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Teacher-Brother Dave's Compilation


The New Epochal Revelation of Truth, Page 354

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Teacher-Brother Dave's initial comments: I am presenting some of my Topical Studies from the fully public domain, 2097 page, Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth and with my added comments. The Revealed text is free of copyright, so you may freely share individually these supernal quotes with your friends and relatives. But my order of selections, font types for emphasis and my added comments are Copyright 2021 by Dave@PureChristians.org All Rights Reserved. Contact me first about using the whole Study or group of Studies.

[My added comments of explanation below are in these square brackets]

Topical Study number 134

"KNOW and related words !"

Part 9

Compiled April 05, 2021 by Dave@PureChristians.org

The Urantia Book



[Paper:Section.Paragraph (numbers)]

22:2.6 I am a Mighty Messenger, and it may interest Urantians [Earth people] to *know that the [mighty messenger] companion and associate of my *mortal experience was also triumphant in the great test, and that, though we were many times and for long periods separated in the agelong inward ascent to Havona, [one billion high spiritual spheres circling around the nuclear Isle of Paradise] we were embraced in the same seven-hundred-thousand group, and that we spent our time passing through Vicegerington [higher yet, one of the seven Secret Spheres of God the Universal Father] in close and loving association. We were finally commissioned and together assigned [down to] to Uversa [HQ] of Orvonton, [our Superuniverse #7 of seven] and we are often dispatched in company for the execution of assignments requiring the services of two Messengers.


22:7.14 #3. Trinitized Sons of Destiny. But when a [Spirit-perfected Human on Paradise] finaliter and a Paradise-Havoner together trinitize a new creature, this conjoint effort repercusses in certain phases of the Supreme-Ultimate Mind. The resulting creature-trinitized sons are supercreational; they represent actualities of Supreme-Ultimate Deity which have not been otherwise experientially attained, and which, therefore, automatically fall within the province of the Architects of the Master Universe, custodians of those things which transcend the creational limits of the present universe age. The trinitized sons of destiny embody certain aspects of the unrevealed [higher] master universe function of the Supreme-Ultimate. We do not *know a great deal about these conjoint children of time and eternity, but we *know much more than we are permitted to reveal. [! Interesting ! We will be in the Master Universe after this beginning Grand Universe Age.]


22:9.6 These twice-trinitized sons are marvelous beings, but they are neither as versatile nor dependable as their ascendant associates; [us !!] they lack that tremendous and profound personal experience which the rest of the sons belonging to this group have acquired by actually climbing up to glory from the dark domains of space. We of the ascendant career love them and do all in our power to compensate their deficiencies, but they make us ever grateful for our lowly origin and our capacity for experience. Their willingness to *recognize and ac*knowledge their deficiencies in the experiencible realities of universe ascension is transcendently beautiful and sometimes most touchingly pathetic.


22:10.3 Can you not *see that such living concentrations of a single supreme concept of universe reality would be of untold service to those who are intrusted with the administration of the superuniverses?

22:10.4 Not long since I was directed to head a commission of six—one of each of the high sons—assigned to the study of three problems pertaining to a group of new universes in the south parts of Orvonton. I was made acutely aware of the value of the High Son Assistants when I made requisition on the chief of their order on Uversa for temporary assignment of such secretaries to my commission. The first of our ideas was represented by a High Son Assistant on Uversa, who was forthwith attached to our group. Our second problem was embodied in a High Son Assistant assigned to superuniverse number three. We secured much help from this source through the central universe clearinghouse for the co-ordination and dissemination of essential *knowledge, but nothing comparable to the assistance afforded by the actual presence of a personality who is a concept creature-trinitized in supremacy and Deity-trinitized in finality. Concerning our third problem, the records of Paradise disclosed that such an idea had never been creature trinitized.

22:10.8 They are touchingly affectionate, superbly loyal, exquisitely intelligent, supremely wise—regarding a single idea—and transcendently humble. While they can impart to you the lore of the universe concerning their one idea or ideal, it is well-nigh pathetic to observe them *seeking *knowledge and information on hosts of other subjects, even from the ascending mortals.

22:10.9 And this is the narrative of the origin, nature, and functioning of certain of those who are called the Trinitized Sons of God, more particularly of those who have passed through the divine embrace of the Paradise Trinity, and who have then been assigned to the services of the superuniverses, there to give wise and understanding co-operation with the administrators of the Ancients of Days in their untiring efforts to facilitate the inward progress of the ascending mortals of time toward their immediate Havona destination and their eventual Paradise goal.



23:0.2 These spirit messengers were personalized in a single creative episode, and their number is stationary. Although I have one of these extraordinary beings associated with me on this present mission, I do not *know how many such personalities exist in the universe of universes. I only *know, from time to time, how many are of registry-record as functioning for the time being within the jurisdiction of our superuniverse. From the last Uversa report I observe that there were almost 7,690 trillion Solitary Messengers then operating within the boundaries of Orvonton; and I conjecture that this is considerably less than one seventh of their total number.


23:2.13 #2. Messengers of the Havona Circuits. Throughout the ascendant career you will be vaguely, but increasingly, able to detect the presence of the Solitary Messengers, but not until you reach Havona will you *recognize them unmistakably. The first of the messengers you will *see face to face will be those of the [seven] Havona circuits.

23:2.16 There are some kinds of information which cannot be obtained either by Gravity Messengers, reflectivity, or broadcast. And when the Ancients of Days would certainly *know these things, they must dispatch a Solitary Messenger to the source of *knowledge. Long before the presence of life on Urantia the messenger now associated with me was assigned on a mission out of Uversa to the central universe—was absent from the roll calls of Orvonton for almost a million years but returned in due time with the desired information.

23:2.20 They go forth to investigate the clues furnished by the space contemplators of the realms. Undoubtedly the Paradise Deities *know of the existence of these undiscovered energy systems of space, but they never divulge such information. If the Solitary Messengers did not explore and chart these newly organizing energy centers, such phenomena would long remain un*noticed even by the intelligences of adjacent realms. Solitary Messengers, as a class, are highly sensitive to gravity; accordingly they can sometimes detect the probable presence of very small dark planets, the very worlds which are best adapted to life experiments.


23:3.7 I am at a loss to explain to Urantia mortals how the Solitary Messengers can be without form and yet possess real and definite personalities. Although they are without that form which would naturally be associated with personality, they do possess a spirit presence which is *discernible by all higher types of spirit beings. The Solitary Messengers are the only class of beings who seem to be possessed of well-nigh all the advantages of a formless spirit coupled with all the prerogatives of a full-fledged personality. They are true persons, yet endowed with nearly all of the attributes of impersonal spirit manifestation.

23:3.8 In the seven superuniverses, ordinarily—but not always—everything which tends to increase any creature’s liberation from the handicaps of time and space proportionately diminishes personality prerogatives. Solitary Messengers are an exception to this general law. They are in their activities all but unrestricted in the utilization of any and all of the limitless avenues of spiritual expression, divine service, personal ministry, and cosmic communication. If you could view these extraordinary beings in the light of my experience in universe administration, you would comprehend how difficult it would be to co-ordinate superuniverse affairs were it not for their versatile co-operation.


23:4.1 The Solitary Messengers seem to be personality co-ordinators for all types of spirit beings. Their ministry helps to make all the personalities of the far-flung spiritual world akin. They contribute much to the development, in all spirit beings, of a consciousness of group identity. Every type of spirit being is served by special groups of Solitary Messengers who foster the ability of such beings to *understand and fraternize with all other types and orders, however dissimilar.

23:4.3 When a finaliter and a Paradise Citizen co-operate in the trinitization of a “child of time and eternity”—a transaction involving the unrevealed mind potentials of the Supreme-Ultimate—and when such an unclassified personality is dispatched to Vicegerington, a Solitary Messenger (a conjectured personality repercussion of the bestowal of such deity mind) is always assigned as guardian-companion to such a creature-trinitized son. This messenger accompanies the new son of destiny to the world of his assignment and nevermore leaves Vicegerington. When thus attached to the destinies of a child of time and eternity, a Solitary Messenger is forever transferred to the sole supervision of the Architects of the Master Universe. What the future of such an extraordinary association may be, we do not *know. For ages these partnerships of unique personalities have continued to forgather on Vicegerington, but not even a single pair has ever gone forth therefrom. [Not until the future (to us) Master Universe Age.]

23:4.4 Solitary Messengers are of stationary numbers, but the trinitization of the sons of destiny is apparently an unlimited technique. Since each trinitized son of destiny has assigned to him a Solitary Messenger, it appears to us that at some time in the remote future the supply of messengers will become exhausted. Who will take up their work in the grand universe? Will their service be assumed by some new development among the Inspired Trinity Spirits? Is the grand universe at some remote period going to be more nearly administered by Trinity-origin beings while the single- and dual-origin creatures move on into the realms of outer space? If the messengers return to their former service, will these sons of destiny accompany them? Will the trinitizations between finaliters and Paradise-Havoners cease when the supply of Solitary Messengers has been absorbed as guardian-companions of these sons of destiny? Are all our efficient Solitary Messengers going to be concentrated on Vicegerington? Are these extraordinary spirit personalities going to be eternally associated with these trinitized sons of unrevealed destiny? What significance should we attach to the fact that these couples forgathering on Vicegerington are under the exclusive direction of those mighty mystery beings, the Architects of the Master Universe? These and many similar questions we ask ourselves, and ask numerous other orders of celestial beings, but we do not *know the answers. [So please do not be upset that you now know almost nothing about all these higher and future realities. We will continue to grow without end in understanding and wisdom by direct personal experiences !!!]



24:1.9 On the headquarters worlds of each superuniverse are stationed the secondary supervisors for the local universes of time and space. The major and minor sectors are administrative divisions of the supergovernments but are not concerned in these matters of spirit-energy supervision. I do not *know how many secondary circuit supervisors there are in the grand universe, but on Uversa there are 84,691 of these beings. Secondary supervisors are being created right along; from time to time they appear in groups of seventy on the worlds of the Supreme Executives. We obtain them on requisition as we arrange for the establishment of separate circuits of spirit energy and liaison power to the newly evolving universes of our jurisdiction.

24:1.16 Although you will *recognize and *know them as you journey inward towards Paradise, you will have no personal relations with them. They are circuit supervisors, and they attend strictly and efficiently to their business. They deal solely with those personalities and entities having the oversight of those activities which are concerned with the circuits subject to their supervision.


24:2.2 The Census Directors are a special and completed creation of the Infinite Spirit, and they exist in numbers un*known to us. They are so created as to be able to maintain perfect synchrony with the reflectivity technique of the superuniverses, while at the same time they are personally sensitive and responsive to intelligent will. These directors, by a not-fully-understood technique, are made immediately aware of the birth of will in any part of the grand universe. They are, therefore, always competent to give us the number, nature, and whereabouts of all will creatures in any part of the central creation and the seven superuniverses. But they do not function on Paradise; there is no need for them there. On Paradise *knowledge is inherent; the Deities *know all things. [ All past, present and future is Eternal NOW to God the Father, Son and Spirit of the Trinity !]

24:2.8 Census Directors register the existence of a new will creature when the first act of will is performed; [Here now on Urantia, the child's first freewill moral decision and creation of the soul is, on average, about five years and ten months.] they indicate the death of a will creature when the last act of will takes place. The partial emergence of will observed in the reactions of certain of the higher animals does not belong to the domain of the Census Directors. They keep count of nothing but bona fide will creatures, and they are responsive to nothing but will function. Exactly how they register the function of will, we do not *know.


24:3.1 We have no authentic *knowledge as to the time or manner of the creation of the Personal Aids. Their number must be legion, but it is not of record on Uversa. From conservative deductions based on our *knowledge of their work, I venture to estimate that their number extends high into the trillions. We hold the opinion that the Infinite Spirit is not limited as to numbers in the creation of these Personal Aids. [God the Father-Infinite I AM has an infinite number of infinities; no problem, as He is Super-Infinite; that I now believe; but that is not directly stated in this Fifth Epochal Revelation -- The Urantia Papers or Book]

24:3.3 The Personal Aids are all equal and identical; they disclose no differentiation of individuality. Though the Conjoint Actor looks upon them as true personalities, it is difficult for others to regard them as real persons; they do not manifest a spirit presence to other spirit beings. Paradise-origin beings are always aware of the proximity of these Aids; but we do not *recognize a personality presence. The lack of such a presence-form undoubtedly renders them all the more serviceable to the Third Person of Deity.


24:6.2 I am not forbidden to undertake to tell you of the work of these Graduate Guides, but it is so ultraspiritual that I despair of being able to adequately portray to the material mind a concept of their manifold activities. On the mansion worlds, after your vision range is extended and you are freed from the fetters of material comparisons, you can begin to comprehend the meaning of those realities which “eye cannot *see nor ear hear, and which have never entered the concept of human minds,” even those things which “God has prepared for those who love such eternal verities.” You are not always to be so limited in the range of your vision and spiritual comprehension.

24:6.4 The number of Graduate Guides is beyond the power of human minds to *grasp, and they continue to appear. Their origin is something of a mystery. They have not existed from eternity; they mysteriously appear as they are needed. There is no record of a Graduate Guide in all the realms of the central universe until that far-distant day when the first mortal pilgrim of all time made his way to the outer belt of the central creation. [named: Grandfanda]The instant he arrived on the pilot world of the outer circuit, he was met with friendly greetings by Malvorian, the first of the Graduate Guides and now the chief of their supreme council and the director of their vast educational organization.


24:7.7 There is an additional reason for supposing the Graduate Guides to be evolved Havona Servitals, and that is the unfailing tendency of these guides and their associated servitals to form such extraordinary attachments. The manner in which these supposedly separate orders of beings *understand and sympathize with one another is wholly inexplicable. It is refreshing and inspiring to witness their mutual devotion.



25:1.6 The Havona Servitals and the Graduate Guides manifest a transcendent devotion to their work and a touching affection for one another, an affection which, while spiritual, you could only *understand by comparison with the phenomenon of human love. There is divine pathos in the separation of the servitals from the guides, as so often occurs when the servitals are dispatched on missions beyond the limits of the central universe; but they go with joy and not with sorrow. The satisfying joy of high duty is the eclipsing emotion of spiritual beings. Sorrow cannot exist in the face of the consciousness of divine duty faithfully performed. And when man’s ascending soul stands before the Supreme Judge, the decision of eternal import will not be determined by material successes or quantitative achievements; the verdict reverberating through the high courts declares: “Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few essentials; you shall be made ruler over universe realities.”


25:3.7 The moment the Creators bring into existence evolving individuals with the power of choice, that moment a departure is made from the smooth working of divine perfection; mis*understandings are certain to arise, and provision for the fair adjustment of these honest differences of viewpoint must be made. We should all *remember that the all-wise and all-powerful Creators could have made the local universes just as perfect as Havona. No conciliating commissions need function in the central universe. But the Creators did not choose in their all-wisdom to do this. And while they have produced universes which abound in differences and teem with difficulties, they have likewise provided the mechanisms and the means for composing all these differences and for harmonizing all this *seeming confusion.

25:3.12 #6. Conciliators to the Superuniverse Major Sectors. The character of the work of the commissioners continues to change as they advance. There is less and less of mis*understanding to adjudicate and more and more of mysterious phenomena to explain and interpret. From stage to stage they are evolving from arbiters of differences to explainers of mysteries—judges evolving into interpretative teachers. Arbiters of those who through ignorance permit difficulties and mis*understandings to arise, they once were; but they are now becoming instructors of those who are sufficiently intelligent and tolerant to avoid clashes of mind and wars of opinions. The higher a creature’s education, the more respect he has for the *knowledge, experience, and opinions of others.

25:3.15 The superuniverse registries do not enumerate those conciliators who have passed beyond their jurisdiction, and such commissions are widely scattered through the grand universe. The last report of registry on Uversa gives the number operating in Orvonton as almost eighteen trillion commissions—over seventy trillion individuals. But these are only a very small fraction of the multitude of conciliators that have been created in Orvonton; that number is of an altogether higher magnitude and is the equivalent of the total number of Havona Servitals, with allowances for the transmutation into Graduate Guides.

25:3.16 From time to time, as the numbers of the superuniverse conciliators increase, they are translated to the council of perfection on Paradise, from which they subsequently emerge as the co-ordinating corps evolved by the Infinite Spirit for the universe of universes, a marvelous group of beings which is constantly increasing in numbers and efficiency. By experiential ascent and Paradise training they have acquired a unique *grasp of the emerging reality of the Supreme Being, and they roam the universe of universes on special assignment.

25:3.17 The members of a conciliating commission are never separated. A group of four forever serve together just as they were originally associated. Even in their glorified service they continue to function as quartets of accumulated cosmic experience and perfected experiential wisdom. They are eternally associated as the embodiment of the supreme justice of time and space.


25:4.12 Those mortals and midwayers who serve transiently with the advisers are chosen for such work because of their expertness in the concept of universal law and supreme justice. As you journey toward your Paradise goal, constantly acquiring added *knowledge and enhanced skill, you are continuously afforded the opportunity to give out to others the wisdom and experience you have already accumulated; all the way in to Havona you enact the role of a pupil-teacher. You will work your way through the ascending levels of this vast experiential university by imparting to those just below you the new-found *knowledge of your advancing career. In the universal regime you are not reckoned as having possessed yourself of *knowledge and truth until you have demonstrated your ability and your willingness to impart this *knowledge and truth to others.

25:4.16 Such a living library of applied law could not be created; such beings must be evolved by actual experience. The infinite Deities are existential, hence are compensated for lack of experience; they *know all even before they experience all, but they do not impart this nonexperiential *knowledge to their subordinate creatures.

25:4.17 Technical Advisers are dedicated to the work of preventing delay, facilitating progress, and counseling achievement. There is always a best and right way to do things; there is always the technique of perfection, a divine method, and these advisers *know how to direct us all in the finding of this better way.

25:4.19 Besides counseling regarding legal usages, Technical Advisers are equally devoted to the efficient interpretation of all laws concerning creature beings—physical, mindal, and spiritual. They are available to the Universal Conciliators and to all others who desire to *know the truth of law; in other words, to *know how the Supremacy of Deity may be depended upon to react in a given situation having factors of an established physical, mindal, and spiritual order. They even essay to elucidate the technique of the Ultimate.


25:5.1 From among the tertiary supernaphim in Havona, certain of the senior chief recorders are chosen as Custodians of Records, as keepers of the formal archives of the Isle of Light, those archives which stand in contrast to the living records of registry in the minds of the custodians of *knowledge, sometimes designated the “living library of Paradise.”


25:8.4 Mortals come from races that are very social. The Creators well *know that it is “not good for man to be alone,” and provision is accordingly made for companionship, even on Paradise.



26:1.17 These brilliant creatures of light [Spirit Luminosity] are sustained directly by the intake of the spiritual energy of the primary circuits of the universe. Urantia mortals must obtain light-energy through the vegetative incarnation, [when you eat grains and berries; but when you eat meat; you get a lesser amount of this light-energy because the meat animal you eat took most of it ! You are eating lower on the light-energy chain. Human cannibals were/are even lower on that chain !] but the angelic hosts are encircuited; they “have food that you *know not.” They also partake of the circulating teachings of the marvelous Trinity Teacher Sons; they have a reception of *knowledge and an intake of wisdom much resembling their technique of assimilating the life energies.


26:3.1 These servants of the Seven Master Spirits are the angelic specialists of the various circuits of Havona, and their ministry extends to both the ascending pilgrims of time and the descending pilgrims of eternity. On the billion study worlds of the perfect central creation, your superaphic associates of all orders will be fully visible to you. There you will all be, in the highest sense, fraternal and *understanding beings of mutual contact and sympathy. You will also fully *recognize and exquisitely fraternize with the descending pilgrims, the Paradise Citizens, who traverse these circuits from within outward, entering Havona through the pilot world of the first circuit and proceeding outward to the seventh.

26:3.5 #2. The Chief Recorders. These angels are created on the second circuit but operate everywhere in the central universe. They record in triplicate, executing records for the literal files of Havona, for the spiritual files of their order, and for the formal records of Paradise. In addition they automatically transmit the transactions of true-*knowledge import to the living libraries of Paradise, the custodians of *knowledge of the primary order of supernaphim.


26:4.10 Each of these working groups contains angels of all seven created types, and a pilgrim of space is always tutored by secondary supernaphim of origin in the Master Spirit who presides over that pilgrim’s superuniverse of nativity. When you mortals of Urantia attain Havona, you will certainly be piloted by supernaphim whose created natures—like your own evolved natures—are derived from the Master Spirit of Orvonton. And since your tutors spring from the Master Spirit of your own superuniverse, they are especially qualified to *understand, comfort, and assist you in all your efforts to attain Paradise perfection.

26:4.12 [Four Important Paragraphs:] The pilgrim lands on the receiving planet of Havona, the pilot world of the seventh circuit, with only one endowment of perfection, perfection of purpose. The Universal Father has decreed: "Be you perfect, even as I am perfect." That is the astounding invitation-command broadcast to the finite children of the worlds of space. The promulgation of that injunction has set all creation astir in the co-operative effort of the celestial beings to assist in bringing about the fulfillment and realization of that tremendous command of the First Great Source and Center. [!!!]

26:4.13 When, through and by the ministry of all the helper hosts of the universal scheme of survival, you are finally deposited on the receiving world of Havona, you arrive with only one sort of perfection — perfection of purpose. Your purpose has been thoroughly proved; your faith has been tested. You are *known to be disappointment proof. Not even the failure to *discern the Universal Father can shake the faith or seriously disturb the trust of an ascendant mortal who has passed through the experience that all must traverse in order to attain the perfect spheres of Havona. By the time you reach Havona, your sincerity has become sublime. Perfection of purpose and divinity of desire, with steadfastness of faith, have secured your entrance to the settled abodes of eternity; your deliverance from the uncertainties of time is full and complete; and now must you come face to face with the problems of Havona and the immensities of Paradise, to meet which you have so long been in training in the experiential epochs of time on the world schools of space. [What a glorious Destiny, we humans who desire same, will certainly have!]

26:4.14 Faith has won for the ascendant pilgrim a perfection of purpose which admits the children of time to the portals of eternity. Now must the pilgrim helpers begin the work of developing that perfection of understanding and that technique of comprehension which are so indispensable to Paradise perfection of personality.

26:4.15 Ability to comprehend is the mortal passport to Paradise. Willingness to believe is the key to Havona. The acceptance of sonship, co-operation with the indwelling Adjuster, is the price of evolutionary survival.


26:5.1 The first of the seven groups of secondary supernaphim to be encountered are the pilgrim helpers, those beings of quick understanding and broad sympathy who welcome the much-traveled ascenders of space to the stabilized worlds and settled economy of the central universe. Simultaneously these high ministers begin their work for the Paradise pilgrims of eternity, the first of whom arrived on the pilot world of the inner Havona circuit concomitantly with the landing of Grandfanda on the pilot world of the outer circuit. Back in those far-distant days the [descending] pilgrims from Paradise and the [ascending spirit human] pilgrims of time first met on the receiving world of circuit number four. [the middle, bridging circle of the seven]

26:5.2 These pilgrim helpers, functioning on the seventh circle of Havona worlds, conduct their work for the ascending mortals in three major divisions: first, the supreme understanding of the Paradise Trinity; second, the spiritual comprehension of the Father-Son partnership; and third, the intellectual recognition of the Infinite Spirit. Each of these phases of instruction is divided into seven branches of twelve minor divisions of seventy subsidiary groups; and each of these seventy subsidiary groupings of instruction is presented in one thousand classifications. More detailed instruction is provided on subsequent circles, but an outline of every Paradise requirement is taught by the pilgrim helpers. [That calculates to 17,640,000 classifications of study ! with maybe a huge number of lessons in each of those classifications ! That is called "the primary or elementary course" below !! Fear not ! You will have a much higher mind that never forgets and much advanced soul and spirit wisdom then ! Communication will be thousands of times faster or better !]

26:5.3 That, then, is the primary or elementary course [!!] which confronts the faith-tested and much-traveled pilgrims of space. But long before reaching Havona, these ascendant children of time have *learned to feast upon uncertainty, to fatten upon disappointment, to enthuse [meaning God within and within God !!] over apparent defeat, to invigorate in the presence of difficulties, to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of immensity, and to exercise unconquerable faith when confronted with the challenge of the inexplicable. Long since, the battle cry of these pilgrims became: “In liaison with God, nothing—absolutely nothing—is impossible.” [So wonderful, beautiful and true !]


26:6.3 I am somewhat at a loss to explain what takes place on this circle. No personalized presence of Supremacy is perceptible to the ascenders. In certain respects, new relationships with the Seventh Master Spirit compensate this noncontactability of the Supreme Being. But regardless of our inability to *grasp the technique, each ascending creature *seems to undergo a transforming growth, a new integration of consciousness, a new spiritualization of purpose, a new sensitivity for divinity, which can hardly be satisfactorily explained without assuming the unrevealed activity of the Supreme Being. To those of us who have observed these mysterious transactions, it appears as if God the Supreme were affectionately bestowing upon his experiential children, up to the very limits of their experiential capacities, those enhancements of intellectual *grasp, of spiritual insight, and of personality outreach which they will so need, in all their efforts at penetrating the divinity level of the Trinity of Supremacy, to achieve the eternal and existential Deities of Paradise. [You enter Paradise (crudely stating) as a "new-born Baby" Paradise Resident. Infinite Paradise-Eternity is at hand ! You will long advance to attain the higher God the Experiential Ultimate Deity ! Then, far longer, to attain God the Experiential Absolute Deity, and then unending experience and growth in the One Eternal Universal Father-INFINITE I AM ... I am of I AM; and so are You !]


26:7.1 Trinity guides are the tireless ministers of the fifth circle of the Havona training of the advancing pilgrims of time and space. The spiritual graduates are here designated “candidates for the Deity adventure” since it is on this circle, under the direction of the Trinity guides, that the pilgrims receive advanced *instruction concerning the divine Trinity in preparation for the attempt to achieve the personality recognition of the Infinite Spirit. And here the ascending pilgrims discover what true study and real mental effort mean as they begin to *discern the nature of the still-more-taxing and far-more-arduous spiritual exertion that will be required to meet the demands of the high goal set for their achievement on the worlds of this circuit.

26:7.4 When an ascendant soul actually starts for Paradise, he is accompanied only by the transit trio: the superaphic circle associate, the Graduate Guide, and the ever-present servital associate of the latter. These excursions from the Havona circles to Paradise are trial trips; [evn humans on earth can have trial trips to Paradise in and with our Creator Son Jesus ! Also see pages 135B, 297C, 533C in this Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth] ] the ascenders are not yet of Paradise status. They do not achieve residential status on Paradise until they have passed through the terminal rest of time subsequent to the attainment of the Universal Father and the final clearance of the Havona circuits. Not until after the divine rest do they partake of the "essence of divinity" and the "spirit of supremacy" and thus really begin to function in the circle of eternity and in the presence of the Trinity. [Even in our first life here on earth, it is possible to be taken in Spirit by our Creator Son Jesus Christ and be given a trial trip to Paradise and a little glimpse of your Final Eternal Destiny. This is more of a spiritual and soul awareness; little of infinity and eternity can be grasped by the finite human mind. It does give one a profound sense of the unspeakable peace of Jesus, full spiritual security, a strong drive to learn all truth, beauty and goodness and to share the finite comprehension and Reality of God and his infinite love and lavish mercy with others ... and more.]

26:7.5 The ascender’s companions of the transit trio are not required to enable him to locate the geographic presence of the spiritual luminosity of the Trinity, rather to afford all possible assistance to a pilgrim in his difficult task of *recognizing, *discerning, and *comprehending the Infinite Spirit sufficiently to constitute personality *recognition. Any ascendant pilgrim on Paradise can *discern the geographic or locational presence of the Trinity, the great majority are able to contact the intellectual reality of the Deities, especially the Third Person, but not all can *recognize or even partially *comprehend the reality of the spiritual presence of the Father and the Son. Still more difficult is even the minimum spiritual *comprehension of the Universal Father.

Topical Study number 134

"KNOW and related words !"

Part 10

Compiled April 07, 2021 by Dave@PureChristians.org

The Urantia Book



[Paper:Section.Paragraph (numbers)]

26:8.1 The fourth Havona circuit is sometimes called the “circuit of the Sons.” From the worlds of this circuit the ascending pilgrims go to Paradise to achieve an understanding contact with the Eternal Son, while on the worlds of this circuit the descending pilgrims achieve a new comprehension of the nature and mission of the Creator Sons of time and space. There are seven worlds in this circuit on which the reserve corps of the Paradise Michaels [Our local universe Sovereign Creator Son of God is Jesus Christ Michael] maintain special service schools of mutual Ministry to both the ascending and descending pilgrims; and it is on these worlds of the Michael Sons that the pilgrims of time and the pilgrims of eternity arrive at their first truly mutual understanding of one another. In many respects the experiences of this circuit are the most intriguing of the entire Havona sojourn. [Our Creator Son Jesus has said, in all Truth: "He who SEES ME, SEES HIM Who sent Me." "The Father and I are One" Yes this Havona circuit will be very intriguing !]

26:8.3 [Very important !] After the attainment of the Infinite Spirit, no more examinations are conducted. The tests of the inner circles are the performances of the pilgrim candidates when in the embrace of the enshroudment of the Deities. Advancement is determined purely by the spirituality of the individual, and no one but the Gods presumes to pass upon this possession. In the event of failure no reasons are ever assigned, neither are the candidates themselves nor their various tutors and guides ever chided or criticized. On Paradise, disappointment is never regarded as defeat; postponement is never looked upon as disgrace; the apparent failures of time are never confused with the significant delays of eternity. [deep !]

26:8.4 Not many pilgrims experience the delay of seeming failure in the Deity adventure. Nearly all attain the Infinite Spirit, though occasionally a pilgrim from superuniverse number one does not succeed on the first attempt. The pilgrims who attain the Spirit seldom fail in finding the Son; of those who do fail on the first adventure, almost all hail from superuniverses three and five. The great majority of those who fail on the first adventure to attain the Father, after finding both the Spirit and the Son, hail from superuniverse number six, though a few from numbers two and three are likewise unsuccessful. And all this seems clearly to indicate that there is some good and sufficient reason for these apparent failures; in reality, simply unescapable delays. [We from our superuniverse number seven, of the Father-Son-Spirit, should have no problems in recognizing each of the three Deities of the Paradise Trinity !]


26:9.1 When the pilgrim soul attains the third circle of Havona, he comes under the tutelage of the Father Guides, the older, highly skilled, and most experienced of the Superaphic Ministers. On the worlds of this circuit the Father Guides maintain schools of wisdom and colleges of technique wherein all the beings inhabiting the central universe serve as teachers. Nothing is neglected which would be of service to a creature of time in this transcendent adventure of eternity attainment.

26:9.2 The attainment of the Universal Father is the passport to Eternity, notwithstanding the remaining circuits to be traversed. It is therefore a momentous occasion on the pilot world of circle number three when the transit trio announce that the last venture of time is about to ensue; that another creature of space seeks entry to Paradise through the portals of Eternity.

26:9.3 The test of time is almost over; the race for eternity has been all but run. The days of uncertainty are ending; the temptation to doubt is vanishing; the injunction to be perfect has been obeyed. From the very bottom of intelligent existence [when you were just a living sperm-egg union - on !] the creature of time and material personality has ascended the evolutionary spheres of space, thus proving the feasibility of the ascension plan while forever demonstrating the justice and righteousness of the [Invitation-] Command of the Universal Father to his lowly creatures of the worlds: "Be you perfect, even as I am perfect."

26:9.4 Step by step, life by life, world by world, the ascendant career has been mastered, and the goal of Deity has been attained. Survival is complete in perfection, and perfection is replete in the supremacy of divinity. Time is lost in Eternity; space is swallowed up in worshipful identity and harmony with the Universal Father. The broadcasts of Havona flash forth the space reports of Glory, the good news that in very Truth the conscientious creatures of animal nature and material origin have, through evolutionary ascension, become in reality and eternally the perfected sons of God. [Thank You our loving and merciful Father God !!!]


26:10.1 The superaphic counselors and advisers of the second circle [second closest of the seven Havona circles having one billion high Ultimate-Absolute immense heavenly spheres] are the instructors of the children of time [ascendant humans] regarding the career of eternity. The attainment of Paradise entails responsibilities of a new and higher order, and the sojourn on the second circle affords ample opportunity to receive the helpful counsel of these devoted supernaphim.

26:10.5 For the successful pilgrims on the second circuit the stimulus of evolutionary uncertainty is over, but the adventure of the eternal assignment has not yet begun; and while the sojourn on this circle is wholly pleasurable and highly profitable, it lacks some of the anticipative enthusiasm of the former circles. Many are the pilgrims who, at such a time, look back upon the long, long struggle [possibly about one trillion years of progressive evolutionary experiences !] with a joyous envy, really wishing they might somehow go back to the worlds of time and begin it all over again, [!!] just as you mortals, in approaching advanced age, sometimes look back over the struggles of youth and early life and truly wish you might live your lives over once again. [Later, after attaining the Paradise Corps of the Finality, many perfected Humans will be, for a period, reassigned back to their local universe to work with and for their Sovereign Creator Father-Son; in our case, He is our Master Jesus Christ Michael, and we will go back with great joy !]

26:10.6 But the traversal of the innermost circle lies just ahead, and soon thereafter the last transit sleep will terminate, and the new adventure of the eternal career [on Paradise] will begin. The counselors and advisers on the second circle begin the preparation of their subjects for this great and final rest, the inevitable sleep which ever intervenes between the epochal stages of the ascendant career.


26:11.4 [Important final paragraphs in this section !] Mortals have received the Paradise command: "Be you perfect, even as your Paradise Father is perfect." To these trinitized sons of the conjoint corps the supervising supernaphim never cease to proclaim: "Be you understanding of your ascendant brethren, even as the Paradise Creator Sons *know and love them."

26:11.5 The mortal creature must find God. The Creator Son [our Sovereign God-Man Savior Jesus Christ Michael] never stops until he finds man -- the lowest will creature. Beyond doubt, the Creator Sons and their mortal children are preparing for some future and unknown universe service. Both traverse the gamut of the experiential universe and so are educated and trained for their Eternal Mission. [!!] Throughout the universes there is occurring this unique blending of the human and the divine, the commingling of creature and Creator. Unthinking mortals have referred to the manifestation of divine mercy and tenderness, especially towards the weak and in behalf of the needy, as indicative of an anthropomorphic God. What a mistake! Rather should such manifestations of mercy and forbearance by human beings be taken as evidence that mortal man is indwelt by the Spirit of the living God; [a Divine Thought Adjuster -- the perfect will of God within you and me !] that the creature is, after all, divinity motivated.

26:11.6 Near the end of the first-circle sojourn the ascending pilgrims first meet the instigators of rest of the primary order of supernaphim. These are the angels of Paradise coming out to greet those who stand at the threshold of Eternity and to complete their preparation for the transition slumber of the last resurrection. You are not really a child of Paradise until you have traversed the inner circle and have experienced the Resurrection of Eternity from the terminal sleep of time. The perfected pilgrims begin this rest, go to sleep, on the first circle of Havona, but they awaken on the shores of Paradise. Of all who ascend to the eternal Isle, only those who thus arrive are the Children of Eternity; the others go as visitors, as guests without residential status. [Tremendous possibilities, even for human Truth-seekers now on earth ! Some humans are suddenly given free visits to the higher Heavens, even into Paradise ! See again here:]

12:5.4 The relatively motionless midspace zones impinging on Paradise and separating pervaded from unpervaded space are the transition zones from time to eternity, hence the necessity of Paradise pilgrims becoming unconscious during this transit when it is to culminate in Paradise citizenship. Time-conscious visitors can go to Paradise without thus sleeping, but they remain creatures of time. [ Yes, even down here on Urantia in our first human life, we can be given by Jesus and the Universal Father trial trips to any of the higher Heavens, even to Paradise ! That is very rare down here; but as we ascend and become more spiritual, the frequency of these glimpses of Destiny will increase. Each is spiritually uplifting, encouraging and transforming beyond words !]

26:11.7 And now, at the culmination of the Havona career, as you mortals go to sleep on the pilot world of the inner circuit, you go not alone to your rest as you did on the worlds of your origin when you closed your eyes in the natural sleep of mortal death, nor as you did when you entered the long transit trance preparatory for the journey to Havona. Now, as you prepare for the attainment rest, there moves over by your side your long-time associate of the first circle, the majestic Complement of Rest, who prepares to enter the rest as one with you, as the pledge of Havona that your transition is complete, and that you await only the final touches of perfection. [!!]

26:11.8 Your first transition was indeed death, the second an ideal sleep, and now the third metamorphosis is the true rest, the relaxation of the ages.

26:11.9 {Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom from Uversa.}



27:0.1 Primary supernaphim are the supernal [very high, divine] servants of the Deities on the eternal Isle of Paradise. Never have they been known to depart from the paths of Light and righteousness. The roll calls are complete; from eternity not one of this magnificent host has been lost. These high supernaphim are perfect beings, supreme in perfection, but they are not absonite, [a higher transcendental level] neither are they absolute. [even higher, the highest is the Infinite I AM] Being of the essence of perfection, these children of the Infinite Spirit work interchangeably and at will in all phases of their manifold duties. They do not function extensively outside Paradise, though they do participate in the various millennial gatherings and group reunions of the central universe. They also go forth as Special Messengers of the Deities, and in large numbers they ascend to become Technical Advisers.

27:0.2 [Very important !] Primary supernaphim are also placed in command of the seraphic hosts ministering on worlds isolated because of rebellion. [She is here now on earth ! the Author of Papers 82, 83, 84, 113, 114] When a Paradise Son is bestowed upon such a world, completes his mission, ascends to the Universal Father, is accepted, and returns [!!Jesus Christ is here in Spirit !!] as the accredited deliverer of this isolated world, a primary supernaphim is always designated by the chiefs of assignment to assume command of the ministering spirits on duty in the newly reclaimed sphere. Supernaphim in this special service are periodically rotated. On Earth the present "Chief of Seraphim" is the second of this order to be on duty since the times of the Bestowal of [Jesus] Christ Michael. [Jesus, our Sovereign Deliverer, reclaimed this world May 18, A.D. 30 and continuing forever ! See John 12;31-32]

27:0.3 From eternity the primary supernaphim have served on the Isle of Light and have gone forth on missions of leadership to the worlds of space, but they have functioned as now classified only since the arrival on Paradise of the Havona pilgrims of time. These high angels now minister chiefly in the following seven orders of service: 27:0.4 #1. Conductors of Worship.

27:0.5 #2. Masters of Philosophy.

27:0.6 #3. Custodians of Knowledge.

27:0.7 #4. Directors of Conduct.

27:0.8 #5. Interpreters of Ethics.

27:0.9 #6. Chiefs of Assignment.

27:0.10 #7. Instigators of Rest.

27:0.11 Not until the ascending pilgrims actually attain Paradise residence do they come under the direct influence of these supernaphim, and then they pass through a training experience under the direction of these angels in the reverse order of their naming. That is, you enter upon your Paradise career under the tutelage of the Instigators of Rest and, after successive seasons with the intervening orders, finish this training period with the Conductors of Worship. Thereupon are you ready to begin the endless career of a Finaliter. [Our final, eternal Paradise destiny of Father-finding and Eternal Father-revealing !]


27:1.3 But the last metamorphic sleep is something more than those previous transition slumbers which have marked the successive status attainments of the ascendant career; thereby do the creatures of time and space traverse the innermost margins of the temporal and the spatial to attain residential status in the timeless and spaceless abodes of Paradise. The instigators and the complements of rest are just as essential to this transcending metamorphosis as are the seraphim and associated beings to the mortal creature's survival of death.

27:1.4 You enter the rest on the final Havona circuit and are eternally resurrected on Paradise. And as you there spiritually repersonalize, you will immediately *recognize the instigator of rest who welcomes you to the eternal shores as the very primary supernaphim who produced the final sleep on the innermost circuit of Havona; and you will recall the last grand stretch of faith as you once again made ready to commend the keeping of your identity into the hands of the Universal Father.

27:1.5 The last rest of time has been enjoyed; the last transition sleep has been experienced; now you awake to Life Everlasting on the shores of the Eternal abode. "And there shall be no more sleep. The presence of God and his Son are before you, and you are eternally his servants; you have seen his face, and his name is your Spirit. There shall be no night there; and they need no light of the sun, for the Great Source and Center gives them Light; they shall live forever and ever. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things have passed away." [see Rev 7:17 and 21:4-7]


27:2.1 This is the group designated from time to time by the chief supernaphim, "the original pattern angel," to preside over the organization of all three orders of these angels -- primary, secondary, and tertiary. The supernaphim, as a body, are wholly self-governing and self-regulatory except for the functions of their mutual chief, the first angel of Paradise, who ever presides over all these spirit personalities.

27:2.2 The angels of assignment have much to do with glorified mortal residents of Paradise before they are admitted to the Corps of the Finality. *Study and *instruction are not the exclusive occupations of Paradise arrivals; service also plays its essential part in the prefinaliter educational experiences of Paradise. And I have observed that, when the ascendant mortals have periods of leisure, they evince a predilection to fraternize with the reserve corps of the superaphic chiefs of assignment.

27:2.3 When you mortal ascenders attain Paradise, your societal relationships involve a great deal more than contact with a host of exalted and divine beings and with a familiar multitude of glorified fellow mortals. You must also fraternize with upwards of three thousand different orders of Paradise Citizens, with the various groups of the Transcendentalers, [from the Ultimate level Master Universe] and with numerous other types of Paradise inhabitants, permanent and transient, who have not been revealed on Urantia. After sustained contact with these mighty intellects of Paradise, it is very restful to visit with the angelic types of mind; they remind the mortals of time of the seraphim with whom they have had such long contact and such refreshing association.


27:3.2 Ethics has been duly taught and adequately *learned by the pilgrims of time in their long ascent to the glories of Paradise. As this inward-ascending career has unfolded from the nativity worlds of space, the ascenders have continued to add group after group to their ever-widening circle of universe associates. Every new group of colleagues met with adds one more level of ethics to be *recognized and complied with until, by the time the mortals of ascent reach Paradise, they really need someone to provide helpful and friendly counsel regarding ethical interpretations. They do not need to be taught ethics, but they do need to have what they have so laboriously *learned properly interpreted to them as they are brought face to face with the extraordinary task of contacting with so much that is new.

27:3.4 All these celestial companionships are invariably mutual. As ascending mortals you not only derive benefit from these successive universe companions and such numerous orders of increasingly divine associates, but you also impart to each of these fraternal beings something from your own personality and experience which forever makes every one of them different and better for having been associated with an ascending mortal from the evolutionary worlds of time and space. [Tremendous ! What a glorious Paradise destiny awaits us ! and nearly infinitely more than we can now comprehend !]


27:4.2 Harmony is the keynote of the central universe, and detectable order prevails on Paradise. Proper conduct is essential to progress by way of *knowledge, through philosophy, to the spiritual heights of spontaneous worship. There is a divine technique in the approach to Divinity; and the acquirement of this technique must await the pilgrims’ arrival on Paradise. The spirit of it has been imparted on the circles of Havona, but the final touches of the training of the pilgrims of time can be applied only after they actually attain the Isle of Light.

27:4.4 These directors of conduct really serve as glorified teachers and guides. They are chiefly concerned with instructing the new mortal residents regarding the almost endless array of new situations and unfamiliar usages. Notwithstanding all the long preparation therefor [maybe a trillion of our years or longer -- but it will not seem that long as we approach eternity, ever faster, in many progressive stages] and the long journey thereto, Paradise is still inexpressibly strange and unexpectedly new to those who finally attain residential status.


27:5.1 The superaphic custodians of *knowledge are the higher “living epistles” *known and read by all who dwell on Paradise. They are the divine records of truth, the living books of real *knowledge. You have heard about records in the “book of life.” The custodians of *knowledge are just such living books, records of perfection imprinted upon the eternal tablets of divine life and supreme surety. They are in reality living, automatic libraries. The facts of the universes are inherent in these primary supernaphim, actually recorded in these angels; and it is also inherently impossible for an untruth to gain lodgment in the minds of these perfect and replete repositories of the truth of eternity and the intelligence of time.

27:5.2 These custodians conduct informal courses of instruction for the residents of the eternal Isle, but their chief function is that of reference and verification. Any sojourner on Paradise may at will have by his side the living repository of the particular fact or truth he may wish to *know. At the northern extremity of the Isle there are available the living finders of *knowledge, who will designate the director of the group holding the information sought, and forthwith will appear the brilliant beings who are the very thing you wish to *know. No longer must you *seek enlightenment from engrossed pages; you now commune with living intelligence face to face. Supreme *knowledge you thus obtain from the living beings who are its final custodians.

27:5.3 When you locate that supernaphim who is exactly what you desire to verify, you will find available all the *known facts of all universes, for these custodians of *knowledge are the final and living summaries of the vast network of the recording angels, ranging from the seraphim and seconaphim of the local and superuniverses to the chief recorders of the tertiary supernaphim in Havona. And this living accumulation of *knowledge is distinct from the formal records of Paradise, the cumulative summary of universal history.

27:5.4 The wisdom of truth takes origin in the divinity of the central universe, but *knowledge, experiential *knowledge, largely has its beginnings in the domains of time and space—therefore the necessity for the maintenance of the far-flung superuniverse organizations of the recording seraphim and supernaphim sponsored by the Celestial Recorders.

27:5.5 These primary supernaphim who are inherently in possession of universe *knowledge are also responsible for its organization and classification. In constituting themselves the living reference library of the universe of universes, they have classified *knowledge into seven grand orders, each having about one million subdivisions. The facility with which the residents of Paradise can consult this vast store of *knowledge is solely due to the voluntary and wise efforts of the custodians of *knowledge. The custodians are also the exalted teachers of the central universe, freely giving out their living treasures to all beings on any of the Havona circuits, and they are extensively, though indirectly, utilized by the courts of the Ancients of Days. But this living library, which is available to the central and superuniverses, is not accessible to the local creations. Only by indirection and reflectively are the benefits of Paradise *knowledge secured in the local universes.


27:6.1 Next to the supreme satisfaction of worship is the exhilaration of philosophy. Never do you climb so high or advance so far that there do not remain a thousand mysteries which demand the employment of philosophy in an attempted solution. [True, beautiful and good !]

27:6.2 The master philosophers of Paradise delight to lead the minds of its inhabitants, both native and ascendant, in the exhilarating pursuit of attempting to solve universe problems. These superaphic masters of philosophy are the “wise men of heaven,” the beings of wisdom who make use of the truth of *knowledge and the facts of experience in their efforts to master the un*known. With them *knowledge attains to truth and experience ascends to wisdom. On Paradise the ascendant personalities of space experience the heights of being: They have *knowledge; they *know the truth; they may philosophize—think the truth; they may even *seek to encompass the concepts of the Ultimate and attempt to *grasp the techniques of the Absolutes. [!! and then there is the Infinite I AM ! and many infinities ! in the Eternity of Eternities ! and much more without end !]

27:6.3 At the southern extremity of the vast Paradise domain the masters of philosophy conduct elaborate courses in the seventy functional divisions of wisdom. Here they discourse upon the plans and purposes of Infinity and seek to co-ordinate the experiences, and to compose the *knowledge, of all who have access to their wisdom. They have developed a highly specialized attitude toward various universe problems, but their final conclusions are always in uniform agreement.

27:6.4 These Paradise philosophers teach by every possible method of instruction, including the higher graph technique of Havona and certain Paradise methods of communicating information. All of these higher techniques of imparting *knowledge and conveying ideas are utterly beyond the comprehension capacity of even the most highly developed human mind. One hour’s instruction on Paradise would be the equivalent of ten thousand years of the word-memory methods of Urantia. [!!] You cannot *grasp such communication techniques, and there is simply nothing in *mortal experience with which they may be compared, nothing to which they can be likened. [If I have calculated correctly, just one second of instruction on Paradise would impart 243,000 pages of our human printed records here ! But the knowledge received would be much higher because the Paradise "super-words" would each convey thousands or millions more information and higher wisdom than our primitive word symbols !]

27:6.5 The masters of philosophy take supreme pleasure in imparting their interpretation of the universe of universes to those beings who have ascended from the worlds of space. And while philosophy can never be as settled in its conclusions as the facts of *knowledge and the truths of experience, yet, when you have listened to these primary supernaphim discourse upon the unsolved problems of eternity and the performances of the Absolutes, you will feel a certain and lasting satisfaction concerning these unmastered questions. [!!]

27:6.6 These intellectual pursuits of Paradise are not broadcast; the philosophy of perfection is available only to those who are personally present. The encircling creations *know of these teachings only from those who have passed through this experience, and who have subsequently carried this wisdom out to the universes of space. [We will later love to return back to our Creator-Father-Son of God Jesus Christ Michael in our local universe of nativity -- Nebadon -- to serve, teach and minister under Him !]


[very significant and inspiring !!]

27:7.1 Worship is the highest privilege and the first duty of all created intelligences Worship is the conscious and joyous act of *recognizing and *acknowledging the truth and fact of the intimate and personal relationships of the Creators with their creatures. The quality of worship is determined by the depth of creature perception; and as the knowledge of the infinite character of the Gods [The Three Persons of the existential Paradise Trinity] progresses, the act of worship becomes increasingly all-encompassing until it eventually attains the Glory of the highest experiential delight and the most exquisite pleasure known to created beings. [Our highest delight and true pleasure, not a "duty" forced upon us ! Our Father God's infinite love and majestic Presence is fully super-attractive to us -- each of us a divinely beloved, all-Spirit-perfected Son of God up on Paradise !!!]

27:7.2 While the Isle of Paradise contains certain places of worship, it is more nearly one vast sanctuary of divine service. Worship is the first and dominant passion of all who climb to its blissful shores -- the spontaneous ebullition [bubbling up in spirit] of the beings who have *learned enough of God to attain his Presence. Circle by circle, during the inward journey through [the one billion high Heavens of] Havona, worship is a growing passion until on Paradise it becomes necessary to direct and otherwise control its expression.

27:7.3 The periodic, spontaneous, group, and other special outbursts of supreme adoration and spiritual praise enjoyed on Paradise are conducted under the leadership of a special corps of primary supernaphim. Under the direction of these conductors of worship, such homage achieves the creature goal of supreme pleasure and attains the heights of the perfection of sublime self-expression and personal enjoyment. All primary supernaphim crave to be conductors of worship; and all ascendant beings would enjoy forever remaining in the attitude of worship [!!] did not the chiefs of assignment periodically disperse these assemblages. But no ascendant being is ever required to enter upon the assignments of eternal service until he has attained full satisfaction in worship. [Wonderful !!]

27:7.4 It is the task of the conductors of worship so to *teach the ascendant creatures how to worship that they may be enabled to gain this satisfaction of self-expression and at the same time be able to give attention to the essential activities of the Paradise regime. Without improvement in the technique of worship it would require hundreds of years for the average mortal who reaches Paradise to give full and satisfactory expression to his emotions of intelligent appreciation and ascendant gratitude. The conductors of worship open up new and hitherto unknown avenues of expression so that these wonderful children of the womb of space and the travail of time are enabled to gain the full satisfactions of worship in much less time.

27:7.5 All the arts of all the beings of the entire universe which are capable of intensifying and exalting the abilities of self-expression and the conveyance of appreciation, are employed to their highest capacity in the worship of the Paradise Deities. Worship is the highest joy of Paradise existence; it is the refreshing play of Paradise. What play does for your jaded [tired, exhausted] minds on earth, worship will do for your perfected souls on Paradise. The mode of worship on Paradise is utterly beyond mortal *comprehension, but the spirit of it you can begin to appreciate even down here on Earth, for the Spirits of the Gods even now indwell you, hover over you, and inspire you to true worship. [Yes, we will all do much better if we take some quiet time to "Practice the Presence of God" -- to worship and reflect, and thus recharge our souls and minds for greater, more useful service to others !]

27:7.6 There are appointed times and places for worship on Paradise, but these are not adequate to accommodate the ever-increasing overflow of the spiritual emotions of the growing intelligence and expanding divinity *recognition of the brilliant beings of experiential ascension [us !] to the eternal Isle. Never since the times of Grandfanda [the first human ascender to Paradise] have the supernaphim been able fully to accommodate the spirit of worship on Paradise. Always is there an excess of worshipfulness as gauged by the preparation therefor. And this is because personalities of inherent perfection never can fully appreciate the tremendous reactions of the spiritual emotions of beings who have slowly and laboriously made their way upward to Paradise glory from the depths of the spiritual darkness of the lower worlds of time and space. When such angels and mortals of time attain the presence of the Powers of Paradise, there occurs the expression of the accumulated emotions of the ages, a spectacle astounding to the angels of Paradise and productive of the supreme joy of divine satisfaction in the Paradise Deities. [Thank You, our eternal, loving Father God !!! In You I am ... I am Your Beloved Son ... Thank You my Creator Father-Son and Eternal Savior Jesus ... the full and True Spirit Revelation of the Paradise Universal Father here with us !]

27:7.7 Sometimes all Paradise becomes engulfed in a dominating tide of spiritual and worshipful expression. Often the conductors of worship cannot control such phenomena until the appearance of the threefold fluctuation of the Light of the Deity abode, signifying that the divine heart of the Gods has been fully and completely satisfied by the sincere worship of the residents of Paradise, the perfect citizens of glory and the ascendant creatures of time. What a triumph of technique! What a fruition of the eternal plan and purpose of the Gods that the intelligent love of the creature child should give full satisfaction to the infinite love of the Creator Father !

27:7.8 After the attainment of the supreme satisfaction of the fullness of worship, you are qualified for admission to the Corps of the Finality. The ascendant career is well-nigh finished, and the seventh jubilee prepares for celebration. The first jubilee marked the mortal agreement with the Thought Adjuster when the purpose to survive was sealed; the second was the awakening in the morontia life; the third was the fusion with the Thought Adjuster; the fourth was the awakening in Havona; the fifth celebrated the finding of the Universal Father; and the sixth jubilee was the occasion of the Paradise awakening from the final transit slumber of time. The seventh jubilee marks entrance into the mortal finaliter corps and the beginning of the eternity service. The [later] attainment of the seventh stage of spirit *realization by a finaliter will probably signalize the celebration of the first of the jubilees of eternity. [There is now revealed that there is even an "Eternity of Eternities" and a Supreme-Ultimate-Absolute-Infinite "Trinity of Trinities" ! to inspire and challenge us and to give us more wisdom-comprehensions for further worship and enhanced service to all we meet ! Wonderful beyond words ...]

27:7.9 And thus ends the story of the Paradise Supernaphim, the highest order of all the Ministering Spirits, those beings who, as a universal class, ever attend you from the world of your origin [A Paradise Supernaphim is here on earth now as Chief of all Seraphim !] until you are finally bidden farewell by the conductors of worship as you take the Trinity oath of eternity and are mustered into the Mortal Corps of the Finality.

27:7.10 The endless [and Glorious] Service of the Paradise Trinity is about to begin; and now the Finaliter is face to face with the challenge of God the Ultimate. [Much later the higher challenge of God the Absolute ! Then, the unending challenge of God the Infinite I AM of unending Infinite Realities !]

27:7.11 {Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom from Uversa.}

Topical Study number 134

"KNOW and related words !"

Part 11

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The Urantia Book



[Paper:Section.Paragraph (numbers)]

29:0.1 Of All the universe personalities concerned in the regulation of interplanetary and interuniverse affairs, the power directors and their associates have been the least understood on Urantia. [Earth.] While your [mixed nine] races have long *known of the existence of angels [mainly billions of Seraphim here] and similar orders of celestial beings, little information concerning the controllers and regulators of the physical domain has ever been imparted. Even now I am permitted fully to *disclose only the last of the following three groups of living beings having to do with force control and energy regulation in the master universe:

29:0.2 #1. Primary Eventuated Master Force Organizers.

29:0.3 #2. Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers.

29:0.4 #3. Universe Power Directors.

29:0.10 The Supreme Power Directors and Centers have existed from the near times of eternity, and as far as we *know, no more beings of these orders have been created. The Seven Supreme Directors were personalized by the Seven Master Spirits, and then they collaborated with their parents in the production of more than ten billion associates. Before the days of the power directors the energy circuits of space outside of the [Paradise-Havona] central universe were under the intelligent supervision of the Master Force Organizers of Paradise.

29:0.11 Having *knowledge about material creatures, you have at least a contrastive conception of spiritual beings; but it is very difficult for the mortal mind to *envisage the power directors. In the scheme of ascendant progression to higher levels of existence you have nothing directly to do with either the supreme directors or the power centers. On certain rare occasions you will have dealings with the physical controllers, and you will work freely with the supervisors of morontia power upon reaching [right after physical death and resurrection] the mansion worlds. These Morontia Power Supervisors function so exclusively in the morontia [soul reality] regime of the local [700,000 space-time local universes] creations that it is deemed best to narrate their activities in the [next] section dealing with the local universe.


29:3.9 Outside of [one billion high spiritual Heavens near Paradise] Havona the Supreme Power Centers function only on especially constructed (architectural) spheres or on otherwise suitably constituted space bodies. The architectural worlds are so constructed that the living power centers can act as selective switches to directionize, modify, and concentrate the [27 basic] energies of space as they pour over these spheres. They could not so function on an ordinary evolutionary sun or planet. Certain groups are also concerned in the heating and other material necessities of these special headquarters worlds. And though it is beyond the scope of Urantia *knowledge, I may state that these orders of living power personalities have much to do with the distribution of the light that shines without heat. They do not produce this phenomenon, but they are concerned with its dissemination and directionization. [Without constant gravity and force-energy control and over-control, all solar system planets would soon slow down and burn up crashing into their sun (star). All trillions of galaxies would crash together. All physical life would die.]


29:4.26 The remaining four groups of the Master Physical Controllers are hardly persons within any acceptable definition of that word. These transmitters, associators, dissociators, and frandalanks [probably an infinite number of living energy force, pressure, temperature detectors. Chronoldeks also measure time.] are wholly automatic in their reactions; nevertheless they are in every sense intelligent. We are greatly limited in our *knowledge of these wonderful entities because we cannot communicate with them. They appear to *understand the language of the realm, but they cannot communicate with us. They *seem fully able to receive our communications but quite powerless to make response. [They are always busy and happy working forever ! Ha ha]

29:4.29 Transmitters form skillful liaisons which are effective in rehabilitating the weakening currents of specialized energy passing from planet to planet and from station to station on an individual planet. [!!] They can detect currents which are much too feeble to be *recognized by any other type of living being, and they can so augment [increase] these energies that the accompanying message becomes perfectly intelligible. Their services are invaluable to the broadcast receivers.

29:4.33 During seasons of minus manifestations they are empowered to release these accumulated energies. But your *knowledge of energy and matter is not sufficiently advanced to make it possible to explain the technique of this phase of their work. They always labor in compliance with universal law, handling and manipulating atoms, electrons, and ultimatons [exactly 100 ultimatons clustered and spinning together are one electron. Recently, some physicists claim to have split electrons into two or more parts ! Surprise !] much as you maneuver adjustable type to make the same alphabetical symbols tell vastly different stories.

29:4.35 #6. Secondary Dissociators. Compared with the primary associators, these beings of enormous antigravity endowment are the reverse workers. [Very important:] There is never any danger that the special or modified forms of physical energy on the local worlds or in the local systems will be exhausted, for these living organizations are endowed with the unique power of evolving limitless supplies of energy. [!!!] They are chiefly concerned with the evolution of a form of energy which is hardly *known on Urantia from a form of matter which is *recognized still less. They are truly the alchemists of space and the wonder-workers of time. But in all the wonders they work, they never transgress the mandates of Cosmic Supremacy. [of the space-time evolving God the Supreme Who is under the Paradise Trinity Government of All Reality !]

29:4.38 I [a Universal Censor acting by authority of the three Ancients of Days on Uversa, the spiritual headquarters of our Orvonton Superuniverse,] *recognize that the frandalanks are intelligent, but I cannot classify them as other than living machines. About the only way I can help you to *understand these living mechanisms is to compare them to your own mechanical contrivances which perform with almost intelligentlike precision and accuracy. Then if you would *conceive of these beings, draw upon your imagination to the extent of *recognizing that in the grand universe we actually have intelligent and living mechanisms (entities) that can perform more intricate tasks involving more stupendous computations with even greater delicacy of accuracy, even with ultimacy of precision. [!]


29:5.5 Primary Master Force Organizers are the manipulators of the [thirty] primordial or basic space-forces of the Unqualified Absolute; they are nebulae [galaxy] creators. They are the living instigators of the energy cyclones of space and the early organizers and directionizers of these gigantic manifestations. These force organizers transmute primordial force (pre-energy not responsive to direct Paradise gravity) into primary or puissant energy, energy transmuting from the exclusive *grasp of the Unqualified Absolute to the gravity *grasp of the Isle of Paradise. They are thereupon succeeded by the associate force organizers, who continue the process of energy transmutation from the primary through the secondary or gravity-energy stage. [even lower is the linear gravity here that our physicists only know very little !]


30:0.1 The personalities and other-than-personal entities now functioning on Paradise and in the grand universe constitute a well-nigh limitless number of living beings. Even the number of major orders and types would stagger the human imagination, let alone the countless subtypes and variations. It is, however, desirable to present something of two basic classifications of living beings—a suggestion of the Paradise classification and an abbreviation of the Uversa Personality Register.

30:0.2 It is not possible to formulate comprehensive and entirely consistent classifications of the personalities of the grand universe because all of the groups are not revealed. It would require numerous additional papers to cover the further *revelation required to systematically classify all groups. Such *conceptual expansion would hardly be desirable as it would deprive the thinking mortals of the next thousand years of that stimulus to creative speculation which these partially revealed *concepts supply. It is best that man not have an overrevelation; it stifles [our God-given, creative] imagination. [!!]


[Huge !]

30:1.112 No especial significance need attach to the listing of these orders together except that none of them appear in the Paradise classification as revealed herein. These are the unclassified few; you have yet to *learn of the unrevealed many.


30:3.3 The astronomical colony of Uversa contains individuals from many near-by realms, from the central universe, and even from Norlatiadek. [our Constellation of 100 Systems and 100,000 human-inhabited planets. 100 Constellations make up one local universe. 700,000 local universes in our present Grand Universe Supreme-level Age] Any being on any world in any system of any universe may become a star student, may aspire to join some corps of celestial astronomers. The only requisites are: continuing life and sufficient *knowledge of the worlds of space, especially their physical laws of evolution and control. Star students are not required to serve eternally in this corps, but no one admitted to this group may withdraw under one millennium of Uversa time. [8,214 of our years]

30:3.5 Similar astronomer colonies are to be found on the sector headquarters worlds of the superuniverse as well as on the architectural capitals of the local universes and their administrative subdivisions. Except on Paradise, [!] *knowledge is not inherent; *understanding of the physical universe is largely dependent on observation and research.


[This is important; so all is presented]

30:4.1 While the mortal survivors of time and space are denominated ascending pilgrims when accredited for the progressive ascent to Paradise, these evolutionary creatures occupy such an important place in these narratives that we here desire to present a synopsis of the following seven stages of the ascending universe career:

30:4.2 #1. Planetary Mortals.

30:4.3 #2. Sleeping Survivors.

30:4.4 #3. Mansion World Students.

30:4.5 #4. Morontia Progressors.

30:4.6 #5. Superuniverse Wards.

30:4.7 #6. Havona Pilgrims.

30:4.8 #7. Paradise Arrivals.

30:4.9 The following narrative presents the universe career of an Adjuster-indwelt mortal. The Son- and Spirit-fused mortals share portions of this career, but we have elected to tell this story as it pertains to the Adjuster-fused mortals, for such a destiny may be anticipated by all of the human races of Urantia.

30:4.10 #1. Planetary Mortals. Mortals are all animal-origin evolutionary beings of ascendant potential. In origin, nature, and destiny these various groups and types of human beings are not wholly unlike the Urantia peoples. The human races of each world receive the same ministry of the Sons of God and enjoy the presence of the ministering spirits of time. After natural death all types of ascenders fraternize as one morontia family on the mansion worlds. [Thus, there are no "space aliens" that are our enemies; all the nearly infinite number of humans on countless planets everywhere in the Cosmos are our spiritual brothers and sisters in the Family of Jesus and thus in the Family of God !]

30:4.11 #2. Sleeping Survivors. All mortals of survival status, in the custody of personal guardians of destiny, pass through the portals of natural death and, on the third period, personalize on the mansion worlds. Those accredited beings who have, for any reason, been unable to attain that level of intelligence mastery and endowment of spirituality which would entitle them to personal guardians, cannot thus immediately and directly go to the mansion worlds. Such surviving souls must rest in unconscious sleep until the judgment day of a new epoch, a new dispensation, the coming of a Son of God to call the rolls of the age and adjudicate the realm, and this is the general practice throughout all Nebadon. It was said of Christ Michael that, when he ascended on high at the conclusion of his work on earth, “He led a great multitude of captives.” And these captives were the sleeping survivors from the days of Adam to the day of the Master’s resurrection on Urantia. [a period of about 36 thousand years.]

30:4.12 The passing of time is of no moment to sleeping mortals; they are wholly unconscious and oblivious to the length of their rest. On reassembly of personality at the end of an age, those who have slept five thousand years will react no differently than those who have rested five days. Aside from this time delay these survivors pass on through the ascension regime identically with those who avoid the longer or shorter sleep of death. [Maybe you are destined to work with another ascended human born on a planet thousands of years before or after you. By one of you sleeping dead thousands of years longer, you can meet up in the next mansion world Heaven to then work together. All sleeping survivors sense the same: Being alive-Alive instantly ! You were alive here in body -- you are instantly Alive as a higher soul being. There is no sense of sleep when you are brain-dead and mindless during sleep ! Wonderful ! That is called "striking steep with Eternity" !]

30:4.13 These dispensational classes of world pilgrims are utilized for group morontia activities in the work of the local universes. There is a great advantage in the mobilization of such enormous groups; they are thus kept together for long periods of effective service.

30:4.14 #3. Mansion World Students. All surviving mortals who reawaken on the mansion worlds belong to this class.

30:4.15 The physical body of mortal flesh is not a part of the reassembly of the sleeping survivor; the physical body has returned to dust. The seraphim of assignment sponsors the new body, the morontia form, as the new life vehicle for the immortal soul and for the indwelling of the returned Adjuster. The Adjuster is the custodian of the spirit transcript of the mind of the sleeping survivor. The assigned seraphim is the keeper of the surviving identity—the immortal soul—as far as it has evolved. And when these two, the Adjuster and the seraphim, reunite their personality trusts, the new individual constitutes the resurrection of the old personality, the survival of the evolving morontia identity of the soul. Such a reassociation of soul and Adjuster is quite properly called a resurrection, a reassembly of personality factors; but even this does not entirely explain the reappearance of the surviving personality. [probably in God the Paradise Universal Father's keeping in His I AM Circuit] Though you will probably never understand the fact of such an inexplicable transaction, you will sometime experientially know the truth of it if you do not reject the plan of mortal survival.

30:4.16 The plan of initial mortal detention on seven worlds of progressive training is nearly universal in Orvonton. In each local system of approximately one thousand inhabited planets there are seven mansion worlds, usually satellites or subsatellites of the system capital. They are the receiving worlds for the majority of ascending mortals.

30:4.17 Sometimes all training worlds of mortal residence are called universe “mansions,” and it was to such spheres that Jesus alluded when he said: “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” From here on, within a given group of spheres like the mansion worlds, ascenders will progress individually from one sphere to another and from one phase of life to another, but they will always advance from one stage of universe study to another in class formation.

30:4.18 #4. Morontia Progressors. From the mansion worlds on up through the spheres of the system, constellation, and the universe, [570 morontia Heavens total] mortals are classed as morontia progressors; they are traversing the transition spheres of mortal ascension. As the ascending mortals progress from the lower to the higher of the morontia worlds, they serve on countless assignments in association with their teachers and in company with their more advanced and senior brethren.

30:4.19 Morontia progression pertains to continuing advancement of intellect, spirit, and personality form. Survivors are still three-natured beings. Throughout the entire morontia experience they are wards of the local universe. The regime of the superuniverse does not function until the spirit career begins. [First-stage Spirit entry into our Orvonton Superuniverse, then long progress to higher stages]

30:4.20 Mortals acquire real spirit identity just before they leave the local universe headquarters [our Salvington] for the receiving worlds of the minor sectors [our Ensa with 100 local universes] of the superuniverse. Passing from the final morontia stage to the first or lowest spirit status is but a slight transition. The mind, personality, and character are unchanged by such an advance; only does the form undergo modification. [Upgrade !] But the spirit form is just as real as the morontia body, and it is equally *discernible.

30:4.21 Before departing from their native local universes for the superuniverse receiving worlds, the mortals of time are recipients of spirit confirmation from the Creator Son and the local universe Mother Spirit. From this point on, the status of the ascending mortal is forever settled. Superuniverse wards have never been known to go astray. Ascending seraphim are also advanced in angelic standing at the time of their departure from the local universes.

30:4.22 #5. Superuniverse Wards. All ascenders arriving on the training worlds of the superuniverses become the wards of the Ancients of Days; they have traversed the morontia life of the local universe and are now accredited spirits. As young spirits they begin the ascension of the superuniverse system of training and culture, extending from the receiving spheres of their minor sector in through the study worlds of the ten major sectors and on to the higher cultural spheres of the superuniverse headquarters.

30:4.23 There are three orders of student spirits in accordance with their sojourn upon the minor sector, major sectors, and the superuniverse headquarters worlds of spirit progression. As morontia ascenders studied and worked on the worlds of the local universe, so spirit ascenders continue to master new worlds while they practice at giving out to others that which they have imbibed at the experiential founts of wisdom. But going to school as a spirit being in the superuniverse career is very unlike anything that has ever entered the imaginative realms of the material mind of man.

30:4.24 Before leaving the superuniverse for Havona, these ascending spirits receive the same thorough course in superuniverse management that they received during their morontia experience in local universe supervision. Before spirit mortals reach Havona, their chief study, but not exclusive occupation, is the mastery of local and superuniverse administration. The reason for all of this experience is not now fully apparent, but no doubt such training is wise and necessary in view of their possible future destiny as members of the Corps of the Finality. [!!]

30:4.25 The superuniverse regime is not the same for all ascending mortals. They receive the same general education, but special groups and classes are carried through special courses of instruction and are put through specific courses of training.

30:4.26 #6. Havona Pilgrims. When spirit development is complete, even though not replete, [universally complete in all functions] then the surviving mortal prepares for the long flight to Havona, the haven of evolutionary spirits. On earth you were a creature of flesh and blood; through the local universe you were a morontia being; through the superuniverse you were an evolving spirit; with your arrival on the receiving worlds of Havona your spiritual education begins in reality and in earnest; your eventual appearance on Paradise will be as a perfected spirit.

30:4.27 The journey from the superuniverse headquarters to the Havona receiving spheres is always made alone. From now on no more class or group instruction will be administered. You are through with the technical and administrative training of the evolutionary worlds of time and space. Now begins your personal education, your individual spiritual training. From first to last, throughout all Havona, the instruction is personal and threefold in nature: intellectual, spiritual, and experiential.

30:4.28 The first act of your Havona career will be to *recognize and thank your transport seconaphim for the long and safe journey. Then you are presented to those beings who will sponsor your early Havona activities. Next you go to register your arrival and prepare your message of thanksgiving and adoration for dispatch to the Creator Son of your local universe, the universe Father who made possible your sonship career. This concludes the formalities of the Havona arrival; whereupon you are accorded a long period of leisure for free observation, and this affords opportunity for looking up your friends, fellows, and associates of the long ascension experience. You may also consult the broadcasts to ascertain who of your fellow pilgrims have departed for Havona since the time of your leaving Uversa.

30:4.29 The fact of your arrival on the receiving worlds of Havona will be duly transmitted to the headquarters of your local universe and personally conveyed to your seraphic guardian, wherever that seraphim may chance to be.

30:4.30 The ascendant mortals have been thoroughly trained in the affairs of the evolutionary worlds of space; now they begin their long and profitable contact with the created spheres of perfection. What a preparation for some future work is afforded by this combined, unique, and extraordinary experience! But I cannot tell you about Havona; you must *see these [one billion] worlds to appreciate their glory or to *understand their grandeur.

30:4.31 #7. Paradise Arrivals. On reaching Paradise with residential status, you begin the progressive course in divinity and absonity.[for the higher Ultimate-level Master Universe] Your residence on Paradise signifies that you have found God, and that you are to be mustered into the Mortal Corps of the Finality. Of all the creatures of the grand universe, only those who are Father fused are mustered into the Mortal Corps of the Finality. Only such individuals take the finaliter oath. Other beings of Paradise perfection or attainment may be temporarily attached to this finality corps, but they are not of eternal assignment to the unknown and unrevealed mission of this accumulating host of the evolutionary and perfected veterans of time and space.

30:4.32 Paradise arrivals are accorded a period of freedom, after which they begin their associations with the seven groups of the primary supernaphim. They are designated Paradise graduates when they have finished their course with the conductors of worship and then, as finaliters, are assigned on observational and co-operative service to the ends of the far-flung creation. As yet there seems to be no specific or settled employment for the Mortal Corps of Finaliters, though they serve in many capacities on worlds settled in light and life.

30:4.33 If there should be no future or unrevealed destiny for the Mortal Corps of the Finality, the present assignment of these ascendant beings would be altogether adequate and glorious. Their present destiny wholly justifies the universal plan of evolutionary ascent. But the future ages of the evolution of the spheres of outer space will undoubtedly further elaborate, and with more repleteness divinely illuminate, the wisdom and loving-kindness of the Gods in the execution of their divine plan of human survival and mortal ascension.

30:4.34 This narrative, together with what has been revealed to you and with what you may acquire in connection with instruction respecting your own world, presents an outline of the career of an ascending mortal. The story varies considerably in the different superuniverses, but this recital affords a glimpse of the average plan of mortal progression as it is operative in the local universe of Nebadon and in the seventh segment of the grand universe, the superuniverse of Orvonton.

30:4.35 {Sponsored by a Mighty Messenger from Uversa.}


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