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Teacher-Brother Dave's Compilation


The New Epochal Revelation of Truth, Page 102

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Teacher-Brother Dave's initial comments: I am presenting some of my Topical Studies from the fully public domain, 2097 page, Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth and with my added comments. The Revealed text is free of copyright, so you may freely share individually these supernal quotes with your friends and relatives. But my order of selections, font types for emphasis and my added comments are Copyright 2014 by Dave@PureChristians.org All Rights Reserved. Contact me first about using the whole Study or group of Studies.

[My added comments of explanation below are in these square brackets]

Topical Study 84 "Ministry On All Levels"

Compiled 10/22/2014 by Dave@PureChristians.org

[Part 3 of many]

[This is an expansion of my earlier Topical Study 28 in two parts. See here: Study 28 Divine and Human Service Ministry (Scroll 60% down that page) ]

How does the Divine Ministry to humans, of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, differ?

How are they alike?

How are they applied in our local universe?


6. Personality of the Infinite Spirit


8:6.5 Even though we behold the phenomenon of the Ministry of the Infinite Spirit to the remote worlds of the universe of universes, even though we envisage this same Coordinating Deity acting in and through the untold legions of the manifold beings who take origin in the Third Source and Center, even though we recognize the Omnipresence of the Spirit, nonetheless, we still affirm that this same Third Source and Center is a [real] person, the Conjoint Creator of all things and all beings and all universes.

8:6.6 In the administration of universes the Father, Son, and Spirit are perfectly and eternally interassociated. Though each is engaged in a Personal Ministry to all creation, all three are divinely and absolutely interlocked in a service of creation and control which forever makes them one.



9:0.1 A strange thing occurred when, in the presence of Paradise, the Universal Father and the Eternal Son unite to personalize themselves. Nothing in this eternity situation foreshadows that the Conjoint Actor would personalize as an unlimited spirituality co-ordinated with absolute mind and endowed with unique prerogatives of energy manipulation. His coming into being completes the Father’s liberation from the bonds of centralized perfection and from the fetters of personality absolutism. And this liberation is disclosed in the amazing power of the Conjoint Creator to create beings well adapted to serve as Ministering Spirits [our Creative Mother (Holy) Spirit] even to the material creatures of the subsequently evolving universes.

9:0.2 The Father is infinite in love and volition, in spiritual thought and purpose; He is the Universal Upholder. The Son is infinite in wisdom and truth, in spiritual expression and interpretation; He is the Universal Revealer. Paradise is infinite in potential for force endowment and in capacity for energy dominance; it is the Universal Stabilizer. The Conjoint Actor possesses unique prerogatives of synthesis, infinite capacity to Coordinate all existing universe energies, all actual universe spirits, and all real universe intellects; the Third Source and Center is the universal Unifier of the manifold energies and diverse creations which have appeared in consequence of the Divine Plan and the Eternal Purpose of the Universal Father.

9:0.3 The Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Creator, is a Universal and Divine Minister. The Spirit unceasingly ministers the Son’s mercy and the Father’s love, even in harmony with the stable, unvarying, and righteous justice of the Paradise Trinity. His influence and personalities are ever near you; they really know and truly understand you. [!!]


9:1.3 While you envisage the Father as an original Creator and the Son as a spiritual administrator, you should think of the Third Source and Center as a universal co-ordinator, a Minister of unlimited co-operation. The Conjoint Actor is the correlator of all actual reality; he is the Deity repository of the Father’s thought and the Son’s word and in action is eternally regardful of the material absoluteness of the central Isle. The Paradise Trinity has ordained the universal order of progress, and the providence of God is the domain of the Conjoint Creator and the evolving Supreme Being. No actual or actualizing reality can escape eventual relationship with the Third Source and Center.

9:1.8 In addition to this supercontrol of energy and things physical, the Infinite Spirit is superbly endowed with those attributes of patience, mercy, and love which are so exquisitely revealed in his spiritual Ministry. The Spirit is supremely competent to minister love and to overshadow justice with mercy. God the Spirit possesses all the supernal kindness and merciful affection of the Original and Eternal Son. The universe of your origin is being forged out between the anvil of justice and the hammer of suffering; but those who wield the hammer are the children of mercy, the spirit offspring of the Infinite Spirit. [God's invitation-command to each of us is: "Be you perfect; even as I AM perfect." "Follow and obey your Creator Father-Son Jesus Christ Michael." "In Him (our Sovereign Jesus) here, I AM; and WE (the Trinity Government) ARE." (This last sentence is my interpretive, inspired paraphrase of our universe spiritual Reality; more later.)]


9:2.3 There are many untrammeled [unhampered] lines of spiritual force and sources of supermaterial power linking the people of earth directly with the Deities of Paradise. There exist the connection of the Thought Adjusters [God's perfect prepersonal Spirit will within your mind and soul] direct with the Universal Father, the widespread influence of the Spiritual-Gravity urge of the Eternal Son, and the Spiritual Presence of the Conjoint Creator. There is a difference in function between the Spirit of the Son and the Spirit of the Spirit. The Third Person in his Spiritual Ministry may function as Mind plus Spirit or as Spirit alone.

5. The Ministry of Mind

9:5.3 The unique feature of mind is that it can be bestowed upon such a wide range of life. Through his creative and creature associates the Third Source and Center ministers to all minds on all spheres. He ministers to human and subhuman intellect through the [seven] adjutants [mind-spirits of the Creative Minister] of the local universes and, through the agency of the physical controllers, ministers even to the lowest nonexperiencing entities of the most primitive types of living things. And always is the direction of mind a ministry of mind-spirit or mind-energy personalities.


9:8.6 The Third Source and Center is represented in the grand universe by a vast [maybe infinite in number !] array of ministering spirits, messengers, teachers, adjudicators, helpers, and advisers, together with supervisors of certain circuits of physical, morontial, and spiritual nature. Not all of these beings are personalities in the strict meaning of the term. Personality of the finite-creature variety is characterized by:

9:8.7 1. Subjective self-consciousness.

9:8.8 2. Objective response to the Father's personality circuit. [!!]

3. The Ministering Spirits of Time.

9:8.25 The Spirit personalities of the vast family of the Divine and Infinite Spirit are forever dedicated to the service of the Ministry of the love of God and the mercy of the Son to all the intelligent creatures of the evolutionary worlds of time and space. These Spirit beings constitute the living ladder whereby mortal man climbs from chaos to glory. [Some readers of this Revelation have also stated our long evolution into all Spirit-perfection as: "from clod to God" and "from slime to Sublime"; I added "from oozed to Enthused". Ha ha]



10:1.2 [Very important !] The Universal Father all along has divested himself of every part of himself that was bestowable on any other Creator or creature. He has delegated to his Divine [Creator] Sons and their associated intelligences every Power and All Authority that could be delegated. He has actually transferred to his Sovereign Sons, in their respective universes, [our Sovereign God-Man Jesus Christ Michael] every prerogative of administrative Authority that was transferable. In the affairs of a local universe, He has made each Sovereign Creator Son just as perfect, competent, and authoritative as is the Eternal Son in the Original and Central Universe. He has given away, actually bestowed, with the dignity and sanctity of personality possession, all of himself and all of his attributes, everything He possibly could divest himself of, in every way, in every age, in every place, and to every person, and in every universe except that of his central indwelling. [!!! Perfect Divine Ministry to all persons and beings !! God is fully now in Jesus and Jesus is fully in God ! Jesus now has all Power and Authority here of all of Deity to us: God the Father and God the Son and God the Spirit. Jesus is the very Personal fullness of God to us. HE IS I AM here ! I am blessed in Spirit to Know this Eternal Truth personally since my Spirit Birth-Day Eternity since May 24, 1977 and forevermore. Thank You Jesus ! You are here ! Ever Guiding us as He the Holy Father-Son-Spirit of Truth ! Even All Truth ! (also see John ch 16, ch 17 and Rev 21:3-7 and others in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth)]


10:5.1 The personal Deities have attributes, but it is hardly consistent to speak of the Trinity as having attributes. This association of divine beings may more properly be regarded as having functions, such as justice administration, totality attitudes, coordinate action, and cosmic overcontrol. These functions are actively supreme, ultimate, and (within the limits of Deity) absolute as far as all living realities of personality value are concerned.

10:5.2 The functions of the Paradise Trinity are not simply the sum of the Father's apparent endowment of divinity plus those specialized attributes that are unique in the personal existence of the Son and the Spirit. The Trinity association of the three Paradise Deities results in the evolution, eventuation, and deitization of new meanings, values, powers, and capacities for universal revelation, action, and administration. [Ministry.] Living associations, human families, social groups, or the Paradise Trinity are not augmented by mere arithmetical summation. The group potential is always far in excess of the simple sum of the attributes of the component individuals. [The whole is more than the simple sum of its parts. A crude example on the material level here: If somebody took your functional car and took it carefully apart into 5000 pieces, left all these pieces neatly in your driveway, and told you that "Your car is all there; not one piece has been lost !", you would KNOW that the whole assembled car SYSTEM is much more useful than the present 5000 separate pieces ! Ha ha]


10:6.1 All law takes origin in the First Source and Center; he is law. The administration of spiritual law inheres in the Second Source and Center. The revelation of law, the promulgation and interpretation of the divine statutes, is the function of the Third Source and Center. The application of law, justice, falls within the province of the Paradise Trinity and is carried out by certain Sons of the Trinity.

10:6.2 Justice is inherent in the universal sovereignty of the Paradise Trinity, but goodness, mercy, and truth are the Universe Ministry of the divine personalities, whose Deity union constitutes the Trinity. Justice is not the attitude of the Father, the Son, or the Spirit. Justice is the Trinity attitude of these personalities of love, mercy, and ministry. No one of the Paradise Deities fosters the administration of justice. Justice is never a personal attitude; it is always a plural function.

10:6.18 Justice is the collective thought of righteousness; mercy is its personal expression. Mercy is the attitude of love; precision characterizes the operation of law; divine judgment is the soul of fairness, ever conforming to the justice of the Trinity, ever fulfilling the Divine love of God. When fully perceived and completely understood, the righteous justice of the Trinity and the merciful love of the Universal Father are coincident. [The same ! Just as GOD, the Paradise Father of All, IS just as loving and merciful as our Maker-Master JESUS IS ! There is no alleged "sternness", no "wrath" anywhere in Deity !! God's perfect attitude is Absolute and Infinite; thus CHANGELESS. "I AM the Lord God; I change not." "Now is the loving judgment of God in Jesus" (see John 12:31-32) Amen ! Thank You, our merciful and gracious Father !] But man has no such full understanding of divine justice. Thus in the Trinity, as man would view it, the personalities of Father, Son, and Spirit are adjusted to Co-ordinate Ministry of love and law in the experiential universes of time.



12:8.7 The Conjoint Actor [The Paradise Infinite Spirit acting for both the Universal Father and the Eternal Son] reacts to both material and spiritual realities and therefore inherently becomes the Universal Minister to all intelligent beings, beings who may represent a union of both the material and spiritual phases of creation. The endowment of intelligence, the ministry to the material and the spiritual in the phenomenon of mind, is the exclusive domain of the Conjoint Actor, who thus becomes the Partner of the spiritual mind, the Essence of the morontia [soul] mind, and the Substance of the material mind of the evolutionary creatures of time. [!!]

12:8.13 The goal of existence of all personalities is Spirit; material manifestations are relative, and the Cosmic Mind intervenes between these universal opposites. The Bestowal of Mind and the Ministration of Spirit are the work of the associate persons of Deity, the Infinite Spirit and the Eternal Son. Total Deity Reality is not Mind but Spirit-Mind — Mind-Spirit unified by personality. Nevertheless the Absolutes of both the spirit and the thing converge in the Person of the Universal Father. [God The Father-Infinite I AM ]



13:1.5 The secrets of Divinington [one of seven secret very high spheres of the Universal Father that circle the Isle of Paradise] include the secret of the Bestowal and Mission of Thought Adjusters. [God's will within you !] Their nature, origin, and the technique of their contact with the lowly creatures of the evolutionary worlds is a secret of this Paradise sphere. These amazing transactions do not personally concern the rest of us, and therefore do the Deities deem it proper to withhold certain features of this Great and Divine Ministry from our full understanding. In so far as we come in contact with this phase of divine activity, we are permitted full knowledge of these transactions, but concerning the intimate details of this Great Bestowal we are not fully informed.

13:1.17 There are numerous additional orders of Spirit personalities, beings unknown to mortal man, who look upon Solitarington as their Paradise home sphere. It should be remembered that all divisions and levels of universe activities are just as fully provided with Spirit Ministers as is the realm concerned with helping mortal man ascend to his Divine Paradise Destiny. [!!]

13:1.19 6. SERAPHINGTON. This sphere is the “bosom of the Son and the Spirit” and is the home world of the vast hosts of unrevealed beings created by the Son and the Spirit. This is also the destiny sphere of all ministering orders of the angelic hosts, including supernaphim, seconaphim, and seraphim. There also serve in the central and outlying universes many orders of superb Spirits who are not “ministering spirits to those who shall be heirs of salvation.” All these spirit workers in all levels and realms of universe activities look upon Seraphington as their Paradise home.


13:3.1 The seven luminous spheres of the Eternal Son are the worlds of the seven phases of pure-Spirit existence. These shining orbs are the source of the threefold Light of Paradise and Havona, their influence being largely, but not wholly, confined to the Central Universe.

13:3.2 Personality is not present on these Paradise satellites; therefore is there little concerning these pure-Spirit abodes which can be presented to the mortal and material personality. We are taught that these worlds teem with the otherwise-than-personal life of the Beings of the Eternal Son. We infer that these Entities are being assembled for Ministry in the projected new universes of outer space. The Paradise philosophers maintain that each Paradise cycle, about two billion years of earth time, witnesses the creation of additional reserves of these orders on the secret worlds of the Eternal Son.


13:4.1 Between the inner circuit of Havona and the shining spheres of the Eternal Son there circle the seven orbs of the Infinite Spirit, worlds inhabited by the Offspring of the Infinite Spirit, by the Trinitized Sons of glorified created personalities, and by other types of unrevealed Beings concerned with the effective administration of the many enterprises of the various realms of universe activities.

13:4.6 The executive abodes of the Seven Master Spirits are, in reality, the Paradise headquarters of the seven superuniverses and their correlated segments in outer space. Each Master Spirit presides over one superuniverse, and each of these seven worlds is exclusively assigned to one of the Master Spirits. There is literally no phase of the sub-Paradise administration of the seven superuniverses which is not provided for on these executive worlds. They are not so exclusive as the spheres of the Father or those of the Son, and though residential status is limited to native beings and those who work thereon, these seven administrative planets are always open to all beings who desire to visit them, and who can command the necessary means of transit.

13:4.7 To me, [a high Paradise-level Perfector of Wisdom] these executive [high-level ministering] worlds are the most interesting and intriguing spots outside of Paradise. In no other place in the wide universe can one observe such varied activities, involving so many different orders of living beings, having to do with operations on so many diverse levels, occupations at once material, intellectual, and spiritual. When I am accorded a period of release from assignment, if I chance to be on Paradise or in Havona, I usually proceed to one of these busy worlds of the Seven Master Spirits, there to inspire my mind with such spectacles of enterprise, devotion, loyalty, wisdom, and effectiveness. Nowhere else can I observe such an amazing interassociation of personality performances on all seven levels of universe reality. And I am always stimulated by the activities of those who well know how to do their work, and who so thoroughly enjoy doing it.

Topical Study 84 "Ministry On All Levels"

Compiled 10/24/2014 by Dave@PureChristians.org

[Part 4 of many]

[This is an expansion of my earlier Topical Study 28 in two parts. See here: Study 28 Divine and Human Service Ministry (Scroll 60% down that page) ]

How does the Divine Ministry to humans, of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, differ?

How are they alike?

How are they applied in our local universe?




14:3.5 [Havona is the one billion perfect super-spheres surrounding the nuclear Isle of Paradise that we will all ascend through to be Spirit-perfected for Eternal Residence on Paradise and superb unending adventures throughout the cosmos !] At present, although the spheres of the seven [Havona] circuits are maintained in all their supernal glory, only about one per cent of all planetary capacity is utilized in the work of furthering the Father’s universal plan of mortal ascension. About one tenth of one per cent of the area of these enormous worlds is dedicated to the life and activities of the [ascended humans] Corps of the Finality, beings eternally settled in Light and Life who often sojourn and minister on the Havona worlds. These exalted beings have their personal residences on Paradise.


14:4.12 There is a life that is native to Havona and possesses significance in and of itself. Havoners minister in many ways to Paradise descenders and to [human sons of God] superuniverse ascenders, but they also live lives that are unique in the central universe and have relative meaning quite apart from either Paradise or the superuniverses.

14:4.13 As the worship of the faith sons of the evolutionary worlds ministers to the satisfaction of the Universal Father’s love, so the exalted adoration of the Havona creatures satiates the perfect ideals of divine beauty and truth. As mortal man strives to do the will of God, these beings of the central universe live to gratify the ideals of the Paradise Trinity. In their very nature they are the will of God. Man rejoices in the goodness of God, Havoners exult in the divine beauty, while you both enjoy the ministry of the liberty of Living Truth. [!!]

14:4.20 The Infinite Spirit is represented on the Havona worlds by a host of personalities, beings of grace and glory, who administer the details of the intricate intellectual and spiritual affairs of the central universe. On these worlds of divine perfection they perform the work indigenous to the normal conduct of this vast creation and, in addition, carry on the manifold tasks of teaching, training, and ministering to the enormous numbers of ascendant creatures who have climbed to [Divine] Glory from the dark worlds of space. [Our lowly planet, having two serious defaults of lower administering Sons of God, was among the darkest; now it continues to slowly improve, thanks to God and many of his ministering agents !]


14:6.5 Many superfinite activities take place in the Havona of the present [Grand] Universe age, involving untold diversities of absonite [Transcendental. Ultimate] and other phases of mind and spirit functions. It is possible that the central universe serves many purposes which are not revealed to me, [a Trinity-Origin Perfector of Wisdom] as it functions in numerous ways beyond the comprehension of the created mind. Nevertheless, I will endeavor to depict how this perfect creation ministers to the needs and contributes to the satisfactions of seven orders of universe intelligence.

14:6.13 Havona affords the Eternal Son an almost unlimited base for the ever-expanding realization of Spirit Power. The central universe afforded the Eternal Son the arena wherein he could safely and securely demonstrate the Spirit and technique of the Bestowal Ministry for the instruction of his associate Paradise [Creator] Sons. [Our Universe Creator Son of God completed his Seventh (final) Bestowal here on earth as Jesus - our Incarnate God-Man person from 7 B.C - A.D. 30. He remains fully here wqith us as He the Spirit of All Truth !!]

14:6.18 In Havona the Infinite Spirit found an arena wherein he could demonstrate the ability and willingness to serve as a potential Mercy Minister. In this perfect creation the Spirit rehearsed for the adventure of ministry in the evolutionary universes.

14:6.19 This perfect creation afforded the Infinite Spirit opportunity to participate in universe administration with both Divine Parents — to administer a universe as associate-Creator offspring, [including our Holy Creative Spirit Minister who is the Partner of our Creator Son Jesus Christ Michael] thereby preparing for the joint administration of the local universes as the Creative Spirit associates of the Creator Sons.

14:6.20 The Havona worlds are the mind laboratory of the Creators of the Cosmic Mind and the Ministers to every creature mind in existence. Mind is different on each Havona world [one billion different minds !!] and serves as the pattern for all spiritual and material creature intellects.

14:6.21 These perfect worlds are the mind graduate schools for all beings destined for Paradise society. They afforded the Spirit abundant opportunity to test out the technique of Mind Ministry on safe and advisory personalities.

14:6.22 Havona is a compensation to the Infinite Spirit for his widespread and unselfish work in the universes of space. Havona is the perfect home and retreat for the untiring Mind Minister of time and space.

14:6.32 6. The Co-ordinate Ministering Daughters. The Universe Mother Spirits, Co-creators of the local universes, secure their prepersonal training on the worlds of Havona in close association with the Spirits of the Circuits. In the central universe the Spirit Daughters of the local universes were duly trained in the methods of cooperation with the Sons of Paradise, all the while subject to the will of the Father.

14:6.35 From this central universe also came the Bestowal of the personal prerogatives of Creatorship which a Universe Divine Minister employs as complemental to a Creator Son in the work of creating living will creatures.



15:7.11 Uversa [the headquarters of our Orvonton superuniverse #7 of seven] is the spiritual and administrative headquarters for approximately one trillion inhabited or inhabitable worlds. The glory, grandeur, and perfection of the Orvonton capital surpass any of the wonders of the time-space creations.


15:9.13 2. The circuit of the Divine Ministers, the local universe Mother Spirits, the Holy Spirit of your world.

15:9.14 3. The intelligence-ministry circuit of a local universe, including the diversely functioning presence of the adjutant mind-spirits. [the source of human mind on earth !]

15:9.15 [Important ! In our planet's and local universe's very distant future:] When there develops such a spiritual harmony in a local universe that its individual and combined circuits become indistinguishable from those of the superuniverse, when such identity of function and oneness of ministry actually prevail, then does the local universe immediately swing into the settled circuits of Light and Life, becoming at once eligible for admission into the spiritual confederation of the perfected union of the supercreation. The requisites for admission to the councils of the Ancients of Days, membership in the superuniverse confederation, are:

15:9.16 1. Physical Stability. The stars and planets of a local universe must be in equilibrium; the periods of immediate stellar metamorphosis must be over. The universe must be proceeding on a clear track; its orbit must be safely and finally settled.

15:9.17 2. Spiritual Loyalty. There must exist a state of universal recognition of, and loyalty to, the Sovereign Son of God [our Coordinate Creator Son of God who is our universe Creator Father-Savior Jesus Christ Michael] who presides over the affairs of such a local universe. There must have come into being a state of harmonious co-operation between the individual planets, systems, and constellations of the entire local universe.

15:9.18 Your local universe is not even reckoned as belonging to the settled physical order of the superuniverse, much less as holding membership in the recognized spiritual family of the supergovernment. Although Nebadon does not yet have representation on Uversa, we of the superuniverse government are dispatched to its worlds on special missions from time to time, even as I [a Universal Censor, a Trinity Son of God originally from Paradise] have come to Earth directly from Uversa. We lend every possible assistance to your directors and rulers in the solution of their difficult problems; we are desirous of seeing your universe qualified for full admission into the associated creations of the superuniverse family. [Wonderful !]


15:10.22 At almost all times it is possible to find representatives of all groups of created beings on the headquarters worlds of the superuniverses. The routine ministering work of the superuniverses is performed by the mighty seconaphim and by other members of the vast family of the Infinite Spirit. In the work of these marvelous centers of superuniverse administration, control, ministry, and executive judgment, the intelligences of every sphere of universal life are mingled in effective service, wise administration, loving ministry, and just judgment.


15:14.2 [Important !] Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse, the one to which your local universe belongs, is known chiefly because of its tremendous and lavish bestowal of merciful ministry to the mortals of the realms. It is renowned for the manner in which justice prevails as tempered by mercy and power rules as conditioned by patience, while the sacrifices of time are freely made to secure the stabilization of Eternity. Orvonton is a universe demonstration of love and mercy.

15:14.9 Your planet is a member of an enormous cosmos; you belong to a well-nigh infinite family of worlds, but your sphere is just as precisely administered and just as lovingly fostered as if it were the only inhabited world in all existence.



16:0.1 The Seven Master Spirits of Paradise are the primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit. In this sevenfold creative act of self-duplication the Infinite Spirit exhausted the associative possibilities mathematically inherent in the factual existence of the three persons of Deity. Had it been possible to produce a larger number of Master Spirits, they would have been created, but there are just seven associative possibilities, and only seven, inherent in three Deities. And this explains why the universe is operated in seven grand divisions, and why the number seven is basically fundamental in its organization and administration. [1. Father 2. Son 3. Spirit 4. Father-Son 5. Father-Spirit 6. Son-Spirit 7. Father-Son-Spirit are all associative possibilities of the three Persons of the Godhead. The major spiritual numbers are: 1, 3, 7, Infinity]


16:3.14 Master Spirit Number Seven. The presiding Spirit of the [our] seventh superuniverse is a uniquely equal portrayal of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The Seventh Spirit, the fostering adviser of all triune-origin beings, is also the adviser and director of all the ascending pilgrims of Havona, those lowly [human] beings who have attained the courts of Glory through the combined Ministry of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.


16:4.1 The Seven Master Spirits are the full representation of the Infinite Spirit to the evolutionary universes. They represent the Third Source and Center in the relationships of energy, mind, and Spirit. While they function as the coordinating heads of the universal administrative control of the Conjoint Actor, do not forget that they have their origin in the creative acts of the Paradise Deities. It is literally true that these Seven Spirits are the personalized physical power, cosmic mind, and spiritual Presence of the triune Deity, “the Seven Spirits of God sent forth to all the universe.”

16:4.2 The Master Spirits are unique in that they function on all universe levels of [Supreme and Ultimate] reality excepting the absolute. They are, therefore, efficient and perfect supervisors of all phases of administrative affairs on all levels of superuniverse activities. It is difficult for the mortal mind to understand very much about the Master Spirits because their work is so highly specialized yet all-embracing, so exceptionally material and at the same time so exquisitely spiritual. These versatile creators of the cosmic mind are the ancestors of the Universe Power Directors and are, themselves, supreme directors of the vast and far-flung spirit-creature creation.

16:4.5 Unquestionably, when we encounter the functional activities of the various Morontia [soul level] Power Supervisors, we are face to face with certain of the unrevealed activities of the Master Spirits. Who, aside from these ancestors of both physical controllers and spirit ministers, could have contrived so to combine and associate material and spiritual energies as to produce a hitherto nonexistent phase of universe reality — morontia substance and morontia mind? [After physical death, we humans shed our gross physical bodies and have morontia (soul reality) super-bodies and higher soul-minds. We retain the same unique, forever unchanging personality and the same pure Spirit of God - the Thought Adjuster - living within us !]

16:4.13 5. The bestowal of the ministry spirit of a local universe Creative Spirit, known on earth as the Holy Spirit.

16:4.16 Notwithstanding our failure adequately to comprehend the manifold workings of the Seven Master Spirits, we are confident there are two realms in the vast range of universe activities with which they have nothing whatever to do: the bestowal and ministry of the Thought Adjusters and the inscrutable functions of the Unqualified Absolute.


16:5.3 The Seven Master Spirits do not directly invade the material minds of the individual creatures on the evolutionary worlds of space. The mortals of earth do not experience the personal presence of the mind-spirit influence of the Master Spirit of Orvonton. If this Master Spirit does attain any sort of contact with the individual mortal mind during the earlier evolutionary ages of an inhabited world, it must occur through the ministry of the local universe Creative Spirit, the consort and associate of the Creator Son of God [our Jesus Christ Michael] who presides over the destinies of each local creation. But this very Creative Mother Spirit is, in nature and character, quite like the Master Spirit of Orvonton.


16:8.6 Self-consciousness consists in intellectual awareness of personality actuality; it includes the ability to recognize the reality of other personalities. It indicates capacity for individualized experience in and with cosmic realities, equivalating to the attainment of identity status in the personality relationships of the universe. Self-consciousness connotes recognition of the actuality of mind ministration and the realization of relative independence of creative and determinative free will. [Humans, even on earth, have ability for beginning super-consciousness: consciousness of self-consciousness in our Spirit-led souls.]

Topical Study 84 "Ministry On All Levels"

Compiled 10/27/2014 by Dave@PureChristians.org

[Part 5 of many]

[This is an expansion of my earlier Topical Study 28 in two parts. See here: Study 28 Divine and Human Service Ministry (Scroll 60% down that page) ]

How does the Divine Ministry to humans, of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, differ?

How are they alike?

How are they applied in our local universe?




17:8.1 The seven groups of Supreme Spirits constitute the nucleus of the functional family of the Third Source and Center both as the Infinite Spirit and as the Conjoint Actor. [acting for both the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.] The domain of the Supreme Spirits extends from the presence of the Trinity on Paradise to the functioning of mind of the evolutionary-mortal order on the planets of space. Thus do they unify the descending administrative levels and coordinate the manifold functions of the personnel thereof. Whether it is a Reflective Spirit group in liaison with the Ancients of Days, a Creative Spirit acting in concert with a Michael Son, or the Seven Master Spirits encircuited around the Paradise Trinity, the activity of the Supreme Spirits is encountered everywhere in the central, super-, and local universes. They function alike with the Trinity personalities of the order of “Days” and with the Paradise personalities of the order of “Sons.” [Many types of angels and super-angels are classified as Daughters of God.]

17:8.2 Together with their Infinite Mother Spirit, the Supreme Spirit groups are the immediate creators of the vast creature family of the Third Source and Center. All orders of the ministering spirits spring from this association. Primary supernaphim originate in the Infinite Spirit; secondary beings of this order are created by the Master Spirits; tertiary supernaphim by the Seven Spirits of the Circuits. The Reflective Spirits, collectively, are the mother-makers of a marvelous order of the angelic hosts, the mighty seconaphim of the superuniverse services. A Creative Spirit is the mother of the angelic orders of a local creation; such seraphic ministers are original in each local universe, though they are fashioned after the patterns of the central universe. All these creators of ministering spirits are only indirectly assisted by the central lodgment of the Infinite Spirit, the Original and Eternal Mother of all the angelic ministers. [There are maybe thousands of types of these angel and super-angel Ministers ! This 2097 page Fifth Epochal Revelation covers only about 100 of them; most are beyond present human capacity to even begin to comprehend.]

17:8.8 5. In their participation in the individualization of the local universe Divine Ministers, the Master Spirits contribute to the last level of God the Sevenfold, the Creator Son-Creative Spirit union of the local universes.



20:1.1 All descending Sons of God have high and divine origins. They are dedicated to the descending ministry of service on the worlds and systems of time and space, there to facilitate the progress in the Paradise climb of the lowly creatures of evolutionary origin — the ascending sons of God. Of the numerous orders of descending Sons, seven will be depicted in these narratives. Those Sons who come forth from the Deities on the central Isle of Light and Life are called the Paradise Sons of God ...

20:1.10 Melchizedeks [one level under a Coordinate Deity level Paradise Creator Son of God such as our local universe Creator Jesus Christ Michael] are the joint offspring of a local universe Creator Son, Creative [Holy] Spirit, and Father Melchizedek. Both Vorondadeks [two levels lower] and Lanonandeks [three levels lower] are brought into being by a Creator Son and his Creative Spirit associate. Vorondadeks are best known as the Most Highs, the Constellation Fathers; Lanonandeks as System Sovereigns and as Planetary Princes. The threefold order of Life Carriers [roughly four levels lower] is brought into being by a Creator Son and Creative Spirit associated with one of the three Ancients of Days of the superuniverse of jurisdiction. But the natures and activities of these local Universe Sons of God are more properly portrayed in those papers dealing with the affairs of the local creations.

20:1.11 The Paradise Sons of God are of threefold origin: The primary or Creator Sons are brought into being by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son; the secondary or Magisterial Sons are children of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit; the Trinity Teacher Sons are the offspring of the Father, Son, and Spirit. From the standpoint of service, worship, and supplication the Paradise Sons are as one; their Spirit is one, and their work is identical in quality and completeness.

20:1.12 As the Paradise orders of Days proved to be Divine Administrators, so have the orders of Paradise Sons revealed themselves as Divine Ministers — creators, servers, bestowers, judges, teachers, and truth revealers. They range the universe of universes [having seven trillion human-inhabited planets when this first Grand (Supreme level) Universe Age is fully evolved] from the shores of the Eternal Isle [of Paradise] to the inhabited worlds of time and space, performing manifold services in the central and superuniverses not disclosed in these narratives. They are variously organized, dependent on the nature and whereabouts of their service, but in a local universe both Magisterial and Teacher Sons serve under the direction of the Creator Son who presides over that domain. [Jesus is our universe Sovereign Father-Son and much more, ever being Revealed to us as we grow in spirit achievements and in soul and in mind.]

20:1.13 The Creator Sons seem to possess a spiritual endowment centering in their persons, which they control and which they can bestow, as did your own Creator Son when He poured out his Spirit [The Spirit of Truth] upon all mortal flesh on Earth. Each Creator Son is endowed with this spiritual drawing power in his own realm; He is personally conscious of every act and emotion of every descending Son of God serving in his domain. Here is a divine reflection, a local universe duplication, of that absolute spiritual drawing power of the Eternal Son which enables him to reach out to make and maintain contact with all his Paradise Sons, no matter where they may be in all the universe of universes.

20:1.14 The Paradise Creator Sons serve not only as Sons in their descending ministrations of service and bestowal, but when they have completed their bestowal careers, each functions as a universe Father in his own creation, [Yes, our Sovereign Creator Son of God Jesus Christ Michael completed his Seventh (final) Bestowal on earth in A.D. 30. He is our Creator Father; and He is now also the fullness of God the Universal Father and God the Eternal Son to us, and also One with the Infinite Spirit in Jesus' Holy Creative Spirit Co-equal Partner.] while the other Sons of God continue the service of bestowal and spiritual uplifting designed to win the planets, one by one, to the willing recognition of the loving rule of the Universal Father, culminating in creature consecration to the will of the Paradise Father and in planetary loyalty to the universe Sovereignty of his Creator Son.

20:1.15 In a sevenfold Creator Son, Creator and creature are forever blended in understanding, sympathetic, and merciful association. The entire order of Michael, the Creator Sons, is so unique that the consideration of their natures and activities will be reserved to the next paper in this series, while this narrative will be chiefly concerned with the two remaining orders of Paradise sonship: the Magisterial Sons and the Trinity Teacher Sons.


20:2.1 Every time an original and absolute concept of being formulated by the Eternal Son unites with a new and divine ideal of loving service conceived by the Infinite Spirit, a new and original Son of God, a Paradise Magisterial Son, is produced. These Sons constitute the order of Avonals in contradistinction to the order of Michael, the Creator Sons. Though not creators in the personal sense, they are closely associated with the Michaels in all their work. The Avonals are planetary ministers and judges, the magistrates of the time-space realms — of all races, to all worlds, and in all universes.

20:2.2 We have reasons for believing that the total number of Magisterial Sons in the Grand Universe is about one billion. They are a self-governing order, being directed by their Supreme Council on Paradise, which is made up of experienced Avonals drawn from the services of all universes. But when assigned to, and commissioned in, a local universe, they serve under the direction of the Creator Son of that domain.

20:2.3 Avonals are the Paradise Sons of service and bestowal to the individual planets of the local universes. [but not on our very special world !Our Creator Son Jesus Christ Michael Bestowed himself here ! We are the one planet chosen of ten million planets !] And since each Avonal Son has an exclusive personality, since no two are alike, their work is individually unique in the realms of their sojourn, where they are often incarnated in the likeness of mortal flesh and sometimes are born of earthly mothers on the evolutionary worlds.

20:2.4 In addition to their services on the higher administrative levels, the Avonals have a threefold function on the inhabited worlds:

20:2.5 1. Judicial Actions. They act at the close of the planetary dispensations. In time, scores -- hundreds -- of such missions may be executed on each individual world, and they may go to the same or to other worlds times without number as dispensation terminators, liberators of the sleeping survivors.

20:2.6 2. Magisterial Missions. A planetary visitation of this type usually occurs prior to the arrival of a bestowal Son. On such a mission an Avonal appears as an adult of the realm by a technique of incarnation not involving mortal birth. [On earth, a Melchizedek Son came about 4,000 years ago, then Christ Michael came about 2,000 years ago; another Divine Visitation could come soon.] Subsequent to this first and usual magisterial visit, Avonals may repeatedly serve in a magisterial capacity on the same planet both before and after the appearance of the bestowal Son. On these additional magisterial missions an Avonal may or may not appear in material and visible form, but on none of them will he be born into the world as a helpless babe.

20:2.7 3. Bestowal Missions.. The Avonal Sons do all, at least once, bestow themselves upon some mortal race on some evolutionary world. Judicial visits are numerous, magisterial missions may be plural, but on each planet there appears but one Bestowal Son. Bestowal Avonals are born of woman as Michael of Nebadon was incarnated on Earth. 20:2.8 There is no limit to the number of times the Avonal Sons may serve on magisterial and on bestowal missions, but usually, when the experience has been seven times traversed, there is suspension in favor of those who have had less of such service. These Sons of multiple bestowal experience are then assigned to the high personal council of a Creator Son, thus becoming participants in the administration of universe affairs.

20:2.9 In all their work for and on the inhabited worlds, the Magisterial Sons are assisted by two orders of local universe creatures, the Melchizedeks and the archangels, while on bestowal missions they are also accompanied by the Brilliant Evening Stars, likewise of origin in the local creations. In every planetary effort the secondary Paradise Sons, the Avonals, are supported by the full power and authority of a primary Paradise Son, the Creator Son of their local universe of service. To all intents and purposes their work on the inhabited spheres is just as effective and acceptable as would have been the service of a Creator Son upon such worlds of mortal habitation.


20:3.1 The Avonals are known as Magisterial Sons because they are the high magistrates of the realms, the adjudicators of the successive dispensations of the worlds of time. They preside over the awakening of the sleeping survivors, sit in judgment on the realm, bring to an end a dispensation of suspended justice, execute the mandates of an age of probationary mercy, reassign the space creatures of planetary ministry to the tasks of the new dispensation, and return to the headquarters of their local universe upon the completion of their mission.

20:3.2 When they sit in judgment on the destinies of an age, the Avonals decree the fate of the evolutionary races, but though they may render judgments extinguishing the identity of personal creatures, they do not execute such sentences. Verdicts of this nature are executed by none but the authorities of a superuniverse.

20:3.3 The arrival of a Paradise Avonal on an evolutionary world for the purpose of terminating a dispensation and of inaugurating a new era of planetary progression is not necessarily either a magisterial mission or a bestowal mission. Magisterial missions sometimes, and bestowal missions always, are incarnations; that is, on such assignments the Avonals serve on a planet in material form -- literally. Their other visits are "technical," and in this capacity an Avonal is not incarnated for planetary service. If a Magisterial Son comes solely as a dispensational adjudicator, he arrives on a planet as a spiritual being, invisible to the material creatures of the realm. Such technical visits occur repeatedly in the long history of an inhabited world. [Our planet earth has been human-inhabited only for 993,499 years as of A.D. 2014]

20:3.4 Avonal Sons may act as planetary judges prior to both the magisterial and bestowal experiences. On either of these missions, however, the incarnated Son will judge the passing planetary age; likewise does a Creator Son when incarnated on a mission of bestowal in the likeness of mortal flesh. When a Paradise Son visits an evolutionary world and becomes like one of its people, his presence terminates a dispensation and constitutes a judgment of the realm. [Jesus states in A.D. 30: "Now is the judgment of this world; ..." (see John 12:31-32 all very important) NOW is the loving judgment (dispensation) of all persons on this world ! Our Father God's perfect judgment always includes his infinite love and lavish mercy ministry to us ! The Truth of God and his loving nature is ever unfolding to us ! Amen !]


20:4.1 Prior to the planetary appearance of a bestowal Son, an inhabited world is usually visited by a Paradise Avonal on a magisterial mission. If it is an initial magisterial visitation, the Avonal is always incarnated as a material being. He appears on the planet of assignment as a full-fledged male of the mortal races, a being fully visible to, and in physical contact with, the mortal creatures of his day and generation. Throughout a magisterial incarnation the connection of the Avonal Son with the local and the universal spiritual forces is complete and unbroken.

20:4.2 A planet may experience many magisterial visitations both before and after the appearance of a bestowal Son. It may be visited many times by the same or other Avonals, acting as dispensational adjudicators, but such technical missions of judgment are neither bestowal nor magisterial, and the Avonals are never incarnated at such times. Even when a planet is blessed with repeated magisterial missions, the Avonals do not always submit to mortal incarnation; and when they do serve in the likeness of mortal flesh, they always appear as adult beings of the realm; they are not born of woman.

20:4.3 When incarnated on either bestowal or magisterial missions, the Paradise Sons have experienced Adjusters, and these [Thought] Adjusters are different for each incarnation. The Adjusters that occupy the minds of the incarnated Sons of God can never hope for personality through fusion with the [high] Human-Divine beings of their indwelling, but they are often personalized by fiat of the Universal Father. Such Adjusters form the Supreme Divinington Council of Direction for the administration, identification, and dispatch of Mystery Monitors to the inhabited realms. They also receive and accredit Adjusters on their return to the "bosom of the Father" upon the mortal dissolution of their earthly tabernacles. In this way the faithful Adjusters of the world judges become the exalted chiefs of their kind. [When our Primary Creator Son of God Jesus Christ Michael completed his Bestowal on earth in A.D. 30, his indwelling Thought Adjuster became the Personalized and Chief Thought Adjuster over all Adjusters in our large local universe of Nebadon !]

20:4.4 Earth has never been host to an Avonal Son on a magisterial mission. Had your world followed the general plan of inhabited worlds, it would have been blessed with a magisterial mission sometime between the days of Adam [about 38,000 years ago, and the resulting sudden appearance of "modern man" from the partial biologic uplifting of Adam and Eve to us.] and the bestowal of Christ Michael. But the regular sequence of Paradise Sons on your planet was wholly deranged by the appearance of your Creator Son on his terminal Bestowal nineteen hundred years ago. [Now the order and types of successive Divine Visitations are totally up to the decisions of our good Sovereign - Master Jesus ! That is wonderful and thrilling !]

20:4.5 Earth may yet be visited by an Avonal commissioned to incarnate on a magisterial mission, but regarding the future appearance of Paradise Sons, not even "the angels in heaven know the time or manner of such visitations," for a Michael-bestowal world becomes the individual and personal ward [we are under the watch, guard, keeping, protection, care, etc] of a Master Son and, as such, is wholly subject to his own plans and rulings. And with your world, this is further complicated by Michael's promise to return. [Jesus Christ's Second Personal Return here ! He is now fully here with us in Spirit and as our Father-Son Truth God !! ] Regardless of the misunderstandings about the sojourn of Michael of Nebadon, one thing is certainly authentic -- his promise to come back to your world. In view of this prospect, only time can reveal the future order of the visitations of the Paradise Sons of God on Earth. [May each of us be ever ready to personally welcome Him personally here !]

Topical Study 84 "Ministry On All Levels"

Compiled 10/29/2014 by Dave@PureChristians.org

[Part 6 of many]

[This is an expansion of my earlier Topical Study 28 in two parts. See here: Study 28 Divine and Human Service Ministry (Scroll 60% down that page) ]

How does the Divine Ministry to humans, of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, differ?

How are they alike?

How are they applied in our local universe?




20:5.1 The Eternal Son is the eternal Word of God. The Eternal Son is the perfect expression of the "first" absolute and infinite thought of his eternal Father. When a personal duplication or divine extension of this Original Son starts on a bestowal mission of mortal incarnation, it becomes literally true that the divine "Word [our Master Jesus Christ Michael] is made flesh," and that the Word thus dwells among the lowly beings of animal origin. [Jesus Christ is both the personal Presence here to us of BOTH God the Paradise Father and God the Eternal Son and also the Father-Son Union and more ! How can this be? 1. This is God's will ! 2. Personality and Spirit are transmissible ! 3. God the Father has no outside and no beyond; all beings and all reality exist IN Him and some Coordinate Sons of God are AS Him to their universes !]

20:5.2 On Earth there is a widespread belief that the purpose of a Son's bestowal is, in some manner, to influence the attitude of the Universal Father. [The "atonement doctrine" is false ! GOD the Paradise Universal Father of All Reality IS just as loving and merciful and kind as our Good Master JESUS CHRIST IS !!! God's attitude never changes ! He is always loving and merciful in his perfect all-wise decisions and judgments ! See John 3:16 again: "For God so loved this world ..." Be a pure, wise Christian, not one enslaved in error to old Jewish-Mithraic-Persian blood sacrifices ! Those old ideas are fast dying out, as they well should, to Spirit of Truth enlightened mankind !] But your enlightenment should indicate that this is not true. The bestowals of the Avonal and the Michael Sons are a necessary part of the experiential process designed to make these Sons safe and sympathetic magistrates and rulers of the peoples and planets of time and space. The career of sevenfold bestowal is the supreme goal of all Paradise Creator Sons. And all Magisterial Sons are motivated by this same spirit of service which so abundantly characterizes the primary Creator Sons and the Eternal Son of Paradise.

20:5.3 Some order of Paradise Son must be bestowed upon each mortal-inhabited world in order to make it possible for Thought Adjusters to indwell the minds of all normal human beings on that sphere, for the Adjusters do not come to all bona fide human beings until the Spirit of Truth has been poured out upon all flesh; and the sending of the Spirit of Truth is dependent upon the return to universe headquarters of a Paradise Son who has successfully executed a mission of mortal bestowal upon an evolving world. [God's pure Spirit portion-Essence now dwells within you and within me BECAUSE of the Gift of Jesus freely pouring out upon all flesh his Father-Son Spirit of Truth, in A.D.30 and forevermore with us ! Jesus is now here in Spirit DRAWING all humans to Himself and to the Father-Infinite I AM !]

20:5.4 During the course of the long history of an inhabited planet, many dispensational adjudications will take place, and more than one magisterial mission may occur, but ordinarily only once will a bestowal Son serve on the sphere. It is only required that each inhabited world have one bestowal Son come to live the full mortal life from birth to death. Sooner or later, regardless of spiritual status, every mortal-inhabited world is destined to become host to a Magisterial Son on a bestowal mission except the one planet in each local universe whereon a Creator Son elects to make his mortal bestowal. [Jesus chose this one planet of ours out of ten million human inhabited planets in Nebadon our local universe ! We are now known locally in our system as "The World of the Cross"; and all in the local universe and beyond know our planet as the unique world where Jesus Christ Michael WON full Sovereignty in our universe ! He is the fullness of God to us ! HE IS I AM ! (Please see the I AM statements on this home page)]

20:5.5 Understanding more about the bestowal Sons, you discern why so much interest attaches to Earth in the history of Nebadon. Your small and insignificant planet is of local universe concern simply because it is the mortal home world of Jesus of Nazareth. It was the scene of the final and triumphant bestowal of your Creator Son, the arena in which Michael won the supreme personal sovereignty of the universe of Nebadon. [May 18, A.D.30 - on]

20:5.6 At the headquarters of his local universe a Creator Son, especially after the completion of his own mortal bestowal, spends much of his time in counseling and instructing the college of associate Sons, the Magisterial Sons and others. In love and devotion, with tender mercy and affectionate consideration, these Magisterial Sons bestow themselves upon the worlds of space. And in no way are these planetary services inferior to the mortal bestowals of the Michaels. It is true that your Creator Son selected for the realm of his final adventure in creature experience one which had had unusual misfortunes. But no planet could ever be in such a condition that it would require the bestowal of a Creator Son to effect its spiritual rehabilitation. Any Son of the bestowal group would have equally sufficed, for in all their work on the worlds of a local universe the Magisterial Sons are just as divinely effective and all wise as would have been their Paradise Brother, the Creator Son.

20:5.7 Though the possibility of disaster always attends these Paradise Sons during their bestowal incarnations, I [a high Trinity Son Perfector of Wisdom on Uversa headquarters of our superuniverse] have yet to see the record of the failure or default of either a Magisterial or a Creator Son on a mission of bestowal. Both are of origin too close to absolute perfection to fail. They indeed assume the risk, really become like the mortal creatures of flesh and blood and thereby gain the unique creature experience, but within the range of my observation they always succeed. They never fail to achieve the goal of the bestowal mission. The story of their bestowal and planetary service throughout Nebadon constitutes the most noble and fascinating chapter in the history of your local universe.


20:6.1 The method whereby a Paradise Son becomes ready for mortal incarnation as a Bestowal Son, becomes enmothered on the bestowal planet, is a universal mystery; and any effort to detect the working of this Sonarington [One of the seven mysterious spheres of God the Universal Father that circles near and around the Isle of Paradise] technique is doomed to meet with certain failure. Let the sublime knowledge of the mortal Life of Jesus of Nazareth sink into your souls, but waste no thought in useless speculation as to how this mysterious incarnation of [Christ] Michael of Nebadon was effected. Let us all rejoice in the knowledge and assurance that such achievements are possible to the divine nature and waste no time on futile conjectures about the technique employed by divine wisdom to effect such phenomena. [Our now fully Sovereign Master Jesus Christ Michael is one perfectly unified GOD-MAN Personality ! As Son of Man, He is also our Very Elder Brother in the infinite Family of the Father-Infinite on Paradise !]

20:6.2 On a mortal-bestowal mission a Paradise Son is always born of woman and grows up as a male child of the realm, as Jesus did on Earth. These Sons of supreme service all pass from infancy through youth to manhood just as does a human being. In every respect they become like the mortals of the race into which they are born. They make petitions to the Father as do the children of the realms in which they serve. From a material viewpoint, these human-divine Sons live ordinary lives with just one exception: They do not beget offspring on the worlds of their sojourn; that is a universal restriction imposed on all orders of the Paradise bestowal Sons. [Jesus perfectly did/does God's will and He never had any mortal children ! Stop these new, false, shameful, anti-Christian stories of Jesus having a wife and children on earth ! Abide in Truth always !]

20:6.3 As Jesus worked on your world as the carpenter's son, so do other Paradise Sons labor in various capacities on their bestowal planets. You could hardly think of a vocation that has not been followed by some Paradise Son in the course of his bestowal on some one of the evolutionary planets of time.

20:6.4 When a bestowal Son has mastered the experience of living the mortal life when He has achieved perfection of attunement with his indwelling Adjuster, [God's will within] thereupon He begins that part of his planetary Mission designed to illuminate the minds and to inspire the souls of his brethren in the flesh. As Teachers, these Sons are exclusively devoted to the spiritual enlightenment of the mortal races on the worlds of their sojourn.

20:6.5 The mortal-bestowal careers of the Michaels and the Avonals, while comparable in most respects, are not identical in all: Never does a Magisterial Son proclaim, "Whosoever has seen the Son has seen the Father," as did your Creator Son when on Earth and in the flesh. But a bestowed Avonal does declare, "Whosoever has seen Me has seen the Eternal Son of God." The Magisterial Sons are not of immediate descent from the Universal Father, nor do they incarnate subject to the Father's will; always do they bestow themselves as Paradise Sons subject to the will of the Eternal Son of Paradise. [The Second Source and Center of the Paradise Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit.]

20:6.6 When the bestowal Sons, Creator or Magisterial, enter the portals of death, they reappear on the third day. But you should not entertain the idea that they always meet with the tragic end encountered by the Creator Son who sojourned on your world nineteen hundred years ago. The extraordinary and unusually cruel experience through which Jesus of Nazareth passed has caused Earth to become locally known as "the world of the cross." It is not necessary that such inhuman treatment be accorded a Son of God, and the vast majority of planets have afforded them a more considerate reception, allowing them to finish their mortal careers, terminate the age, adjudicate the sleeping survivors, and inaugurate a new dispensation, without imposing a violent death. A bestowal Son must encounter death, must pass through the whole of the actual experience of mortals of the realms, but it is not a requirement of the divine plan that this death be either violent or unusual.

20:6.7 When bestowal Sons are not put to death by violence, they voluntarily relinquish their lives and pass through the portals of death, not to satisfy the demands of "stern justice" or "divine wrath," but rather to complete the bestowal, "to drink the cup" of the career of incarnation and personal experience in all that constitutes a creature's life as it is lived on the planets of mortal existence. Bestowal is a planetary and a universe necessity, and physical death is nothing more than a necessary part of a bestowal mission. [Jesus said in All Truth: "I have the power to lay down my life and the power to take it up again." (as I AM a Paradise Father-Son Origin Eternal Creator Son of God.) Now Jesus is even more: He is a Sevenfold Master Son and even the fullness of God to us !]

20:6.8 When the mortal incarnation is finished, the Avonal of service proceeds to Paradise, is accepted by the Universal Father, returns to the local universe of assignment, and is acknowledged by the Creator Son. Thereupon the bestowal Avonal and the Creator Son send their conjoint Spirit of Truth to function in the hearts of the mortal races dwelling on the bestowal world. In the presovereignty ages of a local universe, this is the joint spirit of both Sons, implemented by the Creative Spirit. It differs somewhat from the Spirit of Truth which characterizes the local universe ages following a Michael's Seventh [final] Bestowal.

20:6.9 Upon the completion of a Creator Son's final Bestowal the Spirit of Truth previously sent into all Avonal-bestowal worlds of that local universe changes in nature, becoming more literally the Spirit of the sovereign Michael. This phenomenon takes place concurrently with the liberation of the Spirit of Truth for service on the Michael-mortal-bestowal planet. Thereafter, each world honored by a Magisterial bestowal will receive the same Spirit Comforter from the sevenfold Creator Son, in association with that Magisterial Son, which it would have received had the local universe Sovereign personally incarnated as its Bestowal Son.


20:7.1 These highly personal and highly spiritual Paradise Sons are brought into being by the Paradise Trinity. They are known in Havona as the order of Daynals. In Orvonton they are of record as Trinity Teacher Sons, so named because of their parentage. On Salvington they are sometimes denominated the Paradise Spiritual Sons.

20:7.2 In numbers the Teacher Sons are constantly increasing. The last universal census broadcast gave the number of these Trinity Sons functioning in the central and superuniverses as a little more than twenty-one billion, and this is exclusive of the Paradise reserves, which include more than one third of all Trinity Teacher Sons in existence. [Roughly 33 billion total]

20:7.3 The Daynal order of sonship is not an organic part of the local or superuniverse administrations. Its members are neither creators nor retrievers, neither judges nor rulers. They are not so much concerned with universe administration as with moral enlightenment and spiritual development. They are the universal educators, being dedicated to the spiritual awakening and moral guidance of all realms. Their ministry is intimately interrelated with that of the personalities of the Infinite Spirit and is closely associated with the Paradise ascension of creature beings.

20:7.4 These Sons of the Trinity partake of the combined natures of the three Paradise Deities, but in Havona they seem more to reflect the nature of the Universal Father. In the superuniverses they seem to portray the nature of the Eternal Son, while in the local creations they appear to show forth the character of the Infinite Spirit. In all universes they are the embodiment of service and the discretion of wisdom.

20:7.5 Unlike their Paradise brethren, Michaels and Avonals, Trinity Teacher Sons receive no preliminary training in the central universe. They are dispatched directly to the headquarters of the superuniverses and from there are commissioned for service in some local universe. In their ministry to these evolutionary realms they utilize the combined spiritual influence of a Creator Son and the associated Magisterial Sons, for the Daynals do not possess a spiritual drawing power in and of themselves. [Jesus has the power to draw all humans to himself and thus also to the Paradise Universal Father ! See John 12:31-32 which is all all very True !]


20:8.1 The Paradise Spiritual Sons are unique Trinity-origin beings and the only Trinity creatures to be so completely associated with the conduct of the dual-origin universes. They are affectionately devoted to the educational ministry to mortal creatures and the lower orders of spiritual beings. They begin their labors in the local systems and, in accordance with experience and achievement, are advanced inward through the constellation service to the highest work of the local creation. Upon certification they may become spiritual ambassadors representing the local universes of their service.

20:8.2 The exact number of Teacher Sons in Nebadon I do not know; there are many thousands of them. Many of the heads of departments in the Melchizedek schools belong to this order, while the combined staff of the regularly constituted University of Salvington embraces over one hundred thousand including these Sons. Large numbers are stationed on the various morontia-training worlds, but they are not wholly occupied with the spiritual and intellectual advancement of mortal creatures; they are equally concerned with the instruction of seraphic beings and other natives of the local creations. Many of their assistants are drawn from the ranks of the [human ascenders] creature-trinitized beings.

20:8.3 The Teacher Sons compose the faculties who administer all examinations and conduct all tests for the qualification and certification of all subordinate phases of universe service, from the duties of outpost sentinels to those of star students. They conduct an agelong course of training, ranging from the planetary courses up to the high College of Wisdom located on Salvington. Recognition indicative of effort and attainment is granted to all, ascending mortal or ambitious cherubim, who complete these adventures in wisdom and truth.

20:8.4) In all universes all the Sons of God are beholden to these ever-faithful and universally efficient Trinity Teacher Sons. They are the exalted teachers of all spirit personalities, even the tried and true teachers of the Sons of God themselves. But of the endless details of the duties and functions of the Teacher Sons I can hardly instruct you. The vast domain of Daynal-sonship activities will be better understood on earth when you are more advanced in intelligence, and after the spiritual isolation of your planet has been terminated. [All humans here must want to cease their Godless self-will and dynamically choose to do the will of God within, and thus the will of our Master, Savior and Creator as One GODMAN JESUS CHRIST MICHAEL. Then this still rebellious planet will be admitted into the higher realms of Light and Life. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God in/as Jesus and One in Spirit ! Sincere believers in God and Jesus may personally experience God-consciousness, have the eternal peace of Jesus, and be individually in God's Light and realize eternal Life; but the vast majority of all humans here must also personally realize our loving Father God and then much better strive to follow the Teachings of our Master Jesus for planetary Light and Life.]

20:9.5 The Trinity Teacher Sons seem to be so completely identified with the regime of mortal progression through the earlier stages of evolutionary ascension that we are often led to speculate regarding their possible association with the finaliters in the undisclosed career of the future universes. We observe that the administrators of the superuniverses are part Trinity-origin personalities and part Trinity-embraced ascendant evolutionary creatures. We firmly believe that the Teacher Sons and the finaliters are now engaged in acquiring the experience of time-association which may be the preliminary training to prepare them for close association in some unrevealed future destiny. On Uversa it is our belief that, when the superuniverses are finally settled in Light and Life, these Paradise Teacher Sons, who have become so thoroughly familiar with the problems of evolutionary worlds and have been so long associated with the career of evolutionary mortals, will probably be transferred to eternal association with the Paradise Corps of the Finality.

Topical Study 84 "Ministry On All Levels"

Compiled 10/31/2014 by Dave@PureChristians.org

[Part 7 of many]

[This is an expansion of my earlier Topical Study 28 in two parts. See here: Study 28 Divine and Human Service Ministry (Scroll 60% down that page) ]

How does the Divine Ministry to humans, of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, differ?

How are they alike?

How are they applied in our local universe?




20:10.1 All the Paradise Sons of God are divine in origin and in nature. The work of each Paradise Son in behalf of each world is just as if the Son of service were the first and only Son of God.

20:10.2 The Paradise Sons are the Divine Presentation of the acting natures of the three persons of Deity to the domains of time and space. The Creator, Magisterial, and Teacher Sons are the Gifts of the Eternal Deities to the children of men and to all other universe creatures of ascension potential. These Sons of God are the Divine Ministers who are unceasingly devoted to the work of helping the creatures of time attain the high spiritual goal of Eternity.

20:10.3 In the Creator Sons the love of the Universal Father is blended with the mercy of the Eternal Son and is disclosed to the local universes in the Creative Power, loving Ministry, and understanding Sovereignty of the Michaels. In the Magisterial Sons the mercy of the Eternal Son, united with the Ministry of the Infinite Spirit, is revealed to the evolutionary domains in the careers of these Avonals of judgment, service, and bestowal. In the Trinity Teacher Sons the love, mercy, and ministry of the three Paradise Deities are co-ordinated on the highest time-space value-levels and are presented to the universes as living truth, divine goodness, and true spiritual beauty.

20:10.4) In the local universes these orders of sonship collaborate to effect the Revelation of the Deities of Paradise to the creatures of space: [Very important:] As the Father of a local universe, a Creator Son [our Jesus Christ Michael !] portrays the infinite character of the Universal Father. [!!!] As the bestowal Sons of mercy, the Avonals reveal the matchless nature of the Eternal Son of infinite compassion. As the true teachers of ascending personalities, the Trinity Daynal Sons disclose the teacher personality of the Infinite Spirit. In their divinely perfect co-operation, Michaels, Avonals, and Daynals are contributing to the Actualization and Revelation of the personality and sovereignty of God the Supreme in and to the time-space universes. In the harmony of their triune activities these Paradise Sons of God ever function in the vanguard of the personalities of Deity as they follow the never-ending expansion of the Divinity of the First Great Source and Center from the everlasting Isle of Paradise into the unknown depths of space. [a tremendous, spiritually beautiful statement !]



21:1.2 Each Creator Son is the only-begotten and only-begettable offspring of the perfect union of the original concepts of the two Infinite and Eternal and perfect Minds of the Ever-Existent Creators of the universe of universes. There never can be another such Son because each Creator Son is the unqualified, finished, and final expression and embodiment of all of every phase of every feature of every possibility of every divine reality that could, throughout all Eternity, ever be found in, expressed by, or evolved from, those Divine Creative Potentials which united to bring this Michael Son into [Actual and Eternal] Existence. Each Creator Son is the Absolute of the United Deity concepts which constitute his Divine Origin. [All very True, and our Master Father-Son Jesus Christ Michael is even more ... forever being revealed in more depth of Reality to our ever-growing understandings and spiritual illuminations !]


21:2.1 The Paradise Sons of the primary order are the Designers, Creators, Builders, and Administrators of their respective domains, the local universes of time and space, the basic creative units of the seven evolutionary superuniverses. [our Creator Son of God is Jesus Christ Michael; He is now a Sevenfold Master Son and the fullness of God to us ! In Jesus' local universe here there will be about ten million human inhabited worlds when completed in this first, Grand Universe age; the the larger Master Universe age will unfold to us. Always will we be working for our perfect GOD-MAN Jesus !] A Creator Son is permitted to choose the space site of his future cosmic activity, but before he may begin even the physical organization of his universe, he must spend a long period of observation devoted to the study of the efforts of his older brothers [older only in the sense of space-time experience; all Primary Sons of God are Eternal and from infinite Paradise and the Paradise Universal Father-Infinite I AM.] in various creations located in the superuniverse of his projected action. And prior to all this, the Michael Son will have completed his long and unique experience of Paradise observation and Havona training.

21:2.2 When a Creator Son departs from Paradise to embark upon the adventure of universe making, to become the head — virtually the God — of the local universe of his own organization, then, for the first time, he finds himself in intimate contact with, and in many respects dependent upon, the Third Source and Center. The Infinite Spirit, though abiding with the Father and the Son at the center of all things, is destined to function as the actual and effective helper of each Creator Son. Therefore is each Creator Son accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, that being who is destined to become the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit of the new local universe.

21:2.7 The types and patterns of mind are determined by the pre-creature factors of being. After these have been associated to constitute a creature (personal or otherwise), mind is the endowment of the Third Source and Center, the universal source of Mind Ministry to all beings below the level of Paradise Creators.

21:2.10 Notwithstanding that all Creator Sons are divinely like their Paradise parents, none exactly resembles another; each is unique, diverse, exclusive, and original in nature as well as in personality. And since they are the architects and makers of the life plans of their respective realms, this very diversity insures that their domains will also be diverse in every form and phase of Michael-derived living existence which may be created or subsequently evolved therein. Hence the orders of creatures native to the local universes are quite varied. No two are administered or inhabited by dual-origin native beings who are in all respects identical. Within any superuniverse, one half of their inherent attributes are quite alike, being derived from the uniform Creative Spirits; the other half vary, being derived from the diversified Creator Sons. But such diversity does not characterize those [angelic] creatures of sole origin in the Creative Spirit nor those imported beings who are native to the central or superuniverses.

21:2.11 When a Michael Son is absent from his universe, its government is directed by the first-born native being, the Bright and Morning Star, the local universe chief executive. [Our Gabriel.] The advice and counsel of the Union of Days [our now permanent resident Trinity Counselor Immanuel.] is invaluable at such times. During these absences a Creator Son is able to invest the associated Mother Spirit with the overcontrol of his spiritual presence on the inhabited worlds [He the Spirit of Truth here always with us ! Just like Jesus in Spirit !] and in the hearts of his mortal children. And the Mother Spirit of a local universe remains always at its headquarters, extending her fostering care and spiritual ministry to the uttermost parts of such an evolutionary domain.


21:4.1 There are seven groups of bestowal Creator Sons, and they are so classified in accordance with the number of times they have bestowed themselves upon the creatures of their realms. They range from the initial experience up through five additional spheres of progressive bestowal until they attain the seventh and final episode of creature-Creator experience.

21:4.2 Avonal bestowals are always in the likeness of mortal flesh, but the seven bestowals of a Creator Son involve his appearing on seven creature levels of being and pertain to the Revelation of the seven primary expressions of the will and nature of Deity. [The seven will combinations of the three Paradise Deities are: 1. Father 2. Son 3. Spirit 4. Father-Son 5. Father-Spirit 6. Son-Spirit 7. Father-Son-Spirit] Without exception, all Creator Sons pass through this seven times giving of themselves to their created children before they assume settled and supreme jurisdiction over the universes of their own creation.

21:4.3 Though these seven bestowals vary in the different sectors and universes, they always embrace the mortal-bestowal adventure. In the final bestowal a Creator Son appears as a member of one of the higher mortal races on some inhabited world, usually as a member of that racial group which contains the largest hereditary legacy of the Adamic stock which has previously been imported to upstep the physical status of the animal-origin peoples. [Adam and Eve came here as biological uplifters of all mankind about 38,000 years ago which is the beginning of "modern man" with larger physical size and augmented brain capacities. The Lucifer rebellion of 200,000 years ago caused Adam and Eve to partly default. Jesus later rehabilitated them. More on this later here.] Only once in his sevenfold career as a bestowal Son is a Paradise Michael born of woman as you have the record of the Babe of Bethlehem. Only once does He live and die as a member of the lowest order of evolutionary will creatures.

21:4.4 After each of his bestowals a Creator Son proceeds to the "right hand of the Father," there to gain the Father's acceptance of the bestowal and to receive instruction preparatory to the next episode of universe service. Following the seventh and final bestowal a Creator Son receives from the Universal Father Supreme Authority and jurisdiction over his universe.

21:4.5 [Important:] It is of record that the divine Son of last appearance on your planet was a Paradise Creator Son who had completed six phases of his bestowal career; consequently, when He gave up the conscious grasp of the incarnated life on Earth, He could, and did, truly say, "It is finished" -- it was literally finished. His death on Earth completed his bestowal career; it was the last step in fulfilling the sacred oath of a Paradise Creator Son. And when this experience has been acquired, such Sons are Supreme Universe Sovereigns; no longer do they rule as vicegerents [as a deputy] of the Father but in their own right and name as "King of Kings and Lord of Lords." With certain stated exceptions these Sevenfold Bestowal Sons are unqualifiedly Supreme in the universes of their abode. Concerning his local universe, "All Power in heaven and on earth" was relegated to this triumphant and enthroned Master Son.

21:4.6 [Important:] Creator Sons, subsequent to the completion of their bestowal careers, are reckoned as a separate order, Sevenfold Master Sons. In person the Master Sons are identical with the Creator Sons, but they have undergone such a unique bestowal experience that they are commonly regarded as a different order. When a Creator deigns to effect a bestowal, a real and permanent change is destined to take place. True, the bestowal Son is still and none the less a Creator, but he has added to his nature the experience of a creature, which forever removes him from the Divine level of a Creator Son and elevates him to the experiential plane of a Master Son, one who has fully earned the right to rule a universe and administer its worlds. Such beings embody all that can be secured from divine parentage and embrace everything to be derived from perfected-creature experience. Why should man bemoan his lowly origin and enforced evolutionary career when the very Gods must pass through an equivalent experience before they are accounted experientially worthy and competent finally and fully to rule over their universe domains!


21:5.6 With the achievement of Supreme local universe Sovereignty, there passes from a Michael Son the power and opportunity to create entirely new types of creature beings during the present universe age. But a Master Son’s loss of power to originate entirely new orders of beings in no way interferes with the work of life elaboration already established and in process of unfoldment; this vast program of universe evolution goes on without interruption or curtailment. The acquirement of Supreme Sovereignty by a Master Son implies the responsibility of personal devotion to the fostering and the administering of that which has already been designed and created, and of that which will subsequently be produced by those who have been thus designed and created. In time there may develop an almost endless evolution of diverse beings, but no entirely new pattern or type of intelligent creature will henceforth take direct origin from a Master Son. This is the first step, the beginning, of a settled administration in any local universe.

21:5.8 The Master Michaels are Supreme in their own local universes when once they have been installed as Sovereign Rulers. The few limitations upon their rule are those inherent in the cosmic pre-existence of certain forces and personalities. Otherwise these Master Sons are Supreme in authority, responsibility, and administrative power in their respective universes; they are as Creators and Gods, Supreme in virtually all things. There is no penetration beyond their wisdom regarding the functioning of a given universe.



[Some humans from earth may later attain this high duty !]

22:2.1 Mighty Messengers belong to the ascendant group of the Trinitized Sons. They are a class of perfected mortals who have been rebellion tested or otherwise equally proved as to their personal loyalty; all have passed through some definite test of universe allegiance. At some time in their Paradise ascent they stood firm and loyal in the face of the disloyalty of their superiors, and some did actively and loyally function in the places of such unfaithful leaders.

22:2.2 With such personal records of fidelity and devotion, these ascending mortals pass on through Havona with the stream of the pilgrims of time, attain Paradise, graduate therefrom, and are mustered into the Corps of the Finality. Thereupon they are trinitized in the secret embrace of the Paradise Trinity and subsequently are commissioned to become associated with the Ancients of Days in the administration of the governments of the seven superuniverses.

22:2.3 Every ascendant mortal of insurrectionary experience who functions loyally in the face of rebellion is eventually destined to become a Mighty Messenger of the superuniverse service. Likewise is any ascendant creature who effectively prevents such upheavals of error, evil, or sin; for action designed to prevent rebellion or to effect higher types of loyalty in a universe crisis is regarded as of even greater value than loyalty in the face of actual rebellion.

22:2.4 The senior Mighty Messengers were chosen from those ascendant mortals of time and space who were among the earlier Paradise arrivals, many having traversed Havona in the times of Grandfanda. [The first human to attain Paradise] But the first trinitizing of Mighty Messengers was not effected until the candidate corps contained representatives from each of the seven superuniverses. And the last group of this order to qualify on Paradise embraced ascendant pilgrims from the local universe of Nebadon. [our local universe ! A younger local universe of 700,000 local universes in this first Grand Universe Age]

22:2.5 Mighty Messengers are embraced by the Paradise Trinity in classes of seven hundred thousand, one hundred thousand for assignment to each superuniverse. Almost one trillion Mighty Messengers are commissioned on Uversa, and there is every reason to believe that the number serving in each of the seven superuniverses is exactly the same.

22:2.6 I am a Mighty Messenger, and it may interest humans on earth to know that the companion and associate of my mortal experience was also triumphant in the great test, and that, though we were many times and for long periods separated in the agelong inward ascent to Havona, we were embraced in the same seven-hundred-thousand group, and that we spent our time passing through Vicegerington in close and loving association. We were finally commissioned and together assigned to Uversa of Orvonton, and we are often dispatched in company for the execution of assignments requiring the services of two Messengers.

22:2.7 Mighty Messengers, in common with all Trinity-embraced sons, are assigned to all phases of superuniverse activities. They maintain constant connection with their headquarters through the superuniverse reflectivity service. Mighty Messengers serve in all sectors of a superuniverse and frequently execute missions to the local universes and even to the individual worlds, as I do on this occasion. [Here on earth !]

22:2.8 In the superuniverse courts, Mighty Messengers act as defenders of both individuals and planets when they come up for adjudication; they also assist the Perfections of Days in the direction of the affairs of the major sectors. As a group, their chief assignment is that of superuniverse observers. They are stationed on the various headquarters worlds and on individual planets of importance as the official observers of the Ancients of Days. When so assigned, they also serve as advisers to the authorities directing the affairs of the spheres of their sojourn. The Messengers take active part in all phases of the ascendant scheme of mortal progression. With their associates of mortal origin they keep the supergovernments in close and personal touch with the status and progression of the plans of the descending Sons of God.

22:2.9 Mighty Messengers are fully conscious of their entire ascendant careers, and that is why they are such useful and sympathetic ministers, understanding messengers, for service on any world of space and to any creature of time. As soon as you are delivered from the flesh, you will communicate freely and understandingly with us since we spring from all the races on all the evolutionary worlds of space, that is, from those mortal races that are indwelt by, and subsequently fused with, Thought Adjusters. [It is probable that in the distant future, some humans from earth will each serve for a period of time as a Mighty Messenger; as earth has suffered a double default of Lucifer and Satan about 200,000 years ago and then Adam and Eve partially defaulted about 38,000 years ago. Some humans today are working here to stop or prevent further sin and darkness caused by many selfish, sub-spiritual mortals. Yes, Jesus, from A.D.30 - on, did fully win full spiritual Sovereignty and has removed all demonic influences here upon humans; but humans do have freewill, and many continue today to willingly embrace evil, sin, and some iniquity on their own. To have this planet accepted into the superuniverse circuit in Light and Life, many more humans here will have to decide to become much more moral and also willingly follow Jesus in Spirit and in Truth.]


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