the philosophic content of religion, the spiritual experience of personal religion remains genuine and valid. [Thank You, our loving and ever-guiding Father God !]

103:9.2 Religion has to do with feeling, acting, and living, not merely with thinking. Thinking is more closely related to the material life and should be in the main, but not altogether, dominated by reason and the facts of science and, in its nonmaterial reaches toward the spirit realms, by truth. No matter how illusory and erroneous one's theology, one's religion may be wholly genuine and everlastingly true. [Many Christians, and other religionists, still argue over the complex Trinity Truths, are confused by human concepts of predestination, salvation, etc.; but in Spirit they are SECURE in JESUS and in the True One Paradise Father GOD of All Reality.]

103:9.3 Buddhism in its original form is one of the best religions without a God which has arisen throughout all the evolutionary history of Earth, although, as this faith developed, it did not remain godless. Religion without faith is a contradiction; without God, a philosophic inconsistency and an intellectual absurdity. [Some advanced Buddhists are now considering the Truths of a Triune Godhead - The Trinity ! Why? because He, Jesus, the Spirit of Truth, IS still continuously pouring out and down upon all flesh ! The Light of God shines within each normal mortal soul and mind on this planet. Christian Evangelists should stress the common Truths of other religions without mainly cutting down all their errors ! Sugar attracts flies more than poisons. Jesus is always infinitely sweet to all; dare to love even your enemies ! Convert them carefully in the love and power of the Spirit of God, and it will be a True Conversion - re-Birth - Awakening into Light and Life.]

103:9.4 The magical and mythological parentage of natural religion does not invalidate the reality and truth of the later revelational religions and the consummate saving gospel of the religion of Jesus. Jesus' life and teachings finally divested religion of the superstitions of magic, the illusions of mythology, and the bondage of traditional dogmatism. But this early magic and mythology very effectively prepared the way for later and superior religion by assuming the existence and reality of supermaterial values and beings.

103:9.5 Although religious experience is a purely spiritual subjective phenomenon, such an experience embraces a positive and living faith attitude toward the highest realms of universe objective reality. The ideal of religious philosophy is such a faith-trust as would lead man unqualifiedly to depend upon the absolute love of the infinite Father of the universe of universes. Such a genuine religious experience far transcends the philosophic objectification of idealistic desire; it actually takes salvation for granted [freely by God and Jesus in Their One Combined Spirit!] and concerns itself only with learning and doing the will of the Father in Paradise. The earmarks of such a religion are: faith in a supreme Deity, hope of eternal survival, and love, especially of one's fellows.

103:9.6 When theology masters religion, religion dies; it becomes a doctrine instead of a life. The mission of theology is merely to facilitate the self-consciousness of personal spiritual experience. Theology constitutes the religious effort to define, clarify, expound, and justify the experiential claims of religion, which, in the last analysis, can be validated only by living faith. In the higher philosophy of the universe, wisdom, like reason, becomes allied to faith. Reason, wisdom, and faith are man's highest human attainments. Reason introduces man to the world of facts, to things; wisdom introduces him to a world of truth, to relationships; faith initiates him into a world of divinity, spiritual experience. [Living faith will (slowly or suddenly) allow you to perceive God in both your soul and mind, and later in the Finality of Your Spirit Destiny of God-knowing and God-revealing in eternal loving and wise service to all Beings in a vast Universe, in Paradise, and in other Transcendental Realms.]

103:9.7 Faith most willingly carries reason along as far as reason can go and then goes on with wisdom to the full philosophic limit; and then it dares to launch out upon the limitless and never-ending universe journey in the sole company of TRUTH.

103:9.8 Science (knowledge) is founded on the inherent (adjutant spirit) assumption that reason is valid, that the universe can be comprehended. Philosophy (co-ordinate comprehension) is founded on the inherent (spirit of wisdom) assumption that wisdom is valid, that the material universe can be co-ordinated with the spiritual. Religion (the truth of personal spiritual experience) is founded on the inherent (Thought Adjuster) assumption that faith is valid, that God can be known and attained. [YES ! In Spirit and in Truth ! and you having increasingly replete joy and peace !]

103:9.9 The full realization of the reality of mortal life consists in a progressive willingness to believe these assumptions of reason, wisdom, and faith. Such a life is one motivated by truth and dominated by love; and these are the ideals of objective cosmic reality whose existence cannot be materially demonstrated. [Love, mercy, service, truth, beauty and goodness are all super Real (supernal) spiritual Values, and transcendent to just the finite space-time material energy perceptions of mortals.]

103:9.10 When reason once recognizes right and wrong, it exhibits wisdom; when wisdom chooses between right and wrong, truth and error, it demonstrates spirit leading. And thus are the functions of mind, soul, and spirit ever closely united and functionally interassociated. Reason deals with factual knowledge; wisdom, with philosophy and revelation; faith, with living spiritual experience. Through truth man attains beauty and by spiritual love ascends to goodness.

103:9.11 Faith leads to knowing God, not merely to a mystical feeling of the divine presence. Faith must not be overmuch influenced by its emotional consequences. True religion is an experience of believing and knowing as well as a satisfaction of feeling.

103:9.12 There is a reality in religious experience that is proportional to the spiritual content, and such a reality is transcendent to reason, science, philosophy, wisdom, and all other human achievements. The convictions of such an experience are unassailable; the logic of religious living is incontrovertible; the certainty of such knowledge is superhuman; the satisfactions are superbly divine, the courage indomitable, the devotions unquestioning, the loyalties supreme, and the destinies final -- eternal, ultimate, and universal. [So uplifting and So True ! Amen ! Behold now our GOD-MAN JESUS CHRIST here in the Spirit of/as GOD and making you an ever more real Divine-Human God-Man in His Image ! What would Jesus do ? Let us all go and do likewise in the Spirit Power of our True God !]

103:9.13 {Presented by a Melchizedek of our local universe of Nebadon, and acting under the authority of Gabriel, A.D. 1935}



104:0.1 The Trinity concept of revealed religion must not be confused with the triad beliefs of evolutionary religions. The ideas of triads arose from many suggestive relationships but chiefly because of the three joints of the fingers, because three legs were the fewest which could stabilize a stool, because three support points could keep up a tent; furthermore, primitive man, for a long time, could not count beyond three. [!!]

104:0.2 Aside from certain natural couplets, such as past and present, day and night, hot and cold, and male and female, man generally tends to think in triads: yesterday, today, and tomorrow; sunrise, noon, and sunset; father, mother, and child. Three cheers are given the victor. The dead are buried on the third day, and the ghost is placated by three ablutions [washings] of water.

104:0.3 As a consequence of these natural associations in human experience, the triad made its appearance in religion, and this long before the Paradise Trinity of Deities, or even any of their representatives, had been revealed to mankind. Later on, the Persians, Hindus, Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans, and Scandinavians all had triad gods, but these were still not true trinities. Triad deities all had a natural origin and have appeared at one time or another among most of the intelligent peoples of Urantia. [Earth.] Sometimes the concept of an evolutionary triad has become mixed with that of a revealed Trinity; in these instances it is often impossible to distinguish one from the other.


104:1.1 The first revelation on Earth leading to the comprehension of the Paradise Trinity was made by the staff of Prince Caligastia about one-half million years ago. This earliest Trinity concept was lost to the world in the unsettled times following the planetary rebellion.

104:1.2 The second presentation of the Trinity was made by Adam and Eve in the first and second gardens. These teachings had not been wholly obliterated even in the times of Machiventa Melchizedek about thirty-five thousand years later, for the Trinity concept of the Sethites persisted in both Mesopotamia and Egypt but more especially in India, where it was long perpetuated in Agni, the Vedic three-headed fire god.

104:1.3 The third presentation of the Trinity was made by Machiventa Melchizedek, and this doctrine was symbolized by the three concentric circles which the sage of Salem wore on his breast plate. But Machiventa found it very difficult to teach the Palestinian Bedouins about the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. Most of his disciples thought that the Trinity consisted of the three Most Highs of Norlatiadek; a few conceived of the Trinity as the System Sovereign, the Constellation Father, and the local universe Creator Deity; [our Christ Michael before Incarnating as Jesus Christ Michael] still fewer even remotely grasped the idea of the Paradise association of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

104:1.4 (1144.1) Through the activities of the Salem missionaries the Melchizedek teachings of the Trinity gradually spread throughout much of Eurasia and northern Africa. It is often difficult to distinguish between the triads and the trinities in the later Andite and the post-Melchizedek ages, when both concepts to a certain extent intermingled and coalesced.

104:1.5 Among the Hindus the trinitarian concept took root as Being, Intelligence, and Joy. (A later Indian conception was Brahma, Siva, and Vishnu.) While the earlier Trinity portrayals were brought to India by the Sethite priests, the later ideas of the Trinity were imported by the Salem missionaries and were developed by the native intellects of India through a compounding of these doctrines with the evolutionary triad conceptions.

104:1.6 The Buddhist faith developed two doctrines of a trinitarian nature: The earlier was Teacher, Law, and Brotherhood; that was the presentation made by Gautama Siddhartha. The later idea, developing among the northern branch of the followers of Buddha, embraced Supreme Lord, Holy Spirit, and Incarnate Savior.

104:1.7 And these ideas of the Hindus and Buddhists were real trinitarian postulates, that is, the idea of a threefold manifestation of a monotheistic God. A true trinity conception is not just a grouping together of three separate gods.

104:1.8 The Hebrews knew about the Trinity from the Kenite traditions of the days of Melchizedek, but their monotheistic zeal for the one God, Yahweh, so eclipsed all such teachings that by the time of Jesus' appearance the Elohim doctrine had been practically eradicated from Jewish theology. The Hebrew mind could not reconcile the trinitarian concept with the monotheistic belief in the One Lord, the God of Israel.

104:1.9 The followers of the Islamic faith likewise failed to grasp the idea of the Trinity. It is always difficult for an emerging monotheism to tolerate trinitarianism when confronted by polytheism. The trinity idea takes best hold of those religions which have a firm monotheistic tradition coupled with doctrinal elasticity. The great monotheists, the Hebrews and Mohammedans, found it difficult to distinguish between worshiping three gods, polytheism, and trinitarianism, the worship of one Deity existing in a triune manifestation of divinity and personality.

104:1.10 Jesus taught his apostles the truth regarding the persons of the Paradise Trinity, but they thought he spoke figuratively and symbolically. Having been nurtured in Hebraic monotheism, they found it difficult to entertain any belief that seemed to conflict with their dominating concept of Yahweh. And the early Christians inherited the Hebraic prejudice against the Trinity concept. [Yet the plural Deity word in the Old Testament, "Elohim", meaning the "Gods", is found about 2500 times; the singular Deity word, "Eloah", meaning "God" singular, is found only about 250 times in the Old Testament ! "Let US make Man in OUR Own Image" is clearly plural Deity ! (Gen 1:26-27)]

104:1.11 The first Trinity of Christianity was proclaimed at Antioch and consisted of God, his Word, and his Wisdom. Paul knew of the Paradise Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit, but he seldom preached about it and made mention thereof in only a few of his letters to the newly forming churches. Even then, as did his fellow apostles, Paul confused Jesus, the Creator Son of the local universe, with the Second Person of Deity, the Eternal Son of Paradise.

104:1.12 The Christian concept of the Trinity, which began to gain recognition near the close of the first century after Christ, was comprised of the Universal Father, the Creator Son of Nebadon, and the Divine Minister of Salvington -- Mother Spirit of the local universe and creative consort of the Creator Son. [She is also called by some here: "the Bride of Christ".]

104:1.13 Not since the times of Jesus has the factual identity of the Paradise Trinity been known on Urantia (except by a few individuals to whom it was especially revealed) until its presentation in these revelatory disclosures. But though the Christian concept of the Trinity erred in fact, it was practically true with respect to spiritual relationships. Only in its philosophic implications and cosmological consequences did this concept suffer embarrassment: It has been difficult for many who are cosmic minded to believe that the Second Person of Deity, the second member of an infinite Trinity, once dwelt on Urantia; and while in spirit this is true, in actuality it is not a fact. The Michael Creators fully embody the divinity of the Eternal Son, but they are not the absolute personality. [But it is fully true in Spirit that both God the Universal Father and God the Eternal Son are fully present in our Eternal Creator Son of God Jesus Christ Michael ! Always remember, as revealed earlier here: "Personality and mind-spirit relationships are transmissible."]

Topical Study number 134

"KNOW and related words !"

Part 41

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The Urantia Book



[Paper:Section.Paragraph (numbers)]

104:2.1 Monotheism arose as a philosophic protest against the inconsistency of polytheism. It developed first through pantheon organizations with the departmentalization of supernatural activities, then through the henotheistic exaltation of one god above the many, and finally through the exclusion of all but the One God of final value. [Only One Primal and Final Universal Father-Infinite-Eternal I AM !HE is perfectly Revealed in our local universe Creator Father Jesus Christ Michael and His Coordinate Creative Spirit Partner !]

104:2.2 Trinitarianism grows out of the experiential protest against the impossibility of conceiving the oneness of a deanthropomorphized solitary Deity of unrelated universe significance. Given a sufficient time, philosophy tends to abstract the personal qualities from the Deity concept of pure monotheism, thus reducing this idea of an unrelated God to the status of a pantheistic Absolute. [merely an omnipresent "IT IS" that does not satisfy our hungry souls seeking our True loving Personal Father God and He/They seeking us in a lasting Father and Sons Family Relationship.] It has always been difficult to understand the personal nature of a God who has no personal relationships in equality with other and co-ordinate personal beings. Personality in Deity demands that such Deity exist in relation to other and equal personal Deity. [First, realize the Existential Paradise Trinity as One Unified Reality, then as Three Coordinate Gods, and each being a perfect Absolute Spirit Personality.]

104:2.3 Through the recognition of the Trinity concept the mind of man can hope to grasp something of the interrelationship of love and law in the time-space creations. Through spiritual faith man gains insight into the love of God but soon discovers that this spiritual faith has no influence on the ordained laws of the material universe. [Jesus was misquoted as saying that "your faith can move mountains"; He actually said that "your faith can remove mountains of fears and doubts."] Irrespective of the firmness of man's belief in God as his Paradise Father, expanding cosmic horizons demand that he also give recognition to the reality of Paradise Deity as universal law, that he recognize the Trinity sovereignty extending outward from Paradise and overshadowing even the evolving local universes of the Creator Sons [our Master-Maker Jesus Christ Michael] and Creative Daughters [our Holy Spirit Partner of Jesus] of the three eternal persons whose deity union is the fact and reality and eternal indivisibility of the Paradise Trinity.

104:2.4 And this selfsame Paradise Trinity is a real entity -- not a personality but nonetheless a true and absolute reality; not a personality but nonetheless compatible with coexistent personalities -- the personalities of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. The Trinity is a supersummative Deity reality eventuating out of the [Coordinate] conjoining of the three Paradise Deities. The qualities, characteristics, and functions of the Trinity are not the simple sum of the attributes of the three Paradise Deities; Trinity functions are something unique, original, and not wholly predictable from an analysis of the attributes of Father, Son, and Spirit. [a very crude material illustration is to take three basic elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; and then consider the millions of complex organic compounds that can be made from many combinations of C, H and O -- each very unique and much different than just C, H, and O by themselves -- and then with the other basic elements, such a N, S, P and others in the human body. ]

104:2.5 (1146.1) For example: The Master, when on earth, admonished his followers that justice is never a personal act; it is always a group function. Neither do the Gods, as persons, administer justice. But they perform this very function as a collective whole, as the Paradise Trinity. [The Trinity Government of All Reality.]

104:2.6 The conceptual grasp of the Trinity association of Father, Son, and Spirit prepares the human mind for the further presentation of certain other threefold relationships. Theological reason may be fully satisfied by the concept of the Paradise Trinity, but philosophical and cosmological reason demand the recognition of the other triune associations of the First Source and Center, those [15] triunities in which the Infinite functions in various non-Father capacities of universal manifestation -- the relationships of the God of force, energy, power, causation, reaction, potentiality, actuality, gravity, tension, pattern, principle, and unity. [Seven of the fifteen Triunities are next being revealed here. The remaining eight are too complex for any human to even partially comprehend. If God were small enough for our present finite human understanding, He would not be big enough for our real eternal needs !]


104:3.1 (1146.3) While mankind has sometimes grasped at an understanding of the Trinity of the three persons of Deity, consistency demands that the human intellect perceive that there are certain relationships between all seven Absolutes. [listed below] But all that which is true of the Paradise Trinity is not necessarily true of a triunity, for a triunity is something other than a trinity. In certain functional aspects a triunity may be analogous to a trinity, but it is never homologous [a matching reality] in nature with a trinity.

104:3.2 Mortal man is passing through a great age of expanding horizons and enlarging concepts on Urantia, and his cosmic philosophy must accelerate in evolution to keep pace with the expansion of the intellectual arena of human thought. As the cosmic consciousness of mortal man expands, he perceives the interrelatedness of all that he finds in his material science, intellectual philosophy, and spiritual insight. Still, with all this belief in the unity of the cosmos, man perceives the diversity of all existence. [God the Universal Father is both Infinite Unity and Infinite Diversity !] In spite of all concepts concerning the immutability [unchangeableness, absoluteness] of Deity, man perceives that he lives in a universe of constant change and experiential growth. Regardless of the realization of the survival of spiritual values, man has ever to reckon with the mathematics and premathematics of [Paradise] force, [and applied] energy, and power. [All stars and suns run on nuclear fusion power. See ITER.org on soon coming nuclear fusion here on Urantia !]

104:3.3 In some manner the eternal repleteness [comprehensive super-completeness] of infinity must be reconciled with the time-growth of the evolving universes and with the incompleteness of the experiential inhabitants thereof. [finite, perfecting mankind.] In some way the conception of total infinitude must be so segmented and qualified that the mortal intellect and the morontia soul can grasp this concept of final value and spiritualizing significance.

104:3.4 While reason demands a monotheistic unity [One God as Primal and Final Source and Center: I AM: the Father-Force of All Reality] of cosmic reality, finite experience requires the postulate of plural Absolutes and of their co-ordination in cosmic relationships. Without co-ordinate existences there is no possibility for the appearance of diversity of absolute relationships, no chance for the operation of differentials, variables, modifiers, attenuators, qualifiers, or diminishers. [God always, in past eternity, had Coordinate and Subordinate Sons and Daughters and many other Beings and Entities; otherwise, He could not BE the Eternal Father ! Paradise is the infinite-sized Home of God, fully big enough for His/Their infinite number of Progeny or "Children".]

104:3.5 In these papers [of Epochal Revelation,] total reality (infinity) has been presented as it exists in the seven Absolutes:

104:3.6 #1. The Universal Father.

104:3.7 #2. The Eternal Son.

104:3.8 #3. The Infinite Spirit. [The first three are the ONE Trinity of three Deity Persons]

104:3.9 #4. The Isle of Paradise. [ONE infinite, eternal Home of the Trinity on the highest, existential level]

104:3.10 #5. The Deity Absolute.

104:3.11 #6. The Universal Absolute.

104:3.12 #7. The Unqualified Absolute. [these three Absolutes, are in all subinfinite levels, and are ONE Absolute in infinity]

104:3.13 The First Source and Center, who is Father to the Eternal Son, is also Pattern to the Paradise Isle. He is personality unqualified in the Son but personality potentialized in the Deity Absolute. The Father is energy revealed in Paradise-Havona [Havona has one billion very high transcendental spheres; and Havona is a perfected example of Infinite Paradise to us that "buffers" Paradise and the revolving, growing universes and super-universes] and at the same time energy concealed in the Unqualified Absolute. The Infinite is ever disclosed in the ceaseless acts of the Conjoint Actor [The Infinite Spirit acting for and with and as both the Father and the Son conjointly] while he is eternally functioning in the compensating but enshrouded activities of the Universal Absolute. Thus is the Father related to the six coordinate Absolutes, and thus do all seven encompass the circle of infinity throughout the endless cycles of eternity. [Also stated as 10:8.8 "...eternity of eternities..."]

104:3.14 It would seem that triunity of absolute relationships is inevitable. Personality seeks other personality association on absolute as well as on all other levels. [Yes, the Father God desires close and personal relations with even lowly (just starting out to Glory) you and me ! Wonderful ! Abba is Jesus' Personal word for the Father God of All; Abba means Daddy - very Personal ! ] And the association of the three Paradise personalities eternalizes the first triunity, the personality union of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. For when these three persons, as persons, conjoin for united function, they thereby constitute a triunity of functional unity, not a trinity -- an organic entity -- but nonetheless a triunity, a threefold functional aggregate unanimity.

104:3.15 The Paradise Trinity is not a triunity; it is not a functional unanimity; rather is it undivided and indivisible Deity. The Father, Son, and Spirit (as persons) can sustain a relationship to the Paradise Trinity, for the Trinity is their undivided Deity. The Father, Son, and Spirit sustain no such personal relationship to the first triunity, for that is their functional union as three persons. Only as the Trinity -- as undivided Deity -- do they collectively sustain an external relationship to the triunity of their personal aggregation. [Yes, much of this is not very comprehensible to most humans here now; but remember that the Trinity, and many other Deity associations, including Paradise and the Absolute(s), must be infinitely complex, or they would be merely sub-infinite. This is just an introduction; we will learn much more as we ascend.]

104:3.16 Thus does the Paradise Trinity stand unique among absolute relationships, there are several [fifteen !] existential triunities but only one existential Trinity. A triunity is not an entity. It is functional rather than organic. Its members are partners rather than corporative. The components of the triunities may be entities, but a triunity itself is an association.

104:3.17 There is, however, one point of comparison between trinity and triunity: Both eventuate in functions that are something other than the discernible sum of the attributes of the component members. But while they are thus comparable from a functional standpoint, they otherwise exhibit no categorical relationship. They are roughly related as the relation of function to structure. But the function of the triunity association is not the function of the trinity structure or entity. [Difficult to grasp; don't worry about it now. In a trillion yours of spiritual ascension into Eternal Paradise Residence; you will comprehend it well, but probably not totally.]

104:3.18 The triunities are nonetheless real; they are very real. In them is total reality functionalized, and through them does the Universal Father exercise immediate and personal control over the master [Ultimate-Transcendental] functions of infinity.


104:4.1 In attempting the description of seven triunities, attention is directed to the fact that the Universal Father is the primal member of each. He is, was, and ever will be: the First Universal Father-Source, Absolute Center, Primal Cause, Universal Controller, Limitless Energizer, Original Unity, Unqualified Upholder, First Person of Deity, Primal Cosmic Pattern, and Essence of Infinity. The Universal Father is the personal cause of the Absolutes; he is the absolute of Absolutes.

104:4.2 (1148.1) The nature and meaning of the seven triunities may be suggested as:

104:4.3 The First Triunity -- the personal-purposive triunity. This is the grouping of the three Deity personalities:

104:4.4 #1. The Universal Father.

104:4.5 #2. The Eternal Son.

104:4.6 #3. The Infinite Spirit.

104:4.7 This is the threefold union of love, mercy, and ministry -- the purposive and personal association of the three eternal Paradise personalities. This is the divinely fraternal, creature-loving, fatherly-acting, and ascension-promoting association. The divine personalities of this first triunity are personality-bequeathing, spirit-bestowing, and mind-endowing Gods.

104:4.8 This is the triunity of infinite volition; [will, decision;] it acts throughout the eternal present and in all of the past-present-future flow of time. This association yields volitional infinity and provides the mechanisms whereby personal Deity becomes self-revelatory to the creatures of the evolving cosmos. [In Jesus Christ Michael's Omnipresence here as the Father-Son Union Spirit of Truth, you and I may even now each personally realize in God-consciousness: "I am a Beloved son of I AM; Thank You, our Universal and Eternal Father-Son, One in Spirit."]

104:4.9 The Second Triunity -- the power-pattern triunity. Whether it be a tiny ultimaton, [100 ultimatons are the components of each tiny electron] a blazing star, or a whirling nebula, even the central or superuniverses, from the smallest to the largest material organizations, always is the physical pattern -- the cosmic configuration -- derived from the function of this triunity. This association consists of:

104:4.10 #1. The Father-Son.

104:4.11 #2. The Paradise Isle.

104:4.12 #3. The Conjoint Actor.

104:4.13 Energy is organized by the cosmic agents of the Third Source and Center; [aka the Conjoint Actor, aka the Infinite Spirit; three designations of the Third Person of the Trinity] energy is fashioned after the pattern of Paradise, the absolute materialization; but behind all of this ceaseless manipulation is the presence of the Father-Son, whose union first activated the Paradise pattern in the appearance of Havona concomitant with the [eternal] "birth" of the Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor. [Paradise is the pattern of an infinite ellipse, seven infinite units "tall" and six infinite units "wide"; having no location in space]

104:4.14 In religious experience, creatures make contact with the God who is love, but such spiritual insight must never eclipse the intelligent recognition of the universe fact of the pattern which is Paradise. The Paradise personalities enlist the freewill adoration of all creatures by the compelling power of divine love and lead all such spirit-born personalities into the supernal delights of the unending service of the finaliter sons of God. The second triunity is the architect of the space stage whereon these transactions unfold; it determines the patterns of cosmic configuration. [What a Glorious Destiny in Finality we all may have ! if we so choose to seek and find our True Father God in Jesus in Spirit !]

104:4.15 Love may characterize the divinity of the first triunity, but pattern is the galactic manifestation of the second triunity. What the first triunity is to evolving personalities, the second triunity is to the evolving universes. Pattern and personality are two of the great manifestations of the acts of the First Source and Center; [God the Father-Infinite I AM] and no matter how difficult it may be to comprehend, it is nonetheless true that the power-pattern and the loving person are one and the same universal reality; the Paradise Isle and the Eternal Son are co-ordinate but antipodal revelations of the unfathomable nature of the Universal Father-Force.

104:4.16 (1149.1) The Third Triunity -- the spirit-evolutional triunity. The entirety of spiritual manifestation has its beginning and end in this association, consisting of:

104:4.17 #1. The Universal Father.

104:4.18 #2. The Son-Spirit.

104:4.19 #3. The Deity Absolute.

104:4.20 From spirit potency to Paradise spirit, all spirit finds reality expression in this triune association of the pure spirit essence of the Father, the active spirit values of the Son-Spirit, and the unlimited spirit potentials of the Deity Absolute. The existential values of spirit have their primordial genesis, complete manifestation, and final destiny in this triunity.

104:4.21 The Father exists before spirit; the Son-Spirit functions as active creative spirit; the Deity Absolute exists as all-encompassing spirit, even beyond spirit. [More on this later; however, we may now realize that Paradise Spirit is eternal and God the Father-Infinite is primal -- The First Source and Center of all Reality. God is Spirit to us who are persons in space-time; God is always One in Spirit manifestation to us.]

104:4.22 The Fourth Triunity -- the triunity of energy infinity. Within this triunity there eternalizes the beginnings and the endings of all energy reality, from space potency to monota. [the oneness of Paradise Energy and Paradise Spirit is Monota (mono = one)] This grouping embraces the following:

104:4.23 #1. The Father-Spirit.

104:4.24 #2. The Paradise Isle.

104:4.25 #3. The Unqualified Absolute.

104:4.26 Paradise is the center of the force-energy activation of the cosmos -- the universe position of the First Source and Center, [we could say "infinite Home" of God] the cosmic focal point of the Unqualified Absolute, and the source of all energy. Existentially present within this triunity is the energy potential of the cosmos-infinite, of which the grand universe and the master universe are only partial manifestations. [even this much smaller grand universe is much bigger than most mathematicians, cosmologists, astronomers and philosophers can here imagine ! and that is just a present supreme level of the (potentially to us) supreme-ultimate-absolute-infinite Universe (Cosmos) of Universes without end, and much more !]

104:4.27 The fourth triunity absolutely controls the fundamental units of cosmic energy and releases them from the grasp of the Unqualified Absolute in direct proportion to the appearance in the experiential Deities [God the Supreme, God the Ultimate and God the Absolute] of subabsolute capacity to control and stabilize the metamorphosing cosmos.

104:4.28 This triunity is force and energy. The endless possibilities of the Unqualified Absolute are centered around the absolutum [roughly, the Substance of the stationary systems of Reality] of the Isle of Paradise, whence emanate the unimaginable agitations of the otherwise static quiescence of the Unqualified. And the endless throbbing of the material Paradise heart of the infinite cosmos beats in harmony with the unfathomable pattern and the unsearchable plan of the Infinite Energizer, the First Source and Center. [!!]

104:4.29 The Fifth Triunity -- the triunity of reactive infinity. This association consists of:

104:4.30 #1. The Universal Father.

104:4.31 #2. The Universal Absolute.

104:4.32 #3. The Unqualified Absolute.

104:4.33 This grouping yields the eternalization of the functional infinity realization of all that is actualizable within the domains of nondeity reality. This triunity manifests unlimited reactive capacity to the volitional, causative, tensional, and patternal actions and presences of the other triunities. [Fifteen triunities ! Later, more here will be presented on the Absolutes - the undisclosed infinity potentials of God. In Infinity, all three Absolutes are One]

104:4.34 (1150.1) The Sixth Triunity -- the triunity of cosmic-associated Deity. This grouping consists of:

104:4.35 #1. The Universal Father.

104:4.36 #2. The Deity Absolute.

104:4.37 #3. The Universal Absolute.

104:4.38 This is the association of Deity-in-the-cosmos, the immanence of Deity in conjunction with the transcendence of Deity. This is the last outreach of divinity on the levels of infinity toward those realities which lie outside the domain of deified reality.

104:4.39 The Seventh Triunity -- the triunity of infinite unity. This is the unity of infinity functionally manifest in time and eternity, the co-ordinate unification of actuals and potentials. This group consists of:

104:4.40 #1. The Universal Father.

104:4.41 #2. The Conjoint Actor. [The Infinite Spirit acting conjointly - for both the Paradise Father and the Eternal Son]

104:4.42 #3. The Universal Absolute.

104:4.43 The Conjoint Actor universally integrates the varying functional aspects of all actualized reality on all levels of manifestation, from finites [Supreme levels] through transcendentals [Ultimate levels] and on to absolutes. The Universal Absolute perfectly compensates the differentials inherent in the varying aspects of all incomplete reality, from the limitless potentialities of active-volitional and causative Deity reality to the boundless possibilities of static, reactive, nondeity reality in the incomprehensible domains of the Unqualified Absolute.

104:4.44 As they function in this triunity, the Conjoint Actor and the Universal Absolute are alike responsive to Deity and to nondeity presences, as also is the First Source and Center, who in this relationship is to all intents and purposes conceptually indistinguishable from the I AM.

104:4.45 These approximations are sufficient to elucidate [to explain, clarify] the concept of the triunities. Not knowing the ultimate level of the triunities, you cannot fully comprehend the first seven. While we do not deem it wise to attempt any further elaboration, we may state that there are fifteen triune associations of the First Source and Center, eight of which are unrevealed in these papers. These unrevealed associations are concerned with realities, actualities, and potentialities which are beyond the experiential level of supremacy. [A good and proper Revelation - as this is - would never try to stifle your progressive and ongoing God-given creative imaginations by presenting an over-revelation. Too little light is dull and boring; too much light is blinding; we are all called by Jesus to let our light so shine for maximum effectiveness. Possibly, I suspect that there may be seven Supreme and seven Ultimate and one Absolute triunities.]

104:4.46 The triunities are the functional balance wheel of infinity, the unification of the uniqueness of the Seven Infinity Absolutes. It is the existential presence of the triunities that enables the Father-I AM to experience functional infinity unity despite the diversification of infinity into seven Absolutes. The First Source and Center [God the Universal Father-Infinite-I AM] is the unifying member of all triunities; in him all things have their unqualified beginnings, eternal existences, and infinite destinies -- "in him all things consist."

104:4.47 Although these associations cannot augment the infinity of the Father-I AM, they do appear to make possible the subinfinite and subabsolute manifestations of his reality. The seven triunities multiply versatility, eternalize new depths, deitize new values, disclose new potentialities, reveal new meanings; and all these diversified manifestations in time and space and in the eternal cosmos are existent in the hypothetical stasis of the original infinity of the I AM.


104:5.1 (1151.1) There are certain other triune relationships which are non-Father in constitution, but they are not real triunities, and they are always distinguished from the Father triunities. They are called variously, associate triunities, co-ordinate triunities, and triodities. They are consequential to the existence of the triunities. Two of these associations are constituted as follows:

104:5.2 The Triodity of Actuality. This triodity consists in the interrelationship of the three absolute actuals:

104:5.3 #1. The Eternal Son.

104:5.4 #2. The Paradise Isle.

104:5.5 #3. The Conjoint Actor.

104:5.6 The Eternal Son is the absolute of spirit reality, the absolute personality. The Paradise Isle is the absolute of cosmic reality, the absolute pattern. The Conjoint Actor is the absolute of mind reality, the co-ordinate of absolute spirit reality, and the existential Deity synthesis of personality and power. This triune association eventuates the co-ordination of the sum total of actualized reality -- spirit, cosmic, or mindal. It is unqualified in actuality.

104:5.7 The Triodity of Potentiality. This triodity consists in the association of the three Absolutes of potentiality:

104:5.8 #1. The Deity Absolute.

104:5.9 #2. The Universal Absolute.

104:5.10 #3. The Unqualified Absolute.

104:5.11 Thus are interassociated the infinity reservoirs of all latent energy reality -- spirit, mindal, or cosmic. This association yields the integration of all latent energy reality. It is infinite in potential.

104:5.12 As the triunities are primarily concerned with the functional unification of infinity, so are triodities involved in the cosmic appearance of experiential Deities. The triunities are indirectly concerned, but the triodities are directly concerned, in the experiential Deities -- Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute. They appear in the emerging power-personality synthesis of the Supreme Being. And to the time creatures of space the Supreme Being is a revelation of the unity of the I AM.

104:5.13 {Presented by a Melchizedek of Nebadon}

Topical Study number 134

"KNOW and related words !"

Part 42

Compiled June 21, 2021 by Dave@PureChristians.org

The Urantia Book



[Paper:Section.Paragraph (numbers)]

105:0.1 To even high orders of universe intelligences infinity is only partially comprehensible, and the finality of reality is only relatively understandable. The human mind, as it seeks to penetrate the eternity-mystery of the origin and destiny of all that is called real, may helpfully approach the problem by conceiving eternity-infinity as an almost limitless ellipse which is produced by one absolute cause, and which functions throughout this universal circle of endless diversification, ever seeking some absolute and infinite potential of destiny.

105:0.2 When the mortal intellect attempts to grasp the concept of reality totality, such a finite mind is face to face with infinity-reality; reality totality is infinity and therefore can never be fully comprehended by any mind that is subinfinite in concept capacity.

105:0.3 The human mind can hardly form an adequate concept of eternity existences, and without such comprehension it is impossible to portray even our concepts of reality totality. Nevertheless, we may attempt such a presentation, although we are fully aware that our concepts must be subjected to profound distortion in the process of translation-modification to the comprehension level of mortal mind. [In eternal sequence, there is no "before" and no "after"; all are Eternal Now ! No time and no space limitations as we now have.]


105:1.1 Absolute primal causation in infinity the philosophers of the universes attribute to the Universal Father functioning as the infinite, the eternal, and the absolute I AM.

105:1.2 There are many elements of danger attendant upon the presentation to the mortal intellect of this idea of an infinite I AM since this concept is so remote from human experiential understanding as to involve serious distortion of meanings and misconception of values. Nevertheless, the philosophic concept of the I AM does afford finite beings some basis for an attempted approach to the partial comprehension of absolute origins and infinite destinies. But in all our attempts to elucidate [precisely explain, teach] the genesis and fruition of reality, let it be made clear that this concept of the I AM is, in all personality meanings and values, synonymous with the First Person of Deity, the Universal Father of all personalities. But this postulate of the I AM is not so clearly identifiable in undeified realms of universal reality. [I AM Father is also I AM Force, I AM Pattern, and much more !]

105:1.3 The I AM is the Infinite; the I AM is also infinity. From the sequential, time viewpoint, all reality has its origin in the infinite I AM, whose solitary existence in past infinite eternity must be a finite creature's premier philosophic postulate. The concept of the I AM connotes unqualified infinity, the undifferentiated reality of all that could ever be in all of an infinite eternity.

105:1.4 As an existential concept the I AM is neither deified nor undeified, neither actual nor potential, neither personal nor impersonal, neither static nor dynamic. No qualification can be applied to the Infinite except to state that the I AM is. The philosophic postulate of the I AM is one universe concept which is somewhat more difficult of comprehension than that of the Unqualified Absolute.

105:1.5 To the finite mind there simply must be a beginning, and though there never was a real beginning to reality, still there are certain source relationships which reality manifests to infinity. The prereality, primordial, eternity situation may be thought of something like this: At some infinitely distant, hypothetical, past-eternity moment, the I AM may be conceived as both thing and no thing, as both cause and effect, as both volition and response. At this hypothetical eternity moment there is no differentiation throughout all infinity. Infinity is filled by the Infinite; the Infinite encompasses infinity. This is the hypothetical static moment of eternity; actuals are still contained within their potentials, and potentials have not yet appeared within the infinity of the I AM. But even in this conjectured situation we must assume the existence of the possibility of self-will. [You may think of The I AM Infinite Volition-Personality-Force; and since the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit and Paradise and the Absolutes are also eternally existent; I AM IS also the Existential Creator Father and Infinite Controller-Upholder of all Reality. Also know that God the Universal Infinite Father sees all potentials as timeless Actuals ! Do you now realize the Significance of that ! ? ]

105:1.6 Ever remember that man's comprehension of the Universal Father is a personal experience. God, as your spiritual Father, is comprehensible to you and to all other mortals; but your experiential worshipful concept of the Universal Father must always be less than your philosophic postulate of the infinity of the First Source and Center, the I AM. When we speak of the Father, we mean God as he is understandable by his creatures both high and low, but there is much more of Deity which is not comprehensible to universe creatures. God, your Father and my Father, is that phase of the Infinite which we perceive in our personalities as an actual experiential reality, but the I AM ever remains as our hypothesis of all that we feel is unknowable of the first Source and Center. And even that hypothesis probably falls far short of the unfathomed infinity of original reality. [We may personally each know in Spirit that "I am a beloved faith-son of I AM !!"]

105:1.7 The universe of universes, with its innumerable host of inhabiting personalities, is a vast and complex organism, but the First Source and Center is infinitely more complex than the universes and personalities which have become real in response to his willful mandates. When you stand in awe of the magnitude of the master universe, pause to consider that even this inconceivable creation can be no more than a partial revelation of the Infinite.

105:1.8 Infinity is indeed remote from the experience level of mortal comprehension, but even in this age on Earth your concepts of infinity are growing, and they will continue to grow throughout your endless careers stretching onward into future eternity. Unqualified infinity is meaningless to the finite creature, but infinity is capable of self-limitation and is susceptible of reality expression to all levels of universe existences. And the face which the Infinite turns toward all universe personalities is the face of a Father, the Universal Father of love.


105:2.1 In considering the genesis of reality, ever bear in mind that all absolute reality is from eternity and is without beginning of existence. By absolute reality we refer to the three existential persons of Deity, the Isle of Paradise, and the three Absolutes. The Deity Absolute, The Universal Absolute and The Unqualified Absolute, Who Are also One Absolute on the Infinite level(s)] These seven realities are coordinately eternal, notwithstanding that we resort to time-space language in presenting their sequential origins to human beings.

105:2.2 In following the chronological portrayal of the origins of reality, there must be a postulated theoretical moment of "first" volitional expression and "first" repercussional reaction within the I AM. In our attempts to portray the genesis and generation of reality, this stage may be conceived as the self-differentiation of The Infinite One from The Infinitude, but the postulation of this dual relationship must always be expanded to a triune conception by the recognition of the eternal continuum of The Infinity, the I AM. [An infinite circle of white light could also be seen as seven different colors of light in seven segments, and also an infinity of different artistic patterns of light. Infinite Unity Diversified and Infinite Diversity Unified and all Harmonized NOW ...]

105:2.3 This self-metamorphosis of the I AM culminates in the multiple differentiation of deified reality and of undeified reality, of potential and actual reality, and of certain other realities that can hardly be so classified. These differentiations of the theoretical monistic I AM are eternally integrated by simultaneous relationships arising within the same I AM -- the prepotential, preactual, prepersonal, monothetic prereality which, though infinite, is revealed as absolute in the presence of the First Source and Center and as personality in the limitless love of the Universal Father. [Don't worry if you don't now understand this; I don't understand much of this after 45 years of continual study and reflection. But, each perusal, I slowly comprehend more; and that feels good. Ever seek more truth-reality and more will be given endlessly...]

105:2.4 By these internal metamorphoses the I AM is establishing the basis for a sevenfold self-relationship. The philosophic (time) concept of the solitary I AM and the transitional (time) concept of the I AM as triune can now be enlarged to encompass the I AM as sevenfold. [Note that Reality is 1 - 3 - 7 - Infinite - 7 - 3 - 1 Eternal Circle ] This sevenfold -- or seven phase -- nature may be best suggested in relation to the Seven Absolutes of Infinity:

105:2.5 #1. The Universal Father. I AM father of the Eternal Son. This is the primal personality relationship of actualities. The absolute personality of the Son makes absolute the fact of God's fatherhood and establishes the potential sonship of all personalities. This relationship establishes the personality of the Infinite and consummates its spiritual revelation in the personality of the Original Son. This phase of the I AM is partially experiencible on spiritual levels even by mortals who, while yet in the flesh, may worship our Father. [In the Personality Gravity Circuit of the Father-Infinite I AM !]

105:2.6 #2. The Universal Controller. I AM cause of eternal Paradise. This is the primal impersonal relationship of actualities, the original nonspiritual association. The Universal Father is God-as-love; the Universal Controller is God-as-pattern. This relationship establishes the potential of form -- configuration -- and determines the master pattern of impersonal and nonspiritual relationship -- the master pattern from which all copies are made.

105:2.7 #3. The Universal Creator. I AM one with the Eternal Son. This union of the Father and the Son (in the presence of Paradise) initiates the creative cycle, which is consummated in the appearance of conjoint personality and the eternal universe. From the finite mortal's viewpoint, reality has its true beginnings with the eternity appearance of the Havona [one billion ultimate-absolute (transcendental plus) immense spheres slowly circling infinite Paradise] creation. This creative act of Deity is by and through the God of Action, [The Infinite Spirit, the third Person of the existential Paradise Trinity] who is in essence the unity of the Father-Son manifested on and to all levels of the actual. Therefore is divine creativity unfailingly characterized by unity, and this unity is the outward reflection of the absolute oneness of the duality of the Father-Son and of the Trinity of the Father-Son-Spirit.

105:2.8 #4. The Infinite Upholder. I AM self-associative. This is the primordial association of the statics and potentials of reality. In this relationship, all qualifieds and unqualifieds are compensated. This phase of the I AM is best understood as the Universal Absolute -- the unifier of the Deity and the Unqualified Absolutes.

105:2.9 #5. The Infinite Potential. I AM self-qualified. This is the infinity bench mark bearing eternal witness to the volitional self-limitation of the I AM by virtue of which there was achieved threefold self-expression and self-revelation. This phase of the I AM is usually understood as the Deity Absolute.

105:2.10 #6. The Infinite Capacity. I AM static-reactive. This is the endless matrix, the possibility for all future cosmic expansion. This phase of the I AM is perhaps best conceived as the supergravity presence of the Unqualified Absolute.

105:2.11 #7. The Universal One of Infinity. I AM as I AM. This is the stasis or self-relationship of Infinity, the eternal fact of infinity-reality [maybe conceive of infinite Unity] and the universal truth of reality-infinity [maybe conceive of infinite Diversity, and all good, beautiful and true ! (No degenerate thoughts or things. All Perfect or Perfected or striving for Perfection)] In so far as this relationship is discernible as personality, it is revealed to the universes in the divine Father of all personality -- even of absolute Personality. In so far as this relationship is impersonally expressible, it is contacted by the universe as the absolute coherence of pure energy and of pure spirit in the presence of the Universal Father. In so far as this relationship is conceivable as an absolute, it is revealed in the primacy of the First Source and Center; in Him we all live and move and have our being, from the creatures of space to the citizens of Paradise; and this is just as true of the master universe as of the infinitesimal ultimaton, [exactly 100 in each electron,] just as true of what is to be as of that which is and of what has been. [!]


105:3.1 The seven prime relationships within the I AM eternalize as the Seven Absolutes of Infinity. But though we may portray reality origins and infinity differentiation by a sequential narrative, in fact all seven Absolutes are unqualifiedly and co-ordinately eternal. It may be necessary for mortal minds to conceive of their beginnings, but always should this conception be overshadowed by the realization that the seven Absolutes had no beginning; they are eternal and as such have always been. [Now consider the great truth-fact that both your personality and God's prepersonal Spirit Adjuster -- Mystery Monitor -- are Absolutes ! This leads us to much worship and thankfulness beyond words ...] The seven Absolutes are the premise of reality. They have been described in these papers as follows:

105:3.2 #1. The First Source and Center. First Person of Deity and primal nondeity pattern, God, the Universal Father, creator, controller, and upholder; universal love, eternal spirit, and infinite energy; potential of all potentials and source of all actuals; stability of all statics and dynamism of all change; source of pattern and Father of persons. Collectively, all seven Absolutes equivalate to infinity, but the Universal Father himself actually is infinite. [I AM the Infinite Father-Force Source and Center of all Reality ...]

105:3.3 #2. The Second Source and Center. Second Person of Deity, the Eternal and Original Son; the absolute Personality realities of the I AM and the basis for the realization-revelation of "I AM Personality." No personality can hope to attain the Universal Father except through his Eternal Son; neither can personality attain to spirit levels of existence apart from the action and aid of this absolute Pattern for all personalities. [!!] In the Second Source and Center Spirit is unqualified while Personality is Absolute. [On sex creature planets such as Earth, [Urantia,] the Paradise Eternal Son (Second Person of the Paradise Trinity) is also referred to as the Eternal Mother-Son Who is One with the Primal-Final Paradise Universal Father. Thus some pray in part: Glorious Father and Mother in One Parent Combined, loyal would we be to Your Divine controlling and upholding Reality, on Paradise and here in Spirit in our Sovereign Creator Father-Son Jesus Christ Michael with us ...]

105:3.4 #3. The Paradise Source and Center. Second nondeity pattern, the eternal Isle of Paradise; the basis for the realization-revelation of "I AM force" and the foundation for the establishment of gravity control throughout the universes. Regarding all actualized, nonspiritual, impersonal, and nonvolitional reality, Paradise is the Absolute of Patterns. Just as spirit energy is related to the Universal Father through the Absolute Personality of the Mother-Son, so is all cosmic energy grasped in the gravity control of the First Source and Center through the Absolute Pattern of the Paradise Isle. Paradise is not in space; space exists relative to Paradise, and the chronicity of motion is determined through Paradise relationship. The eternal Isle is absolutely at rest; all other organized and organizing energy is in eternal motion; in all space, only the presence of the Unqualified Absolute is quiescent, and the Unqualified is co-ordinate with Paradise. Paradise exists at the focus of space, the Unqualified pervades it, and all relative existence has its being within this domain. [The nuclear Isle of Paradise is a qualification of PARADISE Unqualified -- also Infinite as GOD IS ...]

105:3.5 #4. The Third Source and Center. Third Person of Deity, the Conjoint Actor; infinite integrator of Paradise cosmic energies with the spirit energies of the Eternal Son; perfect coordinator of the motives of will and the mechanics of force; unifier of all actual and actualizing Reality. Through the ministrations of his manifold children the Infinite Spirit reveals the mercy of the Eternal Son while at the same time functioning as the infinite manipulator, forever weaving the Pattern of Paradise into the energies of space. This selfsame Conjoint Actor, this God of Action, is the perfect expression of the limitless plans and purposes of the Father-Son while functioning himself as the source of mind and the bestower of intellect upon the creatures of a far-flung cosmos. [The Paradise Pattern is a perfect elliptic-ellipsoid which is 7 infinite units tall, and 6 infinite units wide, and 0.6 infinite units deep. It is in seven cosmic spiritual dimensions; so we can not yet perceive this fully when we can only partly conceive of a cosmos here of three dimensions plus time. The Absolute of time is Eternity, the Absolute of space is Paradise, the Absolute of You IS GOD ...]

105:3.6 #5. The Deity Absolute. The causational, potentially personal possibilities of universal Reality, the totality of all Deity potential. The Deity Absolute is the purposive qualifier of the unqualified, absolute, and nondeity Realities. The Deity Absolute is the qualifier of the absolute and the absolutizer of the qualified -- the destiny inceptor. [Some high philosophers have postulated that we are also children of the Deity Absolute; we do know that our glorious Paradise Destiny is to be in groups of one thousand Beings in "the Corps of the Finality", and forevermore following Jesus' all present Spirit of Truth of Reality and our Being. It is in the Eternal Father-Son Union of God and Jesus as our True GOD-MAN Spirit Personality that we are made. We always carry this "Spirit DNA", (roughly speaking, of) our Personality-Pattern-Identity.]

105:3.7 #6. The Unqualified Absolute. Static, reactive, and abeyant; the unrevealed cosmic infinity of the I AM; totality of nondeified reality and finality of all nonpersonal potential. Space limits the function of the Unqualified, but the presence of the Unqualified is without limit, infinite. There is a concept periphery to the master universe, but the presence of the Unqualified is limitless; even eternity cannot exhaust the boundless quiescence of this nondeity Absolute. [The present epoch of the Grand Universe lasts for possibly a trillion years and includes seven trillion planets similar to earth with progressing Human life. The Master Universe is much longer and much larger, well beyond Human conceptions here; then (and now is) will come the age and eternity and "eternity of eternities" of the Absolute-Infinite Universe, not yet much revealed to Humans here in the very first stage of eternal ascension as a Divinely Beloved son of God in Jesus. Astronomy news: Two trillion galaxies have now been discovered by our astronomers and cosmologists ! Some postulate that there might be an infinite number in the Cosmos-Infinite !]

105:3.8 #7. The Universal Absolute. Unifier of the deified and the undeified; correlator of the absolute and the relative. The Universal Absolute (being static, potential, and associative) compensates the tension between the ever-existent and the uncompleted.

105:3.9 The Seven Absolutes of Infinity constitute the beginnings of Reality. As mortal minds would regard it, the First Source and Center [God the infinite Father-Force I AM] would appear to be antecedent to all absolutes. But such a postulate, however helpful, is invalidated by the eternity co-existence of the Son, the Spirit, the three Absolutes, and the Paradise Isle.

105:3.10 It is a truth that the Absolutes are manifestations of the I AM-First Source and Center; it is a fact that these Absolutes never had a beginning but are co-ordinate eternals with the First Source and Center. The relationships of Absolutes in eternity cannot always be presented without involving paradoxes in the language of time and in the concept patterns of space. But regardless of any confusion concerning the origin of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, it is both fact and truth that all Reality is predicated upon their eternity existence and infinity relationships.


105:4.1 The universe philosophers postulate the eternity existence of the I AM as the Primal Source of all Reality. And concomitant therewith they postulate the self-segmentation of the I AM into the primary self-relationships -- the seven phases of infinity. And simultaneous with this assumption is the third postulate -- the eternity appearance of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity and the eternalization of the duality association of the seven phases of the I AM and these seven Absolutes.

105:4.2 The self-revelation of the I AM thus proceeds from static self through self-segmentation and self-relationship to absolute relationships, relationships with self-derived Absolutes. Duality becomes thus existent in the eternal association of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity with the sevenfold infinity of the self-segmented phases of the self-revealing I AM. These dual relationships, eternalizing to the universes as the seven Absolutes, eternalize the basic foundations for all universe Reality.

105:4.3 It has been sometime stated that unity begets duality, that duality begets triunity, and that triunity is the eternal ancestor of all things. There are, indeed, three great classes of primordial relationships, and they are:

105:4.4 #1. Unity relationships. Relations existent within the I AM as the unity thereof is conceived as a threefold and then as a sevenfold self-differentiation.

105:4.5 #2. Duality relationships. Relations existent between the I AM as sevenfold and the Seven Absolutes of Infinity.

105:4.6 #3. Triunity relationships. These are the functional associations of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity.

105:4.7 Triunity relationships arise upon duality foundations because of the inevitability of Absolute interassociation. Such triunity associations eternalize the potential of all Reality; they encompass both deified and undeified Reality.

105:4.8 The I AM is unqualified infinity as unity.The dualities eternalize reality foundations. The triunities eventuate the realization of infinity as universal function.

105:4.9 Pre-existentials become existential in the seven Absolutes, and existentials become functional in the triunities, the basic association of Absolutes. And concomitant with the eternalization of the triunities the universe stage is set -- the potentials are. existent and the actuals are present -- and the fullness of eternity witnesses the diversification of cosmic energy, the outspreading of Paradise spirit, and the endowment of mind together with the bestowal of personality, by virtue of which all of these Deity and Paradise derivatives are unified in experience on the creature level and by other techniques on the supercreature level. [Yes, this portion of this mighty revelation and other paragraphs are difficult to initially grasp without all 2097 pages of this Fifth Epochal Revelation being long-perused and comprehended. As you continue daily study of this Urantia Book for decades, it will intrigue and stimulate you to higher Spirit of Truth-led reflective, cocreative "thinking". "I am of I AM; therefore I also think, with and in Him." Paradise peace and progress into all Truth is granted to us by our Master GOD-MAN JESUS Who IS still here with us in the Spirit of our God ! Amen !]


105:5.1 Just as the original diversification of the I AM [the infinity of the Primal and Final and Eternal Father God] must be attributed to inherent and self-contained volition, [free-will, choice, decision of the infinite Personality: I AM GOD] so must the promulgation of finite reality be ascribed to the volitional acts of Paradise Deity and to the repercussional adjustments of the functional triunities. [seven of the fifteen Triunities have been discussed earlier.]

105:5.2 Prior to the deitization of the finite, it would appear that all reality diversification took place on absolute levels; but the volitional act promulgating finite reality connotes a qualification of absoluteness and implies the appearance of relativities. [Even the lowest of the ascending sons of God -- we finite Humans -- are now deitized in potential by now having the pure Spirit Essence of God within each normal Human mind and soul ! Thank You our Creator Father Jesus Christ Michael !]

105:5.3 While we present this narrative as a sequence and portray the historic appearance of the finite as a direct derivative of the absolute, it should be borne in mind that transcendentals [as the one billion Havona Spheres] both preceded and succeeded all that is finite. Transcendental ultimates are, in relation to the finite, both causal and consummational. [Transcendentals - Ultimates are more real than the finite level which is a qualification of the Ultimate levels; and Ultimates are qualifications of the Absolutes which are qualifications of the infinite I AM, Who IS, and Who is known best to us as personalities as the/our loving, merciful and ministering FATHER GOD; He is just like JESUS in all perfect Divine attributes and nature ! What a truly Fatherly and Friendly Universe we live in ! ]

105:5.4 Finite possibility is inherent in the Infinite, but the transmutation of possibility to probability and inevitability must be attributed to the self-existent free will of the First Source and Center, activating all triunity associations. Only the infinity of the Father's will could ever have so qualified the absolute level of existence as to eventuate an ultimate or to create a finite. [The Universal Father loves to share much with others ! So should we !]

105:5.5 With the appearance of relative and qualified reality there comes into being a new cycle of reality -- the growth cycle -- a majestic downsweep from the heights of infinity to the domain of the finite, forever swinging inward to Paradise and Deity, always seeking those high destinies commensurate with an infinity source. [We, as Beloved sons of our universe Father Jesus, have NO limits to our eternal ascension into all Light and Life in the infinite Family of the Paradise Father ! No, we will never be God; we will eternally be Sons of God ever finding and ever revealing our Universal Father ! We each have a Glorious Finality Destiny !]

105:5.6 These inconceivable transactions mark the beginning of universe history, mark the coming into existence of time itself. To a creature, the beginning of the finite is the genesis of reality; as viewed by creature mind, there is no actuality conceivable prior to the finite. This newly appearing finite reality exists in two original phases:

105:5.7 #1. Primary maximums, the supremely perfect reality, the Havona type of universe and creature.

105:5.8 #2 . Secondary maximums, the supremely perfected reality, the superuniverse type of creature and creation. [Consider also a third reality we daily experience here: PERFECTING reality in Jesus' universe.]

105:5.9 These, then, are the two original manifestations: the constitutively perfect and the evolutionally perfected. The two are co-ordinate in eternity relationships, but within the limits of time they are seemingly different. A time factor means growth to that which grows; secondary finites grow; hence those that are growing must appear as incomplete in time. But these differences, which are so important this side of Paradise, are nonexistent in eternity.

105:5.10 We speak of the perfect and the perfected as primary and secondary maximums, but there is still another type: Trinitizing and other relationships between the primaries and the secondaries result in the appearance of tertiary maximums -- things, meanings, and values that are neither perfect nor perfected yet are co-ordinate with both ancestral factors. [That is where we now fit in -- in the sense of God the Supreme. More on this to come.]


105:6.1 The entire promulgation of finite existences represents a transference from potentials to actuals within the absolute associations of functional infinity. Of the many repercussions to creative actualization of the finite, there may be cited:

105:6.2 #1. The deity response, the appearance of the three levels of experiential supremacy: the actuality of personal-spirit supremacy in Havona, the potential for personal-power supremacy in the grand universe to be, and the capacity for some unknown function of experiential mind acting on some level of supremacy in the future master universe. [subsequent papers cover The Supreme Being, The Almighty Supreme, God the Supreme, Supreme and Ultimate - Time and Space. Then many Papers on the Revealed Life and Teachings of our Sovereign Savior Jesus Christ; this is the best part for most humans who have long studied this Epochal Revelation of Truth.]

105:6.3 #2. The universe response involved an activation of the architectural plans for the superuniverse space level, and this evolution is still progressing throughout the physical organization of the seven superuniverses.

105:6.4 #3. The creature repercussion to finite-reality promulgation resulted in the appearance of perfect beings on the order of the eternal inhabitants of Havona and of perfected evolutionary ascenders from the seven superuniverses. But to attain perfection as an evolutionary (time-creative) experience implies something other-than-perfection as a point of departure. Thus arises imperfection in the evolutionary creations. And this is the origin of potential evil. Misadaptation, disharmony, and conflict, all these things are inherent in evolutionary growth, from physical universes to personal creatures.

105:6.5 #4. The divinity response to the imperfection inherent in the time lag of evolution is disclosed in the compensating presence of God the Sevenfold, [This includes our Creator Father-Son of God Jesus Christ Michael here with us as our One True Eternal perfect GOD-MAN] by whose activities that which is perfecting is integrated with both the perfect and the perfected. This time lag is inseparable from evolution, which is creativity in time. [Note that evolution is creativity in time by our Creator Jesus; God the Father-Infinite I AM has eternally Created the infinite existential eternal perfect Paradise and Havona in Finality] Because of it, as well as for other reasons, the almighty power of the Supreme is predicated on the divinity successes of God the Sevenfold. [Without Jesus' Creativity and "buffering" us from God's perfection, we could not exist as space-time mortal personalities ! In Him we do live and have our potentially eternal Being !] This time lag makes possible creature participation in divine creation by permitting creature personalities to become partners with Deity in the attainment of maximum development. Even the material mind of the mortal creature thus becomes partner with the divine Adjuster [Spirit of God within] in the dualization of the immortal soul. God the Sevenfold also provides techniques of compensation for the experiential limitations of inherent perfection as well as compensating the pre-ascension limitations of imperfection. [Today we can enjoy and be rewarded in Spirit with our Partnership with and in Jesus in All Truth ! Amen !]


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